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  1. czar

    Used set of VW Touareg Rubber Mats

    I have a set of OEM VW rubber mats (set of 4) I had in my '09 Touareg. $40 takes them. They are located in Madison, CT (06443). Here they are on VW's Driver's Grear site.
  2. czar

    2004+ Touareg Cargo Shell

    Sells for $320 - looking to sell my used one. In great shape. Used for less than a year. It's ready to get picked up in Madison, CT (06443) or I can ship. $125 takes it. I also have mats up for sale, too.
  3. czar

    17" Touareg winter wheel and tire package $550 (Amenia, NY)

    Had these Kumhos on my '09 Treg TDI - used one season (09/10) and put less than 5k miles on them. They are mounted and balanced on VW rims with plenty of tread left. I'm selling because we no longer have our Treg. Overall, rims are in good shape - not show winners but perfect for the winter...
  4. czar

    Off to the dealer grinding noise, hesitation, bucking

    My wife noticed hesitation and bucking, so I took a look. Sure enough, there's a grinding noise coming from underneath - you actually cannot hear it when inside the car, a testament to the sound deadening. No warning lights, nothing. Car hesitates when shifting, bucks. Thought it was the...
  5. czar

    What are people paying?

    Just curious to find out what people are paying for these. Just bought a new Touareg for $45700 with lux and tech pkgs. We didn't look too seriously at the Q7 because of the price difference, but I thought it would be interesting to find out what people are paying.
  6. czar

    2009 tax credit on turbo tax

    Already started my '09 taxes using turbo tax. They list the 2010 Treg as eligible but not the '09. The IRS site clearly lists it:,,id=214284,00.html For now I'll leave it as a 2010 model but thought that was interesting.
  7. czar

    16" Snow tire and wheel package

    For sale is a set of 4 steelies with Blizzak Revos. I bought these for my '05.5 Jetta TDI and only used them one season. I don't think I put more than 5k on them. Still plenty of tread left as you can see in the pictures. They were mounted and balanced on my original steel wheels by a local...
  8. czar

    Closing rear hatch with remote

    Does anyone know if you can change the settings to allow the key fob/remote to close the rear hatch?
  9. czar


    Can anyone tell me whether wheels from an '05 would fit on an '09?
  10. czar

    BD in Treg

    I posted this in the alt fuel forum, but no responses. I've used BD for years, and I have a few local suppliers, one who sells B20 year round and another who sells B20 until winter when they switch to B5. I can also get B100 from my family as they produce it from WVO on a system my...
  11. czar

    Free: N75 out of '03 Beetle

    I have an extra N75 valve out of an '03 Beetle. Not sure if it's good or not, so I'll drop it in the mail for free to first person who wants it.
  12. czar

    Small BD blend in '09 TDI Touareg

    I've run BD blends ranging from B100-B5 depending on model year and temperature. I am aware of risks and benefits. I am wondering if there are engine differences between the V6 in my Touareg and the engine that was in my JSW that would have a direct impact on making a decision regarding putting...
  13. czar

    Good price?

    I've been offered a price of $45,800 on a fully loaded white '09 (lux and tech pkgs.) TDI. It's the white one many of the dealers received. Is that a good price?
  14. czar

    2009 JSW for sale $23,000

    We're trying to get into a new Touareg now that we have another baby coming and we need 4WD. I've gotten a fair quote on a trade in, so I'm posting this at $23,000. It's got just under 18,000 miles and just had the 20k service done last week. Overall, it's in very nice shape. My wife and I...
  15. czar

    FS: Amazing 2000 Golf GLS TDI

    Post eBay buyer no-show price drop to $3800 FIRM Price drop to $3,800! First $3,800 takes it. Firm! This is a great deal. I bought this 4 door Golf TDI used at the end of July 2008 off Fred's. We wanted 4 doors since we had a new baby on the way, and the car and baby arrived on the...
  16. czar

    Info on used cars

    If you're looking at a used car and pm me the vin (and if I have the time!), I might be able to get you some information on it.
  17. czar

    '03 Beetle GLS TDI 5 speed

    Now that I've sold my car, my wife's is ready to get put up for sale. I looked around for almost 6 months to find this for her - she wanted a GLS for the sunroof, and also requested a 5 speed and one of three different colors (this was her top choice). The car had almost 62,000 when we got it...
  18. czar

    2005.5 Jetta TDI 5 speed Pkg. 0

    ø EDIT - Sold to someone outside of TDI Club ø Hi everyone, With a baby less than 8 days away, I'm going to be selling my '05.5 Jetta and my wife's '03 Beetle TDI. We've ordered a Sportwagen and we're going to pick up an older TDI for around town so we no longer have 2 car payments. Both...
  19. czar

    49.55 MPG on last tank in '05.5 PD

    Although I thought I broke the 50 MPG mark, some quick math told me I was just shy. Using pen and paper calculations, I got 49.55 on my last tank, using B50. That is my best tank ever. I've recently been averaging b/w 46-48 except for my last road trip, where I averaged 41. This is for an...
  20. czar

    Recommendations on home testing kits

    Looking for an inexpensive home testing kit - I originally ordered a pHLip test kit last week, but my order never got placed and I have not heard from the company. Today, I also found the BioPro test kit from Utah Biodiesel. Does anyone have recommendations on home test kits? Thanks!