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  1. VW Derf

    IBW is 20!

    Awesome milestones!
  2. VW Derf

    3 diesels a Wedding and a BIG NH GTG

    Me too. ☹ Happy belated Anniversary Peter and Julie.
  3. over $2 per litre

    over $2 per litre

  4. 2dollars.png


  5. VW Derf

    Diesel price...

    That was way faster than I could have ever imagined...
  6. VW Derf

    Pichers On TDI Club

    Yes. That is also from photobucket. The image is/was at:
  7. VW Derf

    Pichers On TDI Club

    I looked at the above posting and the image was hosted on photobucket and not on TDIClub, so there is nothing I can do. :( Sometimes the links do look like they are hosted on TDIClub, but it is probably due to the fact that we proxy those images to ensure the connections are secure and there...
  8. VW Derf

    Pichers On TDI Club

    Were any of these pictures linked or displayed in one of your postings?
  9. VW Derf

    Diesel price...

    I wish it was just $0.10 more Metro Vancouver. Just a paid $1.829 earlier this week for diesel. :( The Flying J near my house is now $1.879, however it is always a little pricier than most places... RUG there is $1.759. Thankfully for most of 2020 and 2021 diesel was normally 10-20 cents less...
  10. VW Derf

    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    It keeps climbing up here near Vancouver, BC. It is now at $1.889CAD/L (~$5.70USD/USgal).
  11. VW Derf

    Diesel price...

    I long for the days of $1.509. :) It is up to $1.789 over on the west coast.
  12. VW Derf

    Happy Holidays!

    I hope everyone is having a great holiday season and all the best as we move into the New Year.
  13. VW Derf

    What happeed to the look of this web site

    Yes, a little over a year ago the forums were update to this new software for several reasons. You can read the link for details, but it is still the same admin for the past 25 years and even many of the same volunteers moderating and doing admin work.
  14. VW Derf

    Auto door locking issue

    Is there anyway to confirm this is the issue before things are torn apart? I'm not sure if the fact the mirror turn signal is intermittent is a coincidence or related.
  15. VW Derf

    Auto door locking issue

    I have a 2010 Golf wagon and about two weeks ago the locks started to lock and the system alarm on its own for about a week. It would happen if the driver door was open, closed and even happened the odd time the car was running. I could always unlock the car without an issue from the inside or...
  16. VW Derf

    How to upload photos in Xenforo and use them in your posts

    Can you send me a few example posts/links? Nothing is blacked out or blocked, but we do proxy images from other sites to ensure that https is used and therefore keep the connection 'secure' in your browser.
  17. VW Derf

    Remove "Missing" link reference

    As comput_85 indicated the red X is due to the fact the danasoft website is not currently up and therefore the RedX is shown. Unfortunately you'll find this in many threads or signatures using externally hosted image servers that are no longer online. If you notice that from something hosted...
  18. VW Derf

    2021 TDIFest Discusion Thread

    Happy Labour Day weekend everyone. I hope you everyone is doing well. Even though it has been several years now since our last TDIFest, it still seems strange for me not to be hanging out this weekend with all my fellow TDIFans, past and present and future. Hard to believe how time passes...
  19. VW Derf

    Upgraded TDIClub forums

    Ok, I trippled the max message length so that should help. This is the first mention of the limit. As for the pictures, I have been running them through a proxy to prevent the site from appearing unsecured due to the image sources not being https. Every image I tested with an x seemed to be...