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    Odometer rollback possible ??

    Hey guys. Been a while since posting here. Everything still great with my 2016 SEL TDI sportwagen 6mt except that the driver side heated seat stopped working. But the reason for this post is that I'm looking to buy a 2014 VW TDI Amarok 4x4 pickup and I've been warned about odometer rollbacks...
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    What is the PO5 GTI SE package ?

    The list of options for my 16 SEL car includes "PO5 GTI SE package" What could that be ?
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    DPF delete options

    for those who drive off-road, which DPF,EGR delete kit do you recommend ? I know of Rawtek and Buzzken. Any others ? They look very different btw. Just got my first DPF warning light yesterday after two weeks of short trips. Going to drive it hard today for an extended stretch, but I'm sure...
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    Good idea to keep tank full ?

    Less air in the tank means less chance for water condensation, the enemy of diesels ?
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    cleanest tail pipes ever

    One year later, 20k miles and my tail pipes are so clean I can't even find anything to swipe, they look like new. Pretty amazing Also, I've never smelled anything from the motor or exhaust, even driving with the rear hatch up Definitely can't say that about any of the 30 or so cars I've owned...
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    Selling my 2016 SEL TDI for this not really, but wow what an awesome wagon ! and with the return of the straight six diesel in 2019 just need to win the lottery...then I'll special order the "squared" version !
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    I'm glad the tdi has a belt

    They say chains last the lifetime of the car, I seriously doubt it. While the chain itself may not break, the tensioners and guides wear down, and a chain just sounds bad imo. My previous chain motors were a Toyota 2.4, and a Subaru 3.0 Both had horrible chain sounds. I opened up the Subaru...
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    Using the DEF tank for diesel

    Someday I would like to take advantage of my Mexico unused DEF tank. Wondering if anyone has thoughts on the following: 1) is the DEF tank material chemically able to hold diesel fuel ? 2) are there any internal pumps or anything else inside the DEF tank ? I would think the optimal system...
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    Cool, calm and collected

    Did a recent trip through the desert while a heat wave was going on. 112 degrees outside ! Tdi did great, never broke a sweat. Took a nap with the engine idling with the a/c on, never heard a high speed fan come on. Definitely couldn't do that with a gasser I think.
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    GTD clutch ?

    With a simple tune, we can get our engines up to GTD levels. So why not install the clutch from a GTD ? Any other engine/transmission/mounts changes in a GTD ?
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    Rear pano drain lines

    Another leaking pano roof... 2016 SEL GSW built in October 2015 I haven't experienced any leaks until yesterday when we had torrential rains. Water had entered the rear cargo area on both sides so more than likely both rear drains are blocked. I opened the sunroof and decided the inspect the...
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    back up alarm with hitch mounts

    I don't know if this is just a DAP issue or applicable to all mk7's If I have anything mounted in the rear hitch, even just a ball mount, the backup alarm goes off when I put it in reverse. I don't see an easy way to turn this alarm off other than canceling the backup feature with the button...
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    505 oil short term, and warning for Mexico owners

    Yesterday my local VW dealer did the first service on my car and put in 505 rated Castrol 5w-40. I found out after they did the service when they showed me a bottle of what they used in the parts dept. I made a point of calling them in advance, to make they stocked the correct oil and filters...
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    highest oil temperature ?

    On a recent trip while towing a 1500kg trailer, I saw 252 degrees briefly while driving up a grade with an outside temperature of 80F I was in 5th gear at about 2200 rpm, maybe half throttle, but not sure about that. More power was available, but I didn't want to push it to the limit. Just...
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    footrest reinstall

    sorry for the entirely non tdi specific question but this forum has been very helpful I tried a youtube search but no luck recently I installed wiring for a trailer wiring harness and I ran the power cable inside to the fuse panel. I had to pry loose the footrest piece where it attaches to the...
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    OE heavy duty skid plate for mk7 TDi ?

    I know there are some aftermarket metal skid plates available , but is there an VW heavy duty TDi skid plate which can be installed ? I think Alltracks have heavy duty skid plates from the factory, maybe one of these be installed on a TDi mk7 ?
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    Radiator fan running after short drive

    Just drove around town today, not even going over 40mph, partial throttle but when I returned home, the radiator fan ran for maybe 5 minutes afterwards as if the motor was hot. Outside temperature is only 70 degrees or so. No warning lights or anything on the dash. 2016 TDi with only 3k miles...
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    2016 TDI SEL GSW 6mt

    Finally got around to taking some photos, hopefully I learned how to post them correctly. This is my 2016 TDI SEL GSW 6mt which I purchased recently here in Mexico. As you can see, it is a US spec car which was never delivered to the USA. Many upgrades planned, starting tomorrow with the...
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    EGR or not ?

    I will be installing a Kerma tune soon and I think I can have the EGR disabled.( not removed) What are the pros and cons of disabling the EGR ? I would think that not having carbon buildup in the intake is the major pro, but are there any cons ? Thanks