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    Grand Cherokee CRD please!

    I'm seriously considering purchasing an 07 Grand Cherokee CRD. Before I make the leap, I would like to know your experiences with this machine..good and bad. I was originally going to get a Toureg 10cylinder TDI but the horror stories about tires wearing in 10-12k miles, brakes wearing...
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    09 Jsw Tdi $35,000

    Not my ad, feel free to bombard the seller with emails letting him know how greedy he is :D
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    If a windfall profits tax is approved when would we see oil price reductions?

    I'm curious, if Obama and his colleagues enact a windfall profits tax on the greedy oil companies, how soon after this tax is enacted will I see a noticeable decrease of fuel prices at the pump? The high cost of gas and diesel is killing me personally on my income and I'm not against punishing...
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    Genuine A5 Euroswitch in perfect condition $20 shipped

    Genuine A5 Euroswitch in perfect condition $45 shipped One lightly used, perfectly functional euroswitch for an A5 Jetta. $45.00 shipped buys it. A new one is $68.00 plus shipping from
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    Provent CCV with 47,000 miles of use for sale. Reason for selling: TDI is sold. Includes custom bracket that took a talented machinest -and TDI guru-many hours to fabricate. I know he only made two of these brackets. Here is $175 shipped will get you (everything CCV related in the pictures...
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    FS 2006 TDI Jetta Package 1 5speed

    Located in San Antonio, TX Just put 4,000 miles of highway on her so you can be rest assured that she is a reliable vehicle. My best fuel economy on the many legs of my trip was 49.47mpg with cruise set at 65. Worst fuel economy was with a headwind and two bikes on a trunk mounted bike rake...
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    All time low!

    I consistently get 43mpg in winter and 45 mpg in summer with 75-80 speed during my daily commute. Today: 1000 miles into my 1500 trip to Florida from Colorado. I have gotten only 31mpg! This is my first foray into anything below 40mpg.:eek: I do have two mountain bikes on a bike rack but...
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    2006 Jetta TDI Package 1 $20,500

    2006 Jetta TDI Thanks for all the interest in my ad.
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    Subframe Bolts....Torque to Yield Bolts?

    I have a weird clunk sound that occurs when I release the accelerator pedal. The dealership service writer said the subframe bolts were loose and the service tech retorqued them. I would like to know if these bolts are stretch bolts meaning they cannot be retorqued and need to be replaced...
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    Funny bumper sticker on diesel truck

    I saw a hilarious bumper sticker on a Cummins powered dually truck yesterday and gotta share it with you. It said "My lugnuts have more torque than your rice burner".
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    PD Vag-Com available in Colorado Springs area

    I have a Vag-Com that only works for PD engines available for use in Colorado Springs area. I'm not charging for its use but won't decline donations in the form of diet coke :-)
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    1980 International Scout 3.3L Nissan Diesel

    Saw a nice looking Scout at the diesel station this evening. It had a Mercedes Benz turbocharger with a 3 inch exhaust and power brakes as non-OEM mods. The owner, Jim W, said it had 270,000 miles and ran like new-he limits boost to 6 psi though the turbo can easily give twice that sustained. He...
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    Zerostart 8000 series Install 06 TDI

    I just finished installing a 1500 watt zerostart 8000 series install in my 5 speed TDI. The install was fairly simple and did not require any special shaped hoses. Pictures of my install will follow shortly. Here are the parts that I used: 8000 Series Zerostart heater from JC Whitney $53.99...
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    TDI heater install experience 06 TDI DSG

    Just wanted to give a plug to Terry for a very well designed product. I installed a frostheater into an 06 DSG for a fellow TDI member this morning and was pleased by the experience. I definitely recommend the frostheater kit to someone whose time is limited and doesn't mind spending a very...
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    A5 Provent Install w/ Picture Goodness

    Just finished installing a provent CCV in an 06 Jetta-may or not be mine depending if you are the VW dealer who read this post (for obvious warranty purposes ;-) Thanks for the tip on how to upload photos. A special thanks to the TDI guru who fabricated the bracket for my install.
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    Zero Start Heater in A3?

    Anybody install a zerostart heater in their A3? If so, how was the install. Is there a similar oil cooler heater setup as on the A4 and A5 TDIs? Where did you install it? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    2 Stroke Engine Tuner Recommendation Sought

    Hi, I finally got my wife to agree to go mountain biking with me. However, it required me to install a 80cc 2 stroke engine on her bike ( I occasionally play with her bike when she isn't using it and am in desperate need of more performance. It only has a 6:1...
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    New Biodiesel Source: Unlimited Source of US Energy

    Moderator please delete post, this is a repeat. Sorry.
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    1971 Mercedes Hanomag Henshel F25 campervan (DIESEL)

    Look at what I ran across on Craigslist today: I am not affiliated in anyway with the seller, just passing this along for fellow diesel afficionidos. 1971 Mercedes Hanomag Henshel F25 campervan. She has a 2.2l Dieses front wheel drive motor...
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    2005 TDI Wagon on Craigslist (crazy asking $$) I wish it were mine....wonder if there will be a frenzy at this high asking price. Looks like a Passat from the pics.