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    My son totaled his car! Really don't know what other car he will want. After we bought a 2000 Malibu from a "friend", that car was nothing but a piece of junk, don't know why I fell for the "friend" price. Anyway, he really wanted a 5speed TDI. Found this sedan. Not long after he had to replace...
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    328d xDrive wagon reviews

    I have a B4V and a 2008 GMC duramax, so I like diesels. Have been looking at the 328d wagon, because they look really nice! but, I can't find reviews and wondering why they depreciate so much from the new sticker price. And why would someone buy new only to trade it in when it has less than...
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    Tachometer went in the red just yesterday , and I was like... Wth!! so, I turned the engine off and re-started-while driving down an incline, restarted and same! so accelerated to check out why the gauge was in the red. State trooper was at the right place at my wrong timing!! So, why is my...
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    Anybody buy from this site? ? Was about to... but searched them out on Google and the club --and now I am skeptical they have parts that are true oem or junk or used or I don't know what. Confused.
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    What is my B4 doing to me!

    What did my "trusted" mechanic do to me!! I have read what I could find on water on the floor- back passengers. 6 months ago I had the blend door fixed, noticed water dipping from the drain. Kept my eye on it and fixed it with other material other than VW parts. Checked the sunroof drains, by...
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    Headlight switch

    [/url][/IMG] Okay. Been searching for fog light connections here, and they are scattered about. This headlight switch has a separate connection for fogs, since it is prewired at the fogs is there a wire under the dash for this? I know I am behind the times and you all have done this already.
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    Not my car, B4v not running Can't believe this guy is asking $2350! Not really tempted but if I had spare land + a garage, and the car was below $1000... then maybe.
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    CL B4v Just in case there is any interest on resurrecting this B4V. Parked @ $800
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    Nice Cars B4v Been on ebay. Boy do they make these cars look sweet + big $.
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    I hate to post this...ALH or 1z

    Again I am deciding on cars! Which TDI would you keep? you can guess which one I am partial to as I am asking my B4 people! Currently have 4 vehicles- 2 wagons shown in my signature, a Taco (for work/ 4x4 back up) , and a Honda van (for my many people). My good woman (wife) well, she is not...
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    Parts? Just in case some one is interested- Used 1996 Volkswagen Passat GLS Sedan Do not know the dealer/seller. Not sure if this is worth buying for parts -- seats, tires, wheels, interior...
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    Really like my B4v and the "other wagon" I get bothered when people say "nice looking Subaru" WHAT!
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    B4v- not my car Don't search much, but found this and thought somebody might be interested.
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    Poor guy

    Not my car. But the poor guy has troubles! Most like took to a wrong mechanic!
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    5th injector

    Greetings fellow B4 hobbyists! I know this has been discussed before, but how important is the 5th fuel injector removal? My trusted mechanic did not think it was necessary. After searching the forum it seems a good idea.
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    96 gasser wagon Didn't know if anybody would be interested in this Passat wagon on ebay, for parts. I would if I had a garage and not 4 cars already. Only 1/2 hour left- around $900.
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    old verses new

    Okay my fellow lover of TDI, people. Some more than me. Just wanted to know if it was just me. I am just pleased as anything (would say hell but that would not be pleasing) to have my B4v 1z. My wife is not pleased with driving my ex wagon- "03" and the Honda van. She wants the new Jetta...
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    Curious as to whether it is a good idea to have full coverage for my 03 and 96 wagons? been pondering.
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    Too many!

    Another car added to my parking area in a little town in VA. My son did buy a 1999.5 jetta sedan from PA! yes another road trip to PA!! But he is happy and I hope that it last's for him! We now have 3 TDI's, a wannabe TDI Tacoma and the family van...wish it was a diesel!
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    Looking @ 96' Passat wagon

    I found a 96' green wagon with the typical issues- door latch @ passenger not working, paint fading, AC does not work, and there is no proof of the timing belt being done. He can't find that info. The owner was the original owner. The price is $3500 as is. My question is: IS IT WORTH IT? or...