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  1. Mcgink

    1997 B4 Passat TDI Sedan 5spd with Moonroof & ABS. Indian Pearl Red. MA **SOLD**

    SOLD 11/17/21The time has come for I-Red’s next owner. I’ve owned it since Jan, 2010 (Bought Through Oilhammer after deer strike) when it had 255K miles. It now has just under 297K Miles. I’ve spent 100’s of hours and $1000’s of dollars during the 11yrs /42K mi of my ownership. The AC is cold...
  2. Mcgink

    FS, Complete Sets of B4 Splash Guard /Mud Flaps in MA

    For the 95 to 97 B4 Passat, I have 4 sets of these OEM New. Two of the sets have the original boxes but all 4 sets are new and complete with installation instructions and hardware. Per set price = $75 Plus shipping from 02301
  3. Mcgink

    B4 Passat Key Light

    I'm fortunate to have the OEM Keys on several of my TDI's. The small lamp in the OEM B4 key usually just needs a battery, lamp, or spring if you still have the OEM key. Here's a pic of the OEM components.
  4. Mcgink

    97 B4 Passat TDI sedan in MA

    Sold!!! I will update when the car is picked up. Posting the link to my CL listing for "The Green One" 1997 Passat TDI sedan w/ ABS/ Moonroof/ CD changer in trunk/ heated leather front seats. She has 303K and a full maint history since new. I am the second owner and this car was very well...
  5. Mcgink

    Anyone had success with head gasket sealants in a gasser?

    So, we have a 98 Camry (~300k mi) with a blown head gasket amongst the TDI's. No fluid mix but it's definitely burning coolant and pressurizing the coolant system. As much as I disapprove of using sealants instead of fixing it right, the car itself IMO is just not worth it (Don't tell R :p)...
  6. Mcgink

    Splash Guard " mud flap "part numbers for the Passat?

    Maybe I'm lousy with the search function, but I'm not finding it :o. The front splash guards are part no. ZVW 166 305 but I don't have the part number for the rear ones. Autobahn is the manufacturer for the front ones. Does anyone know the part number for the rear set for the B4?
  7. Mcgink

    FS: Jetta-Golf 5X100 (Jarama) Wheels/Tires in MA

    Sold!!! From an 03 Golf. Wheels are in "Fair" cond. Tires have ~12Kmi IIR. $250. Wheels are 15" and the tires are 195/65-15. Will update with more info/pics asap For local pick-up just south of Boston I gave them a quick rinse/brushing before sanpping a few pics today 11/29
  8. Mcgink

    B4 Plate lights out? Remote trunk release inop?

    I'm posting this since I haven't seen or read about this issue before. I had no plate lights on my new to me B4 "The Green Hornet" So, new bulbs didn't fix it and when I started to dig into it, I discovered that the wire harness that goes from the body to the left hinge of the trunk lid was...
  9. Mcgink

    1997 Passat TDI Station wagon (B4V)

    SOLD!!! I'm changing up the fleet a little and will be selling my B4V and or Golf. I'm located south of Boston in MA. My B4V (AKA "The Family Waggin") is Windsor Blue with Sahara (tan) Cloth int. It has the moonroof and is of course a 5spd as they all were. It has 15" alloy wheels and wears...
  10. Mcgink

    2003 Golf GLS TDI 4dr, 5spd, w/ AWP, ESP, Moonroof, & CD Changer.

    SOLD!!! I'm changing up the fleet a little so I'm selling my Golf and or B4V. My Golf is Toronado Red with black cloth int. It has heated seats (AWP) as well I am the second (non smoking) owner and it's got ~149K on it. I'm located Just south of Boston MA. Has the following mods: Nozzle...
  11. Mcgink

    Free Headliner board for a B4 sedan w/ Moonroof

    Not sure if anyone can use this but for the price of "come and pick it up" here Just south of boston It's available to the first person who wants it. Headliner board with no fabric on it from a 97 Passat sedan with moonroof. There's a small ~3"X3" piece broken off in the front area where the...
  12. Mcgink

    Imminent Turbo Seal Failure??

    So, I'm in Forida with "The Family Waggin" (B4V) and I used ~3Qts of oil in the 1500mi trip from MA. There's no obvious leak or puddle under it and no drips on the white concrete driveway here. A little oil is evident from the weep hole in the EGR which I originally thought was coming from the...
  13. Mcgink

    TDI repair needed in SW FL for Likely Turbo R&R

    So, I'm in the FT Myers area on my annual Florida roadtrip and I believe that I'm likely going to need a Turbo replacement before the trek back to MA. My B4V AKA "The Family Waggin" is guzzling oil (3Qts/1500mi) and there's no puddle under it or noticeable blue smoke behind it. A little oil is...
  14. Mcgink

    Another B4 Door Handle Fix

    I know some have luck with Locktite and other methods, but this is the repair I'm using to keep the roll pin from sliding out from the door handle. First Pic is of roll pin ready to fall out. At this point the door still opens but sticking for sure. Second pic is where I drill ~.8mm hole...
  15. Mcgink

    What parts to keep from a GLX VR6 B4 ?

    No luck with the search function so I'l make a post. I have a rusty GLX VR6 Passat sedan (Automatic) parts-car and I want to make list of what I need to take from it before it goes on the scrap metal scale. I'm planning to use most of the bits in a 97 B4 TDI sedan. So far: Leather interior...
  16. Mcgink

    "The Family Waggin" goes to Florida

    OK, so at the urging of Jetter_Sprinta, I'm posting info about my new to me B4V AKA "The Family Waggin" trip from MA to FL. Since there was no road trip thread from last years trip in "Krappy Wagon" (also a B4V), that would be "The Family Waggin's" cousin ;) , she has more rust tough :p . I'll...
  17. Mcgink

    Recommendation for A/C repair in SW Florida

    I've got "The Family Waggin" (B4V) in the Ft-Myers/Naples area and am looking for a local shop that does A/C repair reasonable. I'll need a condenser for sure for starters. I could probably do the R&R on that in the driveway, but I'm somewhat limited with tools here. Any recommendations? TIA
  18. Mcgink

    Glow plug light flashing for What reason?

    I've read different reasons for the flashing glow plug light issue on the B4 . Some say it's related to the brake light switch and others say something brelated to the #3 injecter electrics. So, I guess my question is how many reasons are there for the GP Light to flash? I'm currently working...
  19. Mcgink

    00542 Needle lift Sensor (G80) AKA? P1247

    Trying to diagnose my intermittent low power on my new to me B4V My glow plug light is flashing, CEL is on, and low/intermittent/power. I've Been following the troublshooting low power sticky as my Bible :D I started out replacing any vacumn...
  20. Mcgink

    Clutch master cylinder or Slave cylinder, Which is FAIL ?

    Like to see or make a sticky or link about clutch hydraulics diagnosis. Probably could apply to most models. I have a decent understanding of hydraulics/pnuematics. Assumptions: This would be specific to the hydraulic end of the clutch (not slippage or chattering) No hydraulic leaks, if your...