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    FS or swap vintage BAE turbo and manifolds PICTURES

    FS or swap vintage BAE turbo and both manifolds. Designed for mk1 up 1.6 n/a diesel. I can sell the set or just the turbo. Make a reasonable $ or trade offer. All offers considered For a BAE collector or just a project. The turbo turns without play but fairly stiff spinning movement. Bad...

    WTB k03, k14, GT15 or possible other .48 or - A/R & trim turbo

    WTB k03, k14, GT15 or possible other workable O.E. .48 or less A/R & trim. Possibly interested in ALH exhaust manifold and turbo combo. Turbo needs to be 3 bolt exhaust and in new to excellent comdition. The move complete the better, i.e. downpipe flange etc.

    Turbo choice???

    Alot of reading, listening and learning to finding the most effective turbo for my little 1.6 idi diesel pickup. I think I've narrowed it down to several. I am open to other turbo selections also. I have questions on the 4 listed turbos in the title. (k03, k04, k14, k24). I'm hoping to get real...

    1.6 idi turbo build? pictures & specs turbo help needed

    :unsure: Not TDI, but nowhere else as appropriate as this more or less turbo forum? Moderators let me know if I need to put elsewhere...? I recently picked up up an aftermarket 80's 1.6 N/A diesel, BAE turbo kit. Its needing alot of supporting parts and mainly consist of the 3 items below...

    HELP! 1983 VW pickup tonneau cover.. hinge question w/ pictures

    Note; I removed this thread from General automotive as it was mentioned to be in the wrong place. Im getting the 83 VW pickup road ready. Been mostly in hibernation for over a decade. Just had paint and am installing/trying to figure out the hinge setup on a rare fiberglass tonneau cover. I...

    Turbo 101 pictures added GURUS invited!

    O.k. I've owned 2 fdi`s. I have decent mostly pre turbo and gas hands on wrenchinng experience. But... I have limited technical expertise as far as putting together a setup with turbo A/R, trim etc. I want to throughly understand a turbos nomenclature(?) to properly fit the correct specification...

    83 VW Pickup 1.6 diesel ... back from death...

    I'm not sure if this is the proper forum for what seems to be a VW red headed step child here on tdicclub. It's not a TDI yet but was born a VW diesel so hey fhey need loving too. Getting new paint and upgrades More pictures to come

    Mk1 fender flair isssue... calling all mk1 gurus

    I'm repainting my 1983 VW PICKUP. I've got a few upgrade parts that I've been collecting for years that will go on with the repaint. One of which I was hoping to install was a set of mk1 fender flairs. The parts and truck is now in new paint. The front flairs fit perfectly but the rears...

    will an ahl intake work on a 1.6 I.D.I. mk1?

    ALH to mk1 1983 I.D.I. Bolt on? THANKS

    c.l. ad for 1.8/5sp.

    Not mine or anyone I know

    1981 diesel 5 speed (Ca.? car) ...$2k San Fransisco C.L.

    Just saw. Absolutely no connection

    Time to finally do the pano drain hoses

    Since this car is low use, garaged and virtually never wet I've postponed the inevitable pano drain fix. I'll be getting it into the shop after the holidays. They are familiar with the tear down and mentioned alot of the interior fasteners are often one time use. Does any supplier carry a...

    %&!@ California at it again... input on biannual diesel

    So heard from a legit sourse the recent focus is sighted in on tunes. Its supposed to be implemented next month on biannual testing. Is anyone up on the exacts of how the test will be implemented? Tunes on diesel as well as gas? A visual or deeper into the program?

    Kerma tune details

    I didn't want to hijack a recent thread on lowering EGR %, but it got me wondering... How much IF anything does a Kerma tune change this setting? I dont have a VCDS so I don't know stock or tune numbers. Any input?

    Any caddy owners with interest on a free custom 1 1/4" receiver hitch?

    The free hitch comes with a hitch :-D. I'm south of Modesto As I'm not able to remove the New owner will need to remove it. It is welded to the frame and will need the welds trimmed back with a die grinder. All yours at that point, I just don't need or want it on. Nice fit P.M.. Me

    California Snowflake rim set with 500 mile tire set clean unrestored. Will ship

    central valley area in Ca. Snowflake rim set with 500 mile tire set clean unrestored. Tires older but less than 500 miles on them. P.M.. me, sometimes this forum doesn't notify me on watched threads

    SOLD. .....FS VW trailer & FS 4 VW Snowflake rims & tires (500 miles). California

    FS VW trailer & FS 4 VW Snowflake rims & tires (500 miles). 1st set These are presently on my VW pickup. They have apx. 500 miles on the full balanced set of tires, ready to roll. They are several years old but like brand new. No perceivable wear. Nice complete set. $695 FIRM 2nd set 2...

    not being notified of watched threads???

    it seems intermittent (?) on all watched threads, especially my older "watched" threads. This has been since the sites ownership change.

    conflicting Polar fis and Maesto idatalink

    Instead of resurrecting the old link I figure a fresh thread would be less muddled. After installing and working the bugs out of a Polar fis MFD, I finally got my Kenwood up and running. Using the Maestro idatalink rr as a SWC & additional gauges interface it works great. Problem is it seems to...

    Almost NOS RNS315?

    I'm selling my RNS315 (with code). It was replaced by VW one year ago under CPO coverage. Its only been in the car for less than 15k and with minimal use. This unit is NLA and was one of the last 2 in VW inventory in the nation at the time, so that would make it the 2nd freshest RNS315 age wise...