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    FS: Big brake kit for audi B5/B7 platform

    Hello, Up for sale is a big brake kit put together by myself. it consists of 2 6pot cayenne calipers and 2 rs4 b5 discs. included are 4 M14 bolts with bushings, stainless lines and new set of mintex pads modified to suit the combo. Reason for selling is that I am upgrading to something bigger...
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    FS: Longitudal gtb2260vk kit, used

    Hello, Up for sale is a gtb2260vk turbo. the turbo fits on a longitudal commonrail engine with round ports, kit is made by myself. the kits is designed so that it works just fine with stock airbox. it comes with water lines, oil lines, downpipe, pipe from hfm to compressor, CCV pipe and...
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    Looking for a set of R520's

    Hello, A friend of me is looking for a set of R520 nozzles or injectors in good shape for his T3 synchro TDI. Let me know if anyone wants to sell. Best regards, Ruben
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    GTB2056VL, new, on manifold

    Hello, I bought this turbo years ago, and I always kept it with the idea to put it on the girls car when she would ever buy a 4 cyl tdi. but now she is getting a company car, so I guess I can make someone else happy with the turbo. the turbo is new, never run. it comes on a 8v manifold...
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    Amarok twin trubos, new.

    Hello, I have bought a new (50km ran) amarok long block, engine code CDCA. I just need the shortblock and injectors so thats why I am selling the turbos and EGR cooler assembly etc. The turbo are new, and come with all that you can see in the picture, so also the compressor bypass valve...
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    FS: BV43 off 170hp CR longitudal engine

    Hello, A friend of me runs a 2260vk on his Exeo ( same as audi a4) longitudal 2.0 TDI CR. Engine code CAG or CAH. so now he doenst have need for his old turbo, a BV43, 170 HP version. this turbo is separate from the manifold, but does not fit pnp on a AFN manifold as the flage is slightly...
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    GTC1444VZ new

    As I wont have time anyway to built the sequentials anytime soon, and cash would be nice. I'm throwing this one out. Grab it while you can, its suchs a nice litlle turbo. perfect for a 1.4 tdi, or just for the 1.9/2.0 looking for max spool and still 165hp in the compressormap. pics and specs...
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    Feeler: 200kW package, in a rolling chassis

    Hi, first post after being banned, I wanted to have and idea what would be the value of my car, the car is a seat ibiza, '99, the body has around 500.000 km on it, it has working AC and cruise control, body looks very decent for the mileage. Originally it was a 90hp AHU. now it has kw v1...
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    cheap 02M on
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    FS: MSA15 ECU, 3bar internal sensor, socketed, VNT or Wastegate

    Hi, I still have a old msa15 ecu here from an AFN engine, it has an internal 3bar mapsensor and is socketed, it can be delivered with immo on or off, also it can be used to control a vnt or wastegate turbo.. At the moment the software is for a AFN with r520 and a gt1749vc, but if required I...
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    Wtb: He341v, ve

    Hello, I am looking for a holset vgt turbo in good condition, I know the HE351ve are all over ebay, but I'd prefer the 431 as it has a larger turbine wheel.. I guess there should be alot of truck guys selling their stock turbos when they go for compounds etc, but I don't really have a view on...
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    FS: GT1749VC to fit mk3, comes as a kit

    Title says it all; It's a low km 1749vc I bought and I welded a flange from a vnt15 on it, it bolts to a mk3 AFN manifold.. I had it on an afn for around 10.000km, then I crashed the car due aquaplaning :D the turbo comes with a 60mm downpipe, manifold, the black plastic pipe from airfilter...
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    WTB: D24 intake

    One like the bottom of these 3, don't want to spend much, or I want to trade to a clean PD150 intake, I have both left and right facing one..
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    FS: 11mm Rover VP37 pump, Mint Condition

    For sale is a injection pump of a rover 620sDi. I pulled the pump from the car as it was going to be demolished as a 'ecobonus' I intended to use the 11mm head on a vag pump, but I've been told the heads are rotation specifik.. the pump is in mint condition, it was a perfect running car...
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    Surge or FOD?

    Exh manifold had been loose and was a little warped, so I removed it for resurfacing, then I found this... I'm using new Apexi air filter, alle pipes from compressor housing till airfilter are leakfree.. Could this be due surge, I know I'm running the turbo on the surge line until 3000rpm, but...
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    Sport spindles mk3

    Hi, I'm looking for something like this for a mk3 platform.. like my car is lowered now (and it's still too high) the front rollcentre is well below earth surface making the car roll understeer like mad.. most people who use these mk3 chassis on a track just weld a long nut to the control arm...
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    FS: vnt20, tube manifold, downpipe, fits mk2/3

    Hi, I'm selling my vnt20 turbo and associated hardware which came from my previous afn/ahu engine I'll show some pics here's a pic of the manifold when it was new here a pic of the turbo when it was new here's a pic of it installed on an ahu/afn here's the 60mm downpipe...
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    Hi, I'm selling a almost new (400km run) GT18v from opel with modified AFN manifold and actuator. The turbo is almost pnp on mk3 cars, but you need to reclock the downpipe flange.. Specs on the turbo: Turbine side: 39.5mm exducer (same as vnt20) Compressor side, 49mm exducer, can't...
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    FS: Stainless 8v Exhaust flanges

    Hi, I have 2 exhaust flanges as spare for a 8v head, they're stainless, 304, 10mm tickness, holes are 1-1.5mm larger in radius than the ports in the head, same size as oem cast manifold.. They're lasered out.. My first flange of this drawing was 6mm mild steel, and after plenty of abuse it...
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    Engine failure, damage report..

    Hi, I was driving on a straight, almost at the redline in 4th, when suddenlny I heard the knocking noise, pressued the clutch, engine died.. I first tought the rodbearing (s) were gone.. I removed the engine and strpped everything off, because I was going to put a spare AFN in till summer...