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  1. Keli_OR

    Positive dealer experience with major water leak

    Ran the GSW through the carwash and watched in horror in the rearview mirror as water poured in through the hatchback/window. Took it in to the dealer I purchased it from and told them I thought it was a window seal because the hatch seal looked intact and oh by the way the trim around the...
  2. Keli_OR

    DSG driving tips? Former manual driver.

    I am a manual transmission enthusiast and now have a GSW SE with DSG. I love actually "driving" my car. I like to drive assertively. I am hoping to recreate a manual driving experience as best I can since I was unable to locate a 6sp. manual in my price range and geographic area. I have a few...
  3. Keli_OR

    2001 Jetta GLS 5sp. w/ mods

    2001 Jetta GLS 5sp.w/ mods-Portland OR $5500 Selling my baby, because I fell in love with a green NB. $5500 2001 reflex silver Jetta GLS, 198K miles. Grey velour seats (heated!) Monster mats all around and a trunk liner. Monsoon stereo w/ 6 disk changer Moonroof Alloy wheels Mods: RC1 CAT 2...
  4. Keli_OR

    Off Topic-friend looking for an air-cooled Westphalia

    A friend from work is in search of an air-cooled Westphalia. 1980-1985. He is particularly interested in 1981. Original interior if possible. He is willing to go to WA, OR or even CA for the right vehicle at a fair price. Anyone know of someone looking to free up some space in their garage or...
  5. Keli_OR

    Fix Um Haus GTG Food and Sundries

    Kind of last minute, but we should have a place to organize the food and sundries. Needs: Misc. items---- Tables-Keli (maybe) Pop Up Canopies- Barbecue- Plates/Napkins/Plasticware- Coolers/Ice- Chairs- Keli Food---- Drinks- Water Soda/Juice Beer/Wine Burgers/Sausages- Tom (sausage) Buns- Salad-...
  6. Keli_OR

    Lake Stevens GTG Caravan

    Anyone want to join me to caravan to Lake Stevens from PDX? Traditionally we meet somewhere in the Portland area around 6am-7am Sat. morning and meet up with another group in the Tacoma area on our way up. Places we have started in the past include: Dick's Sporting Goods parking lot on SW Boones...
  7. Keli_OR

    PDX-Eugene Caravan thread

    When/where do we want to meet? 7am at the old GI Joes on Boones Ferry? It's off of I-5 at the Boones Ferry/Lake Oswego exit. Just West of the freeway. I'm open to any other suggestions....... :)Keli
  8. Keli_OR

    Eugene GTG-Food Thread /Misc.

    Here's what I have so far. Please feel free to copy/paste and add your name. *PowerNotSpeed*-- Ceasar Salad, Artichoke Dip, Cheese *VWDMDIESELFAN*-- Something to grill, beer *sqdude*-- Berry pie, chips, fruit, barbecue grill *Keli_OR*-- Banana bread, Pasta Salad. (I'll see if I can dig out some...
  9. Keli_OR

    WTB local rims

    Hey all, I'm looking for some 16" steelies to mount snow tires on for the Beetle. Anyone in the PDX area (or within an hours drive or so), have some they want to part with? Thanks- Keli
  10. Keli_OR

    Food Thread- FixumHaus GTG 08/22/09

    Alright friends and neighbors! Everyone knows a good GTG requires food too. Please let us know what you can bring. Don't forget things like paper goods and plates/bowls/utensils. Also coolers with ice and water are always welcome! Anyone have extra pop-ups and tables/chairs? Be sure to put...
  11. Keli_OR

    Portland Caravan to Lake Stevens GTG

    Anyone interested in meeting at the Safeway at Jantzen Beach around 6:30-7am for a caravan? I'm open to other locations/times...... :D Keli
  12. Keli_OR

    Pnw Gtg?

    Pacific Northwest gtg? I'm starting to get the heebie jeebie Spring Fever.:eek: I wish I could host, but I've just moved into a new (quiet) neighborhood and having a gtg might just get me temporarily blacklisted. Anyone up for hosting a gtg in April? Purely social would be just fine too...
  13. Keli_OR

    Looking for a car for my mom....

    Well, I've finally convinced my mom to move over to the darkside! Perhaps borrowing the Jetta a couple of times for trips up to the Olympic Peninsula helped in showing her that a tdi can be fun and economical at the same time. Her Celica ('91) finally bit the dust so now she has no excuse...
  14. Keli_OR

    West Coast GTG 8/9/08 -Food and Essentials

    Okay Gang- Here's the thread for foodstuffs, tables, tents and the like. Please cut and paste to add to the list. Food and Beverages: Keli_OR - Pasta Salad (duh!) and ass't. pop/beer bleachedbora - Apple beer, Ginger Ale, Sarsaparilla Sundries (Paper plates, etc.): Equipment (Grills...
  15. Keli_OR

    I just bought another tdi!!!!!

    I couldn't keep it to myself any longer.:D I just got a New Beetle. Right now it's at Justin's so he can fix some minor issues (like a new timing belt). I'm really excited to have added to the tdi family. The Subaru is on it's last legs, so it has now officially become the fishing truck...
  16. Keli_OR

    Lake Stevens Caravan?

    Anyone interested in caravanning to Lake Stevens? I figure I'll leave the PDX area around 6 or 7am. Possibly meet at the Safeway at Hayden Island? Then hook up with the Tacoma contingent at the biofuel station in Fife. Sound like a plan? Who wants to join me? And no, I still don't have a...
  17. Keli_OR

    Westy on PDX Craigslist

    I don't know anything about this vehicle. But it looks like a cool camper! -Keli
  18. Keli_OR

    Window Replacement in PDX?

    Just got a couple of big cracks in the windshield today. It looks like I had a small rock chip on the edge that reacted poorly to the hot weather we've been having. What shop would you recommend to replace it? Looking for someone with VW experience and can deal with an insurance claim...
  19. Keli_OR

    My personal quest for Bio along I-5/OR

    So I took a quick road trip from PDX to the Rogue Valley this weekend. Left Sat. morning with about a half tank of bio. My intention was to try to find at least one of the biodiesel stations I had heard about that are outside the Metro area. First stop: Aurora. Pull into the station and see...
  20. Keli_OR

    Wagon in PNW-sounds hinky to me

    Came across this ad in craigslist: As the days have passed, this guy has dropped the price and revealed more info. It might be a good deal. Would want a local to check it out though first. LaGrande is about a 4 hr. drive from Portland...