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  1. Braga_Dub

    Install Coilovers around Ft Lauderdale?

    Hey, I'm replacing my coils and I'm not allowed to do anything to the car where I live. So I can't do them myself :( Does anyone know where I could go to get them done?
  2. Braga_Dub

    Is my timing okay?

    Hey, I checked my timing today after driving around for a good 20 minutes or so. I turned off all electronics that I can from inside the cabin. This was the outcome: Is this something I should go about "fixing"? ALH, RC4, VNT17, stock IP w/ hammer mod (5spd), fuel cooler, PD fuel sender...
  3. Braga_Dub

    FS: MK4 Stuff + Parts on my car perhaps... (NoVA)

    While I'd prefer to sell local (NoVA -DMV), I'll consider shipping small stuff. I'll consider selling almost anything off my car too. I just ask for reasonable non-low-ball offer(s)... Photos of the car... Unless something says: "used", just assume it's new. Dogbone is sold... I...
  4. Braga_Dub

    Is this normal actuator behavior? (overboost inside)

    Short story: When I start my car, the VNT lever moves about 1/2 way down from it's "no boost" position. I noticed this after trying to fix an overboost issue. Is this normal? Long story: - Overboosting like a maniac under normal driving. - VNT lever did not travel very much. - Replaced vacuum...
  5. Braga_Dub

    Silver Jetta, MD Tags, OEM HID's, Bora Tails, Lowered, Siedl Grill...

    Hey! Friend spotted you today in VA. He was in the Platinum Grey GLI w/ RSs.
  6. Braga_Dub

    Does anything stand out in these graphs?

    I have been seeing limp mode somewhat regularly. My boost gauge indicates 30+psi when I am at or near WOT 9/10 times. The code it shoots when it goes limp: Code: 17965 - Charge Pressure Control: Positive Deviation P1557 - 35-00 - - The boost came from Measuring Block 11 and the MAF...
  7. Braga_Dub

    Car has quite a few voltage related codes... Help?

    I was driving back home when my battery light turned on, and within a few seconds my instrument cluster died and my airbag light turned on. The car still ran and the cluster eventually worked again a few feet away from the house. Of course, the airbag and battery light never went away. The...
  8. Braga_Dub

    FixxFest! One Week Away!

    Hope to see many of you there! :D
  9. Braga_Dub

    What could of caused this turbo failure?

    Edit: This turbo failed because it seized. GF's 05' BEW with just over 50K miles just blew up its second turbo. Last time (just over 15K miles) we had obvious signs that the turbo was about to **** a brick, and the dealer (and a trusty tech I know) took care of it. This time however: She was...
  10. Braga_Dub

    Anyone going to FixxFest? It is on October 18th. Would be fun to go with a TDI pack. Past TDI experiences have been great, with a relaxed cruise to shows.
  11. Braga_Dub

    Got another oil analysis!

    Elf Excellium DID 5w40 w/ whatever filter Impex sent me @ 8,000 miles At 5K I had sent a sample and they told me to keep going, so I did. I changed it at 8K and sent a sample. I ran the car hard on the way back from school, sucked out a sample with the tube/pump from Blackstone right away, and...
  12. Braga_Dub

    Anyone up for a South FL GTG one of these days?

    Im thinking it would be fun to meet up at a restaurant or bar in a nice area. Talk for a bit outside, go inside to eat/drink, and then head out? Anyone up for it?
  13. Braga_Dub

    Video: TDI with no muffler! That is when I had just a chip and a mufflerectomy. :D Enjoy! Hopefully this helps out when people search for sound clips.
  14. Braga_Dub

    South Florida. Where do you recycle your oil?

    Oil change coming up soon, and I am not find a place in the nearby area that takes used motor oil. Where do you guys go? Im in Hollywood, but more specificly, Miramar. Thank You :D
  15. Braga_Dub

    Changed fuel filter, one question...

    Hello! I just changed the fuel filter after going about 20-25K miles. Sort of slacked off on filter maintenance :( I had a question... I key cycled a few times to prime the filter (I have a lift pump) and turned the car on. It cranked perfectly, and ran fine for about 5 seconds, then the RPM...
  16. Braga_Dub

    Replace Drive-By-Wire?

    Is there a way to replace this with something less electronic?
  17. Braga_Dub

    Got back my oil report from Blackstone!

    I don't think I have seen an OA on a car with a bunch of modifications, so I was wondering how much of an impact they would really have on our oil. The oil was "Elf Excellium 5W40" the filter was whatever Impex sent me with the jug of oil. So here it is: Looks like everything is perfectly...
  18. Braga_Dub

    Cheap way to draw oil out of car for OA?

    I got my kit in the mail, and I just want to know what I can use? I have a Pela, but I dont know if it would contaminate anything since its also used on the GF's car. Or would it be okay? Is so, do I just get some from the container or try my best to get some from the tube?
  19. Braga_Dub

    GF's Beetle "jumps idle" when stopped sometimes.

    She has a 2005 Beetle TDI with the PD100 motor. Its a 5 speed manual transmission. About 51K miles and all the maintenance is up to date, and done by moi, so it gets all the proper goodies and proper care. Recently it began to jump the idle. Its always when the engine is warm, we have yet to...
  20. Braga_Dub

    Oil Anti-Drainback Valve?

    Did I miss something? None of my filters seem to have that orange thingie in the middle. Is this something ALH's don't use? Especially since the rod that goes through the filter sticks out on the other side. Just confused... I get my oil change kits from impex if that matters.