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    FS: Older Hex-Com Cable

    Older Hex-Com cable, 9 Pin Serial Interface great for older TDI's which don't have CanBus! I finally decided I need a CanBus cable with USB. Willing to trade up for cash or just sell outright. Maybe $100 US? I honestly don't what the market value is for these right now. Thanks! Chris SOLD
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    I know I am stating the obvious but in my search for another TDI I do go on the dreaded list. You would not believe the attitude I get for asking the questions we all would ask about TDI's. Timing Belt changed the proper way? Camshaft condition? Proper Oil?...etc. I guess it's funny the oil...
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    WTB:VCDS Hex-COM(serial ver.)

    I am going to stick with an older laptop to run VCDS and want a serial port version of HEX. I don't need the CAN capable model at this point but would entertain an offer of sale. A member had one but he has not responded to my PM's so I must go looking now. Thanks Chris
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    WTB: KEYII-USB Cable

    Keep in mind I can buy it brand new for $249 when you state your price. I will accept HEX+CAN offers but keep in mind the CAN features won't do me any good which is why I'd like a Key cable only. Thanks, Chris
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    WTB: Older Hex-COM cable

    Just need the older one with a serial port for non-CAN cars. I would even interested in a cable that would support CAN but I don't think Ross-Tech ever made that in a serial only interface.
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    FS: Evolution Skid Plate A4 & VCDS Hex+CAN USB

    A4 Skid plate was never installed, sat in my garage for the last 2 years. Has the cut-out for oil changes. Purchased from Boraparts, box of install hardware was opened to check out but never touched otherwise. So basically brand new. Seeing as how they are $288US shipped on Bora, I'll take...
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    So I backed into a pole....hard

    No pics yet as I had to get back to work but it was on work property. I was in a rush and forgot something as I was leaving so I throw it in reverse and was going to do a faster than should be 180 turn. Didn't time it right and slammed into a power pole in the lot. Totally my fault obviously...
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    So cheap axles=vibration?

    It is the general consensus that cheap reman axles are akin to the vibration you get with he car in gear right? After driving and at operating temp I can throw it in neutral and not feel a thing but once in D you get the annoying vibrations. One axles is OEM and was rebooted by Mike H., the...
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    Is G13 the replacement now for G12?

    So is it safe to use in older cars that took G12 is my question? Everything I've read says yes.
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    So for at least a few miles I ran on oil-cooled TDI

    I knew it was leaking coolant from the bottom front driver's side but a small drip here & there. I figured it might be the coupling to the lower rad hose or at worst the seam on the radiator. I checked the water daily, it emptied the reservoir once in a 4 day span until last night. It seemed to...
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    Mufflerectomy is a painful as it sounds...

    After having it off for over a year and looking to get a state inspection I have never heard of such BS before. No one will pass it because even with the pipe they know the muffler should be there. I even had one national chain shop say that would pass it if it was welded but then backtracked...
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    WTB: Late Vin W8 Dome Light w/ Sunroof

    That is right, figured since I broke my current one might as well upgrade! Wiring harness included would be appreciated. LMK Chris
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    ECU Odometer 30k miles less than cluster?

    So ya I was just poking around the other day in VCDS and decided to check it. I am assuming this means the car got a new ECU early in it's life but I also found that while monitoring a measuring block for vehicle speed it said I was doing 60km/h when I really was doing 70km/h according to the...
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    Aftermarket radio issues...

    So the shop I trusted for years just botched the install badly as in stealing power from the rear defroster circuit for the radio. Oiu......... Needless to say they will never be touching my cars again. What is the best interface to use to keep R.A.P. and use the steering wheel controls? It...
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    Heated seat switch debacle....

    Now I've been reading furiously to try and find out as much as the search will let me. I know there are different part numbers for leather & cloth. I have: 1J0 963 563 C 1J0 963 564 C Left & right respectively, but I also see some post where you have a "master switch" with a transistor &...
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    Better headlights=better driver!

    So I didn't take before pics but they really were this bad, minus the bird poop :D The pics is older but still from my car. So after 8 years salt & cinder land this is what you get. I used this only because the 3M one wasn't available. Mother's product also didn't look like it do the job...
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    Need a guru's opinion on a Honda issue.

    I came here vs. a Honda forum(I'd have to sign up) because it technically isn't a Honda only problem. It is a manual transmission issue that could happen to anyone I suppose. 1992 Honda Accord 5M Condition of Manual Trans Oil - Unknown Condition of Clutch - Good and functioning correct for now...
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    Feeler: Phatbox 20GB, works great!

    Original Phatbox 20GB for VW's I bought it off on someone on Vortex but then decided to replace my radio anyway lol. Worked as intended but I would use it on Windows XP, it worked on Win 7 but sometimes it was problematic at times. Not the unit's fault it was never intended to be used on a...
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    NIB: HTR1 Frostheater w/ plug protector $65 plus shipping

    Well I thought I could make it work, just don't want to invest the time. I rather just recoup the money and buy a HTR6 which is the correct version for my car. I'm sure someone out there has a 99.5-early 2001 Jetta/Golf TDI that needs some heat! Yes this is the exact one wlhatcher sold to me...
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    How long do springs last?

    Outside of being broken which is possible I have 170in/lb so almost the highest 2 blue/2 white dots. So when doing the front is it worth buying a new pair even though their reliability especially with Chinese steel could be put into question. I would obviously want the exact same pair but...