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    Black Haze Workshops downpipe? *Updated*

    Hi all, hoping someone has experience with Black Haze Workshops and can chime in on their quality? I ran across this downpipe while looking for a more reasonable alternative to the well known options...
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    WTT: Testing waters on '13 Mk6 M6

    Hello all, I'm just trying to get a feel of the demand out there. My Mk6 Golf TDI is all stock (except 20% llumar ceramic tint, transferable warranty), manual, super clean, silver on black, 4 door base model. I bought from a small dealer at 31k, they got it from VW buyback stock. It now has 42k...
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    WTB: MK6 exhaust and flashzilla

    Hi all, looking to buy the standard upgrades for my mk6. Seeking: Rawtek dp+mp & egr delete bits Flashzilla That's about it for now. I'm interested in other things as well like an rns headunit, reverse cam parts, and xenon headlights, but the exhaust and flashzilla are my main priority. Thanks!
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    Gap in dash trim? :(

    Hi guys, new to the forums and I appreciate the wealth if information here. I just bought a used '13 TDI and I noticed today there is a gap between the right side of the gauge cluster and the dash, as well as a small gap between the lower cluster trim and the dish. Does anyone else have this? It...