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    ///// Group Buy -- 5 speed to 6 Speed Add on gear (MK IV) /////

    Hi All , Not sure where to post this so here it is .... I've been agonizing for seemingly eons over either switching to a 6 speed Trans set up OR "simply" adding the 6th gear to my existing 02J tranny After much thought , I decided to go for the 6th gear add on (simply because my trans in...
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    ///// Best Glow Plugs ? /////

    HI, 2 of my glow plugs are bad so I'll be replacing them all asap. Just getting a feel for what people think the "best" ones are I am debating between Bosch , Beru and Febi , or are there better ones? Thanks Andrew
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    ///// centrifuges for filtration /////

    Hi all, With the high price of fuel lately I'm looking to offset some cost by making my own fuel and/or cutting the diesel with other additives but I need to be able to clean that in an economical way (not continuously buying filters). I am looking into centrifuges .... specifically open bowl...
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    ///// Will bigger injectors help fuel economy on NON computer controlled diesels (specifically 7.3 IDI). /////

    Hi All, Been driving my cargo van (1993 E350 extended cargo van with 7.3 IDI) much more than my TDI lately and it has come to the point where I need to replace injectors (251K miles BUT idled alot by the previous owner so lots more hours on the engine than miles may indicate). Anyways, in the...
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    ///// Any gurus / experts on 7.3 idi ? /////

    Hi All, I've had a 94 Ford e350 with a 7.3 IDI diesel for quite some but I never really used it much other than minor towing here and there. Recently however , I found some work for the van and have been driving it literally 7 days a week 11 hours a day. As a matter of fact I had gotten so...
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    ///// lithium iron car batteries /////

    Hi all, Been doing a lot of reading on lithium batteries and weight reduction. I know lithium batteries are typically very expensive especially when buying them through companies such as Braille or anti gravity but recently I stumbled on some lithium iron batteries with very good...
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    ///// Will The Passat Power steering mod work on our Jettas? /////

    HI, Just researching a few things and ran across this .... Since Passats and Jettas are so similar .... well at least kinda similar .... would this help us on our Jettas? Andrew
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    ///// tracked down oil leak ... looks like vac pump /////

    Hi The other day I was thinking a drain plug was leaking fluid because a drip was forming on the bolt head .... I had no idea what the drain plug was for because it was not the engine oil drain plug nor was it the transmission oil drain plug. Turned out it was just a bolt with oil that was...
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    ///// Need to bleed cooling system ? / How to bleed the system ? /////

    Hi All, I have a little seepage of coolant from the upper radiator hose near the large end of the plastic coupler pipe with the small hose running from it..... The leak is on the larger hose section where the coolant glow plug type heaters are but the leak is on the end away from the glow plug...
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    ///// Needed : Source for good cooling system hose kit etc .... /////

    Hi All, I have been noticing a slight decrease in the coolant ball for the last 50K or so miles ... not a lot but noticeable and concerning ( as in head gasket concerning BUT the oil analysis always came back good in that regards BUT I have not done one for this oil change yet). Anyways, I...
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    ///// Weight of MK IV Jetta TDI front calipers and rotors / Weight of MK IV rear calipers and rotors /////

    HI All, A friend of mine is needing to replace his front caliper(1) and figured while the car was down he might as well do all the brakes front and rear (it's a high mileage 2003 Jetta with TDI with pretty much mostly original brake system minus the pads which were probably replaced several...
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    ///// How will my car drive / behave if I add a 3" intake without a retune ? /////

    Hi All, So I finally got everything I need to install / upgrade the intake system of my car (sans larger filter system BUT 3" everywhere else will hopefully be a step up unless the air intake into the filter box itself or the filter area becomes the next restriction which I'm guessing it will...
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    ///// Free Short throw shifter mod with adjustable ball height : The "Shar Pei Shifter"

    HI All, Was thinking about modding the shifter to make it have shorter throws ..... Maybe even make the height of the shifter adjustable up and down to boot ... I had seen a video on You Tube about a trucker driving his custom big rig on a normal day to day basis ... his truck was fully...
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    ///// Maximum Handling : Can regular all season tires blow away racing oriented tires with these additions ? /////

    Hi All, I know many people seek better handling through better tires , all manner of coil overs / springs, harder bushings, anti roll bars and even changing front end parts with the higher end Audi parts for better caster / camber curves etc.... BUT has anybody here tries these or know of...
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    ///// New wheels and tires .... rubbing issues /////

    Hi All , Recently had the opportunity to change out my wheels and tires ( from Avus wheels and 205 75 r 15 tires to Volk Gravel wheels and 215 75 r 15 tires ( the Volk wheels are 15 x 7 with a 35 mm offset as opposed to 15 x6 Avus wheels with 39 ? Offset ) and now unfortunately I'm getting Tire...
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    //// WARNING : Should we all be running Elephant hoses and / or Catch Cans / Oil Separators ? ////

    Hi All, I was in the process of upgrading my upper and lower intercooler pipes when I determined I needed to purchase a hump hose to help fix a minor misalignment caused by my adding an upgraded SMIC. ( I have had a boost leak due to the misalignment that the factory connector hose to the...
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    //// How to remove rivnut ? ////

    Hi All, Been plagued by a mysterious creaking noise every once in awhile so I figured I would look underneath the car and try to figure it out. Most of the popping creaking noise came after my skid plate install and it was generally caused by loosening bolts so I decided to check that first I...
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    ///// Push Button Drone Removal OR how to make your car sound "throatier" ... maybe drone is not caused by what you think /////

    Hi All, The other day may car seemed to get loud for no real reason . I have the mods in my signature and I used to blame the drone on my new (or then new exhaust system exhaust system and or something being not right with the install (maybe loose mounting points something making contact with...
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    ///// Aftermarket wheel Fitment issue .... stud / bolt holes not big enough /////

    Hi All, Just when I thought I got it all figured out a snafu reared it head up at the last minute I received my stud bolts (60 degree taper cones to help center the wheels) and wanted to make sure I had enough length to go through the new wheels into the hubs of my car. Much to my...
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    ///// Healthy Coal !! /////

    HI All, I know coal rolling is generally frowned upon because it gives Diesels a bad rap and is in actuality hard on our vehicles (extra stress from having to load up the engine to generate "coal" , pollution , sooting up our oil etc...). so that made me think of ways to make "healthy" coal ...