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    passat gone, up in flames

    so this past Sunday i was down in the everglades doing some armature photography and letting my pit-bull mix blow off some steam and run around off leash. so the short story is i was heading north on sr 29 because it was faster to I-75 than staying on US-41, well i was about half way between...

    florida cold

    so i'm happy to report that for the first time since owning this car that i had to use the heat this morning (brisk 30°). the heater worked perfect, in fact it got to hot..:D

    DSG question

    so i'v been doing the uber thing for a few months and the one thing i find very annoying is how low the rpm's go, for instance i'll be cruising at 36-40 mph and the tach says 1100 rpm try and give it some gas and there is a wicked lag, so my question is there a tuner that will allow the dsg to...

    lol addblu

    so i finally get around to doing the 60k service on my 13 sel tdi and when i go to fill up the adblue it's only down about a 1/4 inch below the filler cap, so that means in 11505 miles i used about 2 teaspoons of add blu. yes i am the only driver and i'm the only one that has access to my car...

    keyless not activated (13 passat SEL)

    long story short car was in the body shop because i got backed into. well yesterday when i was driving home from the shop i got the message keyless not activated i was not sure what it meant. stopped and did some shopping and when i went to get in the car it would not unlock by touching the...

    V6 Passat

    why are these cars so hard to locate/find. i would buy a low milage one in a heartbeat.

    wondering if anyone received their cash settlement

    like the title states have any of you received your cash settlement yet, or when do you expect to receive it

    SMURFING mad

    so thursday i had the 40K service done, today i go to head to the range open the trunk and find this mess... im pissed.

    GPS issues

    all of a sudden my gps won't find any address, i type in an address and i get a message saying address not in use (wth) address in memory work fine but if i type in a new destination nothing just that message. any ideas.

    sarasota FL- boiling springs SC

    googley earth says 635 miles, meh drop in the bucket, hoping to make it on 1 tank of fuel,,,, if i can keep my foot out of it. :D

    dead battery in 5 minutes

    went to get fuel for the 13 tdi sel filled up and battery was dead, got a jump all seems fine now,, in my entire life i have never seen a battery go dead with no tell tail signs, no slow cranking no warning lights,nothing. now the big question can a DSG trans be pushed started ?

    2 questions

    1st question is there a way to zoom in on the map ( no owners manual ) 2nd question, can paddle shifters be added to the steering column.

    Fuse box

    1- I SEARCHED 2- NO OWNERS MANUAL. could one of you point out where the fuse box is located and what termal is HOT ignition on. i need to get my dash cam up and running. thanks, stephan.:)

    Cell phone mount.

    i-phone 6+ to big to fit in any of the cubbies and i dont want in the glove box, transplanted this from my go-fast mustang, i think it looks wicked pissa. the bend-o-flex arm lets you move it to any position you like.