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    CRUA Turbo upgrade

    So I've figured out that my turbo is toast and as such it's time to upgrade. I'm fully deleted and am thinking I'll go with the xman CR190 hybrid mostly because it's water cooled and that should help me make heat in the winter, which is just about impossible now. Who else has used the XMAN...
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    MK7 stalled and won't start no codes!

    I was driving and the car just died on me. Coast to a parking lot and it just cranks. I pulled an autoscan and there are no engine DTC's. When it sits for a day or two it'll start and run for about a second then die. I've logged different parameters while attempting to start. I don't see...
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    DPF Pressure Sensors Melted

    So has anyone seen this before? One DPF Pressure Sensor is completely melted and the other is starting to melt. Time to delete. Question is can I plug the hoses and drive it until parts come in?
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    WTB: MK7 delete full kit

    Hey yall I'm hoping someone is selling a Buzzken delete kit for a MK7 Golf. Hoping to save some money and get quick.
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    Sorry for another transmission thread

    To the vets I apologize in advance for yet another transmission problem thread. I have an 05 Passat TDI with 135k miles on her. I bought the car a couple months ago to help me cut down on my fuel consumption, I drive 200 miles a day round trip. I got the dreaded torque converter code and a...
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    Torque Convertor

    I'm sorry to beat a dead horse but I just picked this car up 2 months ago and now I see why it was such a good deal. I only have 129k on it and the TC code popped up a couple weeks ago. I'm a MKIII and MKIV guy so I have a OBD Scanner in every car. I scanned it and then cleared it. I haven't had...