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    Another no start ALH

    That is correct i’m talking about large oring. However it is sp yea i am talking about large head oring. It is still spitting fuel out of injectors however.
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    Another no start ALH

    i ruled that out as there is fuel spitting out my injectors when I crack them open
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    Another no start ALH

    Hey guys need some help with my 2003 automatic jetta wagon tdi. Car was purchased not running. Brought it home and did the basics of setting timing and bleeding injection pump and car fired up. Used it for a week or two and it ran poorly(slow and wouldn’t hold speed up hills). Replaced the maf...
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    WTB 3 BBS RC 336 Center Caps

    I have 3 that have been painted and this is how I received them. Let me know if you are interested.
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    Trusted TDI mechanic around San Diego area for timing belt

    T&K smog in chula vista. When I purchased my diesel wagon non running I drove by this place on accident and saw a tdi diesel wagon parked outside which I found out belongs to the mechanic. Didn't get any work performed as all I needed to do was time it properly however he seemed very...