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    Photo demonstration for Chris

    Hi Chris, Here's what it looks like in the text entry box vs. what it looks like in the post. I don't know exactly how all this works but this is what I want
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    Test post
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    Specialty tools for sale. Transmission repair

    Hi Guys. See post 5. I so enjoyed doing internal gearbox work but I just don't see any in my future. Thanks for looking.
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    Large quantity of new motor oil in Austin, TX

    Hi guys. Check it out:
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    09A BEW automatic axle info

    Hi guys. We all know that auto G/J BEW cars eat axles almost as badly as a Passat. This seems to be a good solution to that problem. I responed to burpod's WTB thread a while back about some 09A axles: I just picked...
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    FS: '00 2dr Golf 6speed manual. Chapel Hill, NC

    I can't believe I am doing this. Up for sale is my beloved 2000 Golf. 388K. I have had this car since 2002. It changed my life. I have too many cars and this one is not being used. I would strongly prefer that someone use it. For the last 3 years I used this for my 130mi round trip commute 5...
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    WTB BHW cam pulley hub ASAP!

    Hi I need the inner section of the cam pulley for a BHW. BEW may work but I have not/can not confrim that. I know that BRM probably wont since the cam sensor pick ups are totally different shapes. My hub has a sheared off key. I'm supposed to have this job done today but I just found this...
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    New in box ALH head $550 shipped.

    Brand new. Still in the box. Complete with cam and lifters. Ready to install. Made by AMC. Pretty sure it comes with head bolts but I didn't open the box to check. email me. robby @
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    For those keeping their 2009, BSM delete kit, complete

    Hi, I have a stock of 3 complete BSM delete kits for the CBE engine here. I figure I'd post 'em up here to hopefully liquidate these. Retail is $446. I'm selling for $357 and I'll throw in a Meyerhoff T-shirt. Here is the canned info I provide to my CBE customers at timing belt time: VW...
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    CR glow plugs, new

    Hi, I have a bunch of common rail glow plugs 03L 905 061F. New. $75/ea. plus shipping. email robby @
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    Any of you guys know of a machine shop that has EMD for disintegrating broken off studs? I've got a nearly-new turbo here with a flush-broken downpipe stud. I'd like to get it fixed. I can ship the part to them, anywhere in contiguous US. Thanks. Not really interested in discussing...
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    WTB 5 speed gearbox, MKV BRM JCR/GQQ

    Need a good gearbox. What have you got?
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    Diesel World Magazine, Sept 2016 Have fun!

    A customer brought this magazine in. At first I was stoked. I steadily became less and less stoked. Have fun!
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    battery catalog errors: do your part!

    Hi guys. I'm tired of seeing TDI cars come in to my shop with teeny tiny batteries in them. I used to chalk it up to the dummies that work at the auto parts stores or other repair shops for installing the wrong battery, but it turns out the dummies are the ones that printed the battery...
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    Some items for sale

    Hi. Spring cleaning here at Meyerhoff. I have a bunch of stuff I know I'll never need but that are quite useful items. 01M valve body. I had this particular VB "rebuilt" by our own CoolAirVW to try and cure a TCC fault in one of my own cars. Sadly the transmission had other issues so the VB...
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    2 sets front and rear MKIV MOOG springs

    These are the front "VR6" and rear "wagon" springs that everyone on here is crazy about. I am not at all crazy about them. I have these 2 sets rolling around on the floor of the shop since I took them off of customers' cars that complained of noise and poor ride quality. I really don't want...
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    Garret turbo ALH, used 150K. Not perfect

    Hi Selling this turbo. I replaced it because the owner wanted to chip the ECU and I told him this turbo wouldn't like that. Boost control is a little wonky. But I feel stupid throwing it away because: actuator doesn't leak, no shaft play, not totally rusted apart Here is a plot of some 3rd &...
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    Missing spur gear for exhaust cam. Am I crazy?

    Have any of you guys seen anything like this? I had a '10 Golf come in with a weird timing belt problem. Belt was all chewed up and it looked like it had gotten hot(?). When I turned it over there was no interference but it felt like it was very low on compression. It had already gone to the...
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    MKIV Jetta back half part out (smyth UTE job)

    Hi guys. I've started tearing down. This stuff is in really good shape.
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    WTB DSG transmission NJK

    Hi I need a gearbox. DSG. NJK 2012 Jetta TDI Let me know what you've got. email or call 5 one 2 632 29 eight nine robby @ runonbeer dot com