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  1. Rig

    Machined/cast turbo inlet pipe - gauging interest

    Gauging interest for a machined part: Turbo Inlet Pipe - Part# 1h0-129-654 Best pictures of it are here: The plastic flange is a common part to break and disconnect fron the turbo, causing your car to feel like driving a Walmart scooter. I think mine...
  2. Rig

    WTB Turbo inlet hose part# ZSB 1H0 129 654

    Looking for this hose here: It's for my 1.9 mk3/a2/AHU 98 Jetta TDI Otherwise, need to fabricate something. Any help appreciated thanks.
  3. Rig

    VCDS timing graph won't plot

    Trying to make sure my timing is spot on because I've been experiencing reduced mileage, smoke, and hard starts. Plugged the VCDS in at operating temp and went to the timing graph for my car. At the bottom of the screen the value flickers between 0 and 255 and says "too advanced to plot" and...
  4. Rig

    What fuse(s) are these?

    What is this fuse(s) for and do I need the other fuse to the right of the 20amp one? If so what amp rating is it?
  5. Rig

    Refill or replace leaky DSG?

    My 2006 Jetta has some leaks in the DSG causing it to have low pressure. Obviously, it needs refilled. My daughter took it onto the dealer for service, but they refused to refill it, giving her instead a recommendation for replacement and sent her back onto the road for a 120 mile trip home with...
  6. Rig

    Wheel, suspension, and brake overhaul

    Hi there, been lurking on here for years and have appreciated all the great info. I did some searching and haven't found anything pertaining to my specific application, so decided to ask. Recently, my wife and I purchased some bare property down a long washboard dirt road and I have come to the...
  7. Rig

    AC and external thermometer not working

    I was happily driving with a nicely working air conditioner in my 2006 Jetta when I noticed that the external temperature sensor stopped working and just read " ----". Shortly afterward, the AC stopped cooling the air. I've looked at all the fuses identified in the manual as being related to...
  8. Rig

    Serpentine belt/tensioner clatter

    In my 2006 jetta, I'm getting a very loud tensioner clatter when I'm at a stop sign in Drive with my foot on the brake (DSG transmission). I've tried to pinpoint the noise with a stethoscope, and it seems to be coming from underneath the tensioner wheel. When I park the car with the parking...
  9. Rig

    DSG final drive grunting noise

    My 2006 Jetta TDI has had (since about 40K miles) little intermittent grunting noises you can hear at idle, especially when you are under the car. The sound is coming from the final drive area between the transmission and the engine. I have had the DSG and the final drive serviced, with no dirt...
  10. Rig

    Replacement Batteries?

    I am about to buy another new battery. The one in there is from the dealer in 2010. It cannot produce more than 11.9 volts, and has never been a good performer. This OEM battery also acts in cold weather like a deep cycle battery, rather than an auto battery--low cranking amps. By "cold", I...
  11. Rig

    2006 Jetta Immobilizer Malfunction

    It has been cold here, and the battery got too low to start the engine a week ago; so I had to jump it and then do some charging overnight. It has been starting and running very nicely since then, but today it finally warmed up enough to melt all the frost, and the immobilizer is activated. I...
  12. Rig

    98 Jetta no fuel at injectors

    Our 98 Jetta had a battery go dead. We charged it all night, used a charger/booster, jumped it with another vehicle, and still couldn't get it to turn over because the battery was shot. We were worried last night that the electrical surges might be bad for the electrical components. So we got a...
  13. Rig

    Did my 98 Jetta come with keyless remote?

    I got my car with only ONE key, and it was a valet key. I had a new master key made for $15 at the original VW dealer (far away in Florida). They had all the records on their computer, but VW keeps those records to themselves, much to my frustration. I'm wondering now if my car had a keyless...
  14. Rig

    Fixing 00750 Instr Cluster (J285) in 98 Jetta

    I have a warning light fault code 00750, which is an Instrument cluster fault, and it won't ever clear. I haven't noticed any warning light stop functioning, and I guess I'm saying it doesn't bother me--yet. But I would like to fix this. I do not want to get into messing around with the...
  15. Rig

    Manuals for 1998 Jetta?

    I just bought two manuals, a Hayes and a Chilton, for models up to 1999. I have a 1998, but very little in either manual pertain to my car. The 1.9 liter TDI engine pictures are completely off, and none of the body parts look like my car. So what's up? With help from this forum and...
  16. Rig

    Vacuum line tools?

    I tried to replace some vacuum lines and found that the fittings are very brittle. I broke one with my fingers, trying to get the hose apart. Are there any special tools for working with these hoses and fittings?
  17. Rig

    Water kills engine!

    I have known for some time that when water gets onto some sensor connection on my 2006 Jetta engine that the engine will sputter and die. We had our first good rain the other day, and my engine cut out on me. I opened the hood to see if I could see any wet connections, but the connections...
  18. Rig

    Looking for 2006 Jetta service manuals

    I'm hoping to find a good service manual for my 2006 Jetta TDI. The auto parts store doesn't list one. I'm also wondering which Hayes manual is right for the 98 Jetta TDI.
  19. Rig

    New thermostat, followed by squeal/no acceleration

    Our 98 Jetta makes a squealing noise when the accelerator is pushed in gears 2 and up, and a drop in power. Perhaps limp mode, but no warning lights. This problem started immediately after we replaced the stuck coolant thermostat. I mean right out of the garage. Does this ring any bells...
  20. Rig

    98 Jetta TDI power loss

    What are the most common reasons for power loss when accelerating? This problem just started in a 98 Jetta with the TDI. The engine has 120,000 miles and has been getting 54 mpg on the highway, with plenty of power.