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    Asheville, NC October GTG

    Hello All, Appalachian Diesel Works will be sponsoring a GTG on October 15th at my house. Rocketchip has committed to be with us on Saturday. Send Daniel of ADW a PM (DGTDI) with your needs for tuning so he can keep Jeff posted. This is basically a 1 day event, but all are welcome to show up...
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    WTB AHU/1Z Injection pump

    I am looking fo a good ahu or 1z injection pump. Preferably not leaking, must be in good working order when removed. Email me at Thanks
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    June 4th & 5th AVL GTG

    Hello All, We will be doing our standard first weekend in June GTG again this year. We are very fortunate because the Griffin's (Chad & Mike) have agreed to let us have the GTG at their shop again. As most of you know who have been there, this is an awesome facility, especially if its raining...
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    SMF Noise

    Just wanted to pass on some recent experience with the neutral rollover rattle from my 14 lb SMF and Spec Stage 3 clutch setup. I am very unhappy with the clutch as it is terribly grabby on 1st gear take off. There is a tremendous amount of rattle at idle while in nuetral with the clutch out...
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    Asheville, NC GTG Oct. 10th

    We are having a Fall GTG in Asheville, NC on Saturday Oct. 10th. It is the same location as the early Summer event. Jeff from RocketChip will be with us for the GTG. PM me if you want a tune and I will start a list. Hopefully, Peter from TDIParts can make it down this time. Doors open at 8:00 AM...
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    A4 Low Power, Blocked CAT

    Alright, just had a first for me on an A4 Jetta Sedan. It car came in for a lot of maintenance and in the end it had low turbo pressure. You could see in VagCom that the turbo was not getting the job done; 1/2 boost at full throttle was all it would do and then go into limp mode. So I did all of...
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    Asheville NC GTG June 5,6

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    Big Bubbles, Some Troubles

    This one has me a bit stumped. Car is an 03 TDI Jetta Wagon, 5-speed. The owner says the car lost power on a long (4 mile) 6% grade climb. Well, I checked out the turbo and everything is nomal there and shows good in VagCom. There were no codes in the ECU. Check for air in the clear fuel...
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    Bosio PP764's for Sale

    I have a set of Bosio PP764's for sale with 8K miles on them. I Pop Tested them before I relaced them with PP502's and they were functioning correctly. $250.00 shipped via USPS. PM me if interested. TW
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    EGR Issues

    Alright guys, here's one for you. I have pulled my hair out over this one. Got a customer's car that has this code. 19586 - EGR System: Regulation Range Exceded P3130 -35-10 - - - Intermittent Bentley does not even list this code. I have checked the N18 valve, checked the EGR valve...
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    Shocking Blown Turbo, bent Rods

    Here's the story. Had a customer with a suspected bad N-75 valve. Did not have one on the shelf so I took the EGR actuator valve (same as the N75) out of my car and blocked off the one remaining vacuum line. I have RC3 Euro tune with the EGR delete but the actuator valve was still there and...
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    Asheville, NC GTG 4-26-08

    We are having a GTG in Asheville, NC on April, 26 2008, which is a Saturday. We will get started about 8:00 and run until everyone has had enough.:D We are changing shop locations this time, but it is very close to where the others have been, for those of you who have joined us in the past. The...
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    02 TDI Wagon Low Power

    Ok, all the numbers check out with VagCom. All of the obvious items in the A4 low power thread have been eliminated, like vacuum lines, N75, actuator, stuck turbo vanes, ect. Timing looks good, no air in the fuel lines, good filters ect. Engine runs good and idles smoothly. Intake has a...
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    WTB A/C Compessor Clutch

    I want to by an A/C Compessor Clutch that will fit the compressor on an 02 Jetta TDI. Don't need the compressor, just the clutch. Thanks, TW
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    A/C Compressor Fell Apart

    Car is an 02 Jetta TDI with 145K miles on the clock. The air conditioning quit suddenly about a week ago and I got around to checking it out tonight. What a shocker, the nut backed off the shaft and the entire A/C Clutch is gone!!:eek: I don't have the belly pan on so I'm sure its in the...
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    Wiring Schematic & Bentley

    I know this is a real PITA but can someone please look up the terminal to wiring color code for the MAP sensor on an 01 Golf TDI. My digital Bentley is refusing to get activated on a new computer and I spent about 2 hours on the phone with Bentley today to no avail. I really need this...
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    WTB 01 Golf Upper IC Pipe

    I am working on a customer's 01 golf TDI and his Upper Intercooler Pipe got a little too close to the power steering pump pulley. Now it has a big hole in it and his car is down on power. Imagine that:eek: . Wondered if anyone out there has this pipe and would be willing to part with it...
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    Noisy VE Injector Pump

    Car is an 03 NB, 5 Speed with 70k on the odometer. Car runs fine has and has normal power. The engine is basically stock from a performance standpoint. Today my wife noticed a noise coming from the engine bay. Got to checking and it appears to be coming from the IP. If the engine sits for...
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    Wet Beetle Interior

    The vehical is an 03 NB TDI. Both front floor boards are getting soaked when it rains heavy. Yes I know the problem is the sunroof drains. I have tried blowing them out with compressed air then pouring water down the tubes. Most of it ends up in the floorboards. When blowing air through...
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    Mystery Noise

    The vehical is an 02 Jetta with 123k miles on the clock. It has all original suspension parts. A couple of days ago, I noticed a noise that I can best describe as tire noise. One day not there and next there it was. It comes on at about 20 mph and stays till about 60 mph at which point...