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    wtb: VNT17 any condition

    Its time for me to play with some turbo mods so I'm looking for VNT17VB to start with. Any condition will be considered, but the shaft has to turn.
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    Long Island - Anyone interested in biodiesel

    Might want to sign up for Girl Mark's course advertized in this thread I am currently out of methanol and looking to organize a group buy if that can be arranged. Last time I spoke with Pride, they were offering 'substantial' discounts for multiple 55 gal drum purchase.
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    Best routes to/from Quebec City

    So I'm going to the Fest this year and combining it with a couple days stay in Quebec City first, then on to Montreal. So my question to the locals is what is the best route between cities- 40 or 20? I've never driven outside the cities so any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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    Optimum timing with Biodiesel?

    I tried this over on the biodiesel section with no replys, perhaps someone over here knows something... I was wondering if anyone has experimented with the timing using biodiesel for maximum performance. My ride is B100 most of the year dropping to B70 for the winter. Got to install an 11mm...
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    Optimum performance timing with Biodiesel?

    I was wondering if anyone has experimented with the timing using biodiesel for maximum performance. Got to install an 11mm pump this weekend and the performance is amazing according to my butt dyno. It has way more power in 3-4k rpm range. The car can sometimes break the tires loose in first...
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    19586 EGR fault help needed

    Hi, I just got my VAGCOM to work out the CEL fault. Its easy to use to find and reset codes. There's a persistent problem and now I need help. Group 3 shows 903 RPM, 355 MAF specified, 435 MAF actual, 4.8% duty cycle. I calibrated the EGR setting, problem still here. The 00 NB has 135k...
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    Is this the right flywheel?

    Hi, I picked up a smf flywheel on e-bay from a 96 Passat TDI part number 307 105 273C at a good price. It looks like the right flywheel from the pictures. Weighs in at ~22 lb. I'm driving a 2000 NB with future power mods in mind. At 131k and .216 nozzles (only about 8k mi on the nozzles)...
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    How to disassemble turbo?

    This one is for the turboheads. How do you separate the turbo center section from the exhaust manifold? Mine seems pretty tight and I don't want to risk cracking anything with a big hammer. It's been sprayed with WD-40 and light taps on a wood block to coax it out have no effect. Any...
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    Wanted - Exhaust manifold

    I'm itching to try some turbo experiments and need an extra exhaust manifold to set it up on. Anyone have an extra laying around for cheap? I don't really need the turbo part so a missing one or blown one would be ok.
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    What can cause misfire?

    Hi guys, My 2000 NB with 130,000 mi has lost some of its power and now regularly misses with moderate acceleration. Starts easily and at low acceleration nothing seems amiss. I can hear the turbo spool up and it sounds normal. No CEL indication. Moderate accelerations start to show symptoms...
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    ABS after a puddle

    Hi folks! As anyone in the NE knows, its been raining like heck all week. Today the ABS light came on after passing through a passanger side puddle on the highway, sprayed some water but not too bad. The light stayed on. Has this happened to anyone before? It will be a week before I can jack...
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    low output

    First thing; great information here and thanks to all that contribute. My first TDI is a '00 NB purchased used with 126k miles. I knew the car had low power when I bought it figuring that could be fixed, its got a clean body and interior to work with. Sometimes it goes ok, though not...
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    wtb: nb with manual transmission

    Hi, I'm looking for a tdi nb with stick shift. Green is my prefered color, but will consider others for a good price. W Within resonable driving distance of NY city. I promise to give it a good home.