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    jump start (boost) question

    Anything special I should know about boosting my TDI? (2003). The battery is was changed in Dec 2007 and the car has 65KKm. Couldn't get it to start this morning and tried again at 11h00 and failed. The battery deffinitively dosen't have enough power. PS: I did a search but too many result with...
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    Feeler: How much could I get 2003 Golf TDI 62K

    Hi, My bro wants to buy my car. I was tempted to sell it since I don't use it "enough". I also started to work less than 5Km from my house. Therefor, I either walk or take the car on rainy days. I feel guilty taking it for such small drives. On cold morning, it barely gets to operating...
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    Need tire suggestions

    I have a 2003 Golf TDI. I have a set of 15" OEM mags for summer. The current 4 seasons tires monted on the wheel are crap (GY Allegra) and they also aren't the propore weight rate (89 instead of 91). I'm looking for higher end 4 seasons tires, 195/65R15 91. What would TDICLUB recommend? I...
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    Battery for Mk4

    Hello, My Golf has been getting harder and harder to start in cold weather. I'm 100% sure its the battery that's not giving all the just that should be given. On very cold days, the glow plug will be on for ever and then the starter will feel like its turning in cold molasse. I don't use my...
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    Additifs a Gatineau?

    Présentement, j'ai une grosse bouteille de 2L de Howe's Diesel Treat. Il en reste pas gros dedans et je commence à m'inquieter. J'ai été dans une couple de magasins pour essayer de trouver des additifs à diesel (PowerService, Stanadyne, etc) et j'ai rien trouver. Il n'y a aucun truck stop dans...
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    How do you lift for service your MK4?

    When I did my oil change I started lifting it by the side, the little metalling part under the rocker panel... but it bented... This may sound stupid for a question but I would like to have the correct answer.
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    Petro-Canada wants me as a customer

    I usually don't fill up there... Except on Jan 24 2004. I was going to a freinds house and it was exceptionnally cold. Temperature were arround -29C at noon... Knowing I wouldn't leave my buddy's place before 2 AM, I tought it would be smart to fill up the tank before parking it in the ice cold...
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    How does multi fuel fonction???

    These babies have multi fuel capacity. I always wondered how it works? How can you make run a engine on gas when its designed to ignite Diesel by compression? I was talking to my dad about this because I was remembering that back in 98 (during Québec's big ice storm), he came back home with...
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    Oil Change procedure

    I will be reaching 8000Km soon and will need to change my oil. I'll go the drain plug method. All tough I was wondering about the cartridge type oil filter... Is there anything special required to do? Or, you just take off the cap, pull out the old cartridge, put back a new one and screw the cap...
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    Is Esso's Diesel anygood?

    Is Esso\'s Diesel anygood? As the title stipulate... Is the fuel at Esso stations any good? Cheers!
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    Petro-Canada Diesel additive

    I put some Petro Canada Diesel yesterday. I have some Howe Diesel treat at home that I put in my tank... But my 2L bottle is half-empty/half-full (depending on how you see things) so I'll be running out of that eventually. Now when I went to paying, I found some Petro-Canada diesel additive in...
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    Your toughts on Howes Diesel treat?

    A buddy of mine gave me, for free 2x 2L bottle of that stuff. He's a mechanic in a truck center in Ottawa. How good's that stuff? Cheers!
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    Oil change procedure question

    Hi, I have a few question regarding the oil change procedure. Question 1: What is the drain bolt size for a 2003 Golf TDI? I want to buy one of these easy drain tube from Fram. (Is it good?) Question 2: Regard the oil filter. I'm not really familiar with that cartrige filter thing. Does anyone...
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    FS: 1997 VW Jetta Turbo Diesel

    Hi, I'm selling my car. More info at I'm in Canada, right accross the river from Ottawa. Cheers!
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    FS: 1997 Jetta GL Turbo Diesel

    10500$ Canadian. (Local) I also have 1997 GTI seats for an additional 500$. (Local) The mags and tires are sold. I'm in the Ottawa region. The car has 144 XXX KM. The safety done on 2002/07 is still valid (Québec). More info and pics @ Cheers!
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    VW 1,9TD (AAZ) Crank bolt/pulley

    I've lots of rumors about troubles with this particular part of that engine. Does anybody have more detailed informations about this problem? Cheers!
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    Howes Lubricator

    How is Howes Lubricator fuel conditionner? A buddy of mine who's a mechanic for a big trucking centre gave me 2 1,9L bottle free. It looks weird... and unlike the Valvoline Diesel Additive I've put in before its less "solvant". Anyways, here's...
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    Biodiesel and Fuel Corp in Canada...

    This is mainly aimed for the Canadians member of this forums, but none the less... After sending an e-mail to Petro-Canada inquiring them about if they will provide their customers with a "Premium Diesel" and if they have plan in the near future to offer Biodiesel to their customers and other...
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    BioDiesel in Canada?

    Where can I get some of this stuff? (I'm near Ottawa). I've been looking for a while for this stuff and I can't find some anywhere. Cheers, Matt
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    Really low fuel millage in a TD

    Recently, I noticed my fuel economy dropped drasticly. Since I bought the car in july, I averaged arround 6,5L/100Km (70% city, 30% highway) by using Shell Ultra Diesel. Now the other day I filled up at Petro Canada. Sunday night I refilled at Sunoco (cheap stuff) and add 33,6L for 460Km...