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    Under seat storage trays.

    Hi, I'm not sure how much room is under the seat (looks awful hard to get to and is kinds smallish / awkwardly located) but the slickest solution I saw was a magnet mount either under the dash , by the center console, or even on the drivers door (cross draw) if a rightie.... Some of those...
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    ALH turbo upgrade question

    HI, Just curious but if driven in a similar manner ....any mpg differences before and after? Thanks Andrew
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    Porting the stock VNT-15 compressor housing and ASV. Why not? (Pics coming)

    HI, It's a shame you don't live closer to me .... you could port to your hearts content! Sounds like an interesting project .... I believe every little bit helps. It'll be interesting to see (hopefully plenty of pics) and hear what the results are .... Do you have baseline power and MPG...
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    Mk4 Jetta suspension refresh

    HI, Check out some of the stuff from this site .... I would love to hear some first hand experience if you try it .... I am soooo close to pulling the trigger BUT I really want a 6 speed also! So...
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    How important is wheel offset, really?

    HI, If my brain was not as tired as it is now after work I would try to digest this for you BUT offset and tire height etc affects scrub radius which can affect things in the front end... Maybe somebody can summarize this until my brain gets some rest ...HA see link ...
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    How important is wheel offset, really?

    HI, Just Curious but how much weight was added with the 17s vs the factory steelies? What tires were you running on the steelies / what tires are you running now? Andrew
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    Burning oil with diesel

    I've heard that if you cut oil (typically filtered / centrifuged waste motor oil ) with gasoline until it is the same viscosity as diesel fuel you should be OK on older diesels ... (yes people may say coking of injectors etc tho). Have not read much about cutting cooking oil with gasoline but...
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    MK4 ALH .. Need All-Terrain Tires.. Will 205/75/15 fit stock suspension?

    HI, My larger tires will rub at full lock steering .... I try not full locking as much as possible. My MPGs went up with the larger tires .... I guess because of the overdrive effect on highway driving. I like the added ground clearance and filled wheel well look with the larger tires also...
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    Cost-Effectiveness and Fun Factor of an ALH TDI?

    I'll have to see if I can find pics of what a 6/10 trail looks like .... As a courier driver, I have done some deliveries up driveways that were so steep that I had to keep momentum up lest I stop and end up spinning out in loose gravel possibly never to get going again in the forward...
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    My 2003 Jetta

    HI, Sounds like good times ahead ... I"ll recommend 5 speed tranny with Wave Trac and a 6th gear add on ( THAT is what I want my tranny to be! .... If you decide on that let me know maybe we can get a group buy going together (I have a separate thread on that but so far no takers ..... (of...
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    Tdi high idle switch.

    Interesting.... I think Malone has some sort of tune to bump engine RPM's up BUT I don't think it is switchable on demand from low idle to high idle ... I think it's just an increase in general ....may want to double check that tho. Another possibility is to buy a plunger type solenoid (like...
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    ///// Group Buy -- 5 speed to 6 Speed Add on gear (MK IV) /////

    Hi All , Not sure where to post this so here it is .... I've been agonizing for seemingly eons over either switching to a 6 speed Trans set up OR "simply" adding the 6th gear to my existing 02J tranny After much thought , I decided to go for the 6th gear add on (simply because my trans in...
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    Cost-Effectiveness and Fun Factor of an ALH TDI?

    Cool swap! what kind of MPGs do you get with it typically VS max highway? Thanks Andrew
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    Cost-Effectiveness and Fun Factor of an ALH TDI?

    HI, Depending on your mechanical skills I would think an ALH engine into an older Forester would be a great swap ... I've seen some mildly modded Subies do pretty amazing stuff offroad... Hardest part would be to shoehorn in the ALH .... might have to get creative with that OR maybe a 3...
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    ///// Best Glow Plugs ? /////

    HI, 2 of my glow plugs are bad so I'll be replacing them all asap. Just getting a feel for what people think the "best" ones are I am debating between Bosch , Beru and Febi , or are there better ones? Thanks Andrew
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    Suspension upgrades

    Assuming the suspension is OK in stock condition (not worn out / sloppy) .....I would start with a rear anti sway bar If some of your suspension needs work .... fix that first .... getting performance parts for whatever is being replaced. You can refer to my signature for what I have done...
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    Smoking all the time

    Hmmmm 175K is not (in my opinion alot of miles (I didn't have issues with the IP unil about 300K BUT I drive mostly highway miles so more "normal" driving may put more hours on the pump in a shorter amount of time causing wear and it's relater issues (My 94 7.3 IDI used to smoke only at...
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    Smoking all the time

    HI, Lots of things can cause excessive smoking. Was the car OK before then gradually started smoking or was it more or less more suddenly ? Are any fluids being used in abnormal amounts (example , oil / antifreeze). What kinds of MPGs are you getting? How many miles on the engine ...
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    Pretend you’re me. What upgrades would you do to my TDI?

    HI , I was debating between the 2 myself .... (lookimg to get one if I can find an installer .... ) I think the PRO of adding the 6th gear to the 5 speed would be you are working with a known tranny (your own) whereas getting a used 6 speed kit I guess you are getting something with possible...
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    ///// centrifuges for filtration /////

    Hi all, With the high price of fuel lately I'm looking to offset some cost by making my own fuel and/or cutting the diesel with other additives but I need to be able to clean that in an economical way (not continuously buying filters). I am looking into centrifuges .... specifically open bowl...