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    FS: MK7 TDI Filters & Brake pads $100/best

    Recently sold my 2015 Golf Sportwagen TDI to upgrade to a Q5 TDI. I've got a whole box of brand new filters and a set of front ceramic brake pads for the MK7 Golf. All parts are brand new, purchased originally from idparts. Asking $100 or best offer - shipped for free! Here's what I have: 1...
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    FS Weathertech Front Floor Liners for 2015 - 2021 Golf / GSW

    Recently sold my 2015 Golf Sportwagen TDI (to upgrade to a Q5 TDI) and have a set of Weathertech floor liners. Also have some VW factory rear all weather mats I'll throw in for no additional cost. Asking $75 and can work out shipping - I'm located in Northwest Arkansas. See the local post at...
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    2015 GSW not coming up to temperature

    I have a 2015 GSW TDI, 107,000K miles. For the past several weeks, I've noticed I haven't been reaching full temperature on the dashboard gauge - it's been one tick left of center. Suspecting a possible thermostat issue, but, nothing else seemed to be the matter. We got some really cold weather...
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    Mann Air Filter & Cabin Air Filter for Q7 or Touareg TDI - make offer

    Have some left over parts from our 2014 Q7 TDI. Will ship from Indiana. Make a reasonable offer and I’ll send them your way! Air filter MANN C 39 002 Cabin filter MANN CUK 2842 Brand new in box. Purchased from IDparts but unfortunately our car was totaled before I ever installed them.
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    Audi Q7 Weathertech Mats and Yakima Carrier Bars

    Selling a full set of Weathertech floor liners for a 2007-2015 Audi Q7. Our TDI, unfortunately, was totaled. Mats are in excellent condition. $125 Shipped. Also, have Yakima Base Carrier roof rack bars with clips for the Q7. Jetstream aerodynamic bars in black, Ridgeline towers and...
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    Body Shop Recommendations - Cincinnati, OH

    Help! We were in an accident today near the Cincinnati, OH airport (actually Florence KY). Everyone in the family is OK, thankfully, but, the Audi Q7 TDI is gonna need some work. Insurance was able to get us into a rental to continue our vacation, but, it looks like the car is going to have...
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    RNS 510 Navigation Update DVD V8M

    Turning in my 2009 TDI with Navigation. We updated the maps in 2014, and this is the 2014 nav update DVD. Should be compatible with any RNS510 - if you've got one older than 2014 this should update your maps to that version. Asking $30, postage included.
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    FS: WeatherTech Front Floor Liners 2005-2010 Jetta / JSW

    Selling a set of front WeatherTech floor liners. Weathertech item #442691 Should fit 2005-2010 Jetta and JSW, possibly other years - check with Weathertech website for the item number that fits your car. Used, but in great condition. PM me with an email or cell number for photos. Asking $50...
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    FS: Snow Tires on VW OEM Wheels in Indiana - $400

    Selling a set of snow tires mounted on VW 16" rims, with TPMS sensors installed. I've used them for 4 seasons on my 2009 Jetta SportWagen TDI, and they work well - amazing traction in the snow. Tires are General Altimax Arctic size 205/55 R16. Mounted and balanced. Tires have at least 2 more...
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    05 Jeep Liberty CRD - Diesel in NJ

    I's not a TDI. Selling my wife's diesel Jeep Liberty, 143,750 miles, as we just found a great deal on an Audi Q7 TDI. The Jeep has been well maintained, timing belt and all maintenance done at 96K, oil changes every 6,250 miles (Jeep's recommended interval) with Mobil 1 TDT or...
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    Looking at 05 Passat TDI

    All - I'm going to be looking at an 05 Passat TDI near me that is for sale with approximately 72K miles on it. I've had a PD car before (05 Jetta) but it's been several years - hoping any Passat owners out there could help out with a few questions before I look at the car: 1 - Is there a...
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    2" Hitch Option for Sportwagen

    I've been trying to locate a 2" hitch receiver that will work on my sportwagen for use with a 2" Saris bike rack that I have - I don't plan on towing anything with it. Anyone have experience with this product from Torklift? It seems to offer a 2" hitch receiver for the Sportwagen...
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    Heater Temperature Control Not Working

    This week, I've noticed that I don't have nearly as much heat as normal in my 09 Jetta Sportwagen TDI. I have a 45 minute commute to work, all highway, and usually have to turn the temp control down after about the first 5-10 minutes of driving, but this week, with the temp control turned all...
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    Window tint cost ballpark

    I'm trying to get a sense of what a quality tint job would run for my JSW. Calling around locally, it seems that $250 or so is what I'm being quoted. For those who have their windows tinted, does that seem a fair price?
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    Misc MK4 Parts For Sale

    Sold my early 2005 (MK4 body) Jetta a while back and cleaning out the garage found some miscellaneous parts. Figured if anyone needs them, it's better than hanging on to them. All prices include US Mail shipping - of if you're in Northwest Arkansas we can make a deal. See the link below for...
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    FS: 16" OEM Steel Wheels - set of 4 - $150

    FS: 16" VW Steel Rims $135 - in AR 11/30 SOLD! Set of 4 original VW steel wheels, from an 07 Jetta. 5x112. Located in Northwest Arkansas. Rims only, no tires. Will consider reasonable offers! 11/10 - wheels are still available. $135 locally, or $210 shipped. In great shape, recently moved...
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    2005 Jetta fuel filter & fuel pump issues - seeking advice

    I'm looking for some advice - just spent the last 2 hours tonight reading every post I could find on here that seemed to be related to my current issue. Actually, I think there are two issues. Here's the story: Last Saturday, I went to change my fuel filter. My car is a 2005 Jetta TDI with a...
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    Sunroof drain problem - not typical clog

    I've searched through all related forum posts that I can find, and cannot seem to find anyone who has this issue. I'm hoping someone can provide some advice here. My car is an early 2005 Jetta TDI, A4 style. I've recently begun to have water in my driver's side footwell, and it is dripping...