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  1. Mikkijayne

    3.0 TDI - differences between BKN and ASB?

    Hi all, I'm picking up an A4 B7 3.0TDI with a blown tiptronic next week as a donor car for something. It has the 201hp BKN engine rather than the 229hp ASB I was expecting. What is puzzling me is what the difference is between the two engines? As far as I can tell from Etka, they have the...
  2. Mikkijayne

    FS: 11mm pump 038130107J £250 GBP

    Hi all, selling my spare OE 11mm injection pump 038130107J. A good used pump from a mk4 Golf auto with original 10-pin connector. Price includes shipping within the UK, but happy to ship worldwide at cost. £250 GBP Any questions please ask :)
  3. Mikkijayne

    Feeler - anyone interested in a B5 TDI swap?

    Hi all, I have in the shop a 2000 B5 Passat with an AJM PD115 engine, running and driving but in need of a new DMF. As you may have read in the performance forum, I was contemplating a swap in to my AFN A4, but since I have easy access to AWX engines there is no point so I'm getting rid of it...
  4. Mikkijayne

    Is an AJM worth bothering with?

    Hi all, I've acquired a B5 Passat from a friend as an engine donor which I was told was a PD130 but turns out to be an AJM - PD115 :mad: The plan was to stick it in my A4q with a decent turbo and FMIC, and tune it up as far as the stock injectors would go (hoping for >200hp), but now I'm not...
  5. Mikkijayne

    A4 AFN very slow to warm up

    Hi all, Background: I have two A4s and an A6 all with AFN engines. The two A4s are identical - same year, same spec, same ecu, standard 110hp engine. The A6 is tuned to >200hp with bigger everything. EGR is disconnected on all of them. They are all timed in-spec with VCDS. The A6 and one of...
  6. Mikkijayne

    Fs: Gtc1549vz

    Hi all, For sale due to change of plans: Garrett GTC1549VZ from an Audi A4 CR 170. Includes the compressor outlet adapter piece. Asking 300 GBP shipped to Europe or North America :)
  7. Mikkijayne

    For all you naysayers of K&N filters...

    I present to you a page from the service manual of the VW marine TDI range: :p
  8. Mikkijayne

    Real or not?

    Hi guys, R520s for £210 / $320 - real or not? The seller is 'santerchips': Thanks :)
  9. Mikkijayne

    Excessive fuel consumption from 11mm pump

    Hi All, I recently swapped an 11mm pump on to my AFN and its had a catastrophic effect on the fuel consumption :( I've got .216 T4 nozzles and a 2052V turbo, but the engine is otherwise stock - not chipped. The pump has transformed the car - much more grunt across the range, more driveable at...
  10. Mikkijayne

    Swapped IP, now won't start

    Hi all, Looking for some advice please! I just swapped out the AHU pump on my AFN A6 for the proper AFN one and now it won't start :( I bled the replacement pump with a vacuum on the fuel return, I have fuel at the injectors if I crack the unions, I'm getting fuel vapour from the exhaust, and...
  11. Mikkijayne

    Are all 10mm pumps equal? (AHU vs AFN)

    Hi all, As some of you know I've transplanted an AFN in to my A6, and it has a few oddities that I've been puzzling over, like IQ is a bit odd, and Evry doesn't work at all, throwing a code whatever its set to. This got me wondering - I have an AHU pump and injectors on this engine with Zexel...
  12. Mikkijayne

    Crankcase breather in to the exhaust?

    Hi all, Just about to build the downpipe for my A6 1.9 conversion and I'm wondering whether to feed the crankcase breather in to the downpipe so I don't have to run a catch tank? I'd rather burn it off in the exhaust than just dump to the floor, so this seems like the ideal solution, but I have...
  13. Mikkijayne

    Can't prime the IP after engine swap

    Hi all, As some of you know I've swapped an AFN into my A6, but I can't get the IP to prime :( I've tried pulling fuel up to the filter, filling the pump at the inlet and even running it from a fuel can thats higher than the pump and nothing. All four injector unions are loosened and there...
  14. Mikkijayne

    What sort of EDC do I have?

    Hi all, This is a shot of the ECU I have in my A6: Its from a 2000 Passat AFN which Google suggests has EDC15V+. Is this right? :confused: The reason I ask is that I was expecting the VIN to show in the 'extra' field so it could be coded to the immobilizer. Also a tool that claims to be...
  15. Mikkijayne

    What MAP sensor does an AKE have?

    Hi guys, I have a 2.5 bar MAP sensor on my AFN at the moment, but I also have the sensor from an AKE V6 TDI spare. Does anyone know what pressure that can read please? The AFN sensor is the stock 038 906 051 part (Bosch 0 281 002 177). The AKE is 059 906 051 (Bosch 0 281 002 326). I know the...
  16. Mikkijayne

    Help me identify an engine please!

    Hi all, I have found an engine in the junk yard but I can't find the number on it and the yard don't know what car it came out of :rolleyes: It looks like an ALH with the aluminium cam cover and new-style block, exactly like this: What I don't know is are there any other engines that look...
  17. Mikkijayne

    Whats the most I can get from a stock AHU pump?

    Hi all, I've built up an AHU-based motor for my A6 (to replace the hateful 2.5 V6) and having been reading loads of different posts with loads of different answers I really have no idea what to expect from it :confused: The spec is: AFN bottom end AHU head, injectors & pump (manual) .216...
  18. Mikkijayne

    Is a VNT2503 any good? (for a 2.5 V6 TDI)

    Hi guys, me again :) I've just found a VNT2503 for a good price, and I'm wondering if that would be any good on my 2.5 TDI? Whats the difference between the VNTxxxx turbos and GTxxxxV turbos? I currently have a GT2052V. Thanks, Mikki x
  19. Mikkijayne

    2.5 V6 TDI injector nozzles - Cummins?

    Hi all, So, there are loads of threads about nozzles for the V6 TDIs, but none of them have any actual sources in them :( I believe its possible to use the nozzles from the 24V Cummins engines, which are very easy to source from the US. Can anyone confirm this please? These are the ones...
  20. Mikkijayne

    Help with 2.5 V6 TDI - headgasket gone!

    Hi everyone, Is anyone familiar with the 2.5 V6 TDI AKE engine found in the 2001 A6 please? Mine has developed a serious thirst for coolant, and there are no external leaks so I'm pretty sure a headgasket has gone :( Unfortunately I can find very little documentation for it, and I've never...