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    Most Aero Roof Rack?

    Our company recently bought an 06 jetta for site visits (we sell PV systems). We need the jetta to haul a ladder frequently. The ladder needs to reach at least 25', so storing it inside is not a good option. I'm looking for a rack with the least amount of drag. I might try and make a bag to...
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    99.5 ALH ECU w/upII

    80 pin ecu fits 99 and some 2000 golf, jetta, beetle. Includes Upsolute II programming to optimize larger injectors. Stock programming also included. $300-.
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    B20 in Bozeman Finally!

    Ok in Belgrade. Just off 190. Pacific Pride has a machine that accepts any credit card for B20!
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    cold idle surging

    When I first start my alh tdi it runs smoothly for 3-5 seconds, then it starts surging, cycling maybe 400rpm. If I apply any thottle at all it evens out, and it evens out on its own after a minute or a little driving. Any ideas?
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    Check out the new discussion!

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    Anyone recieve this bs?

    I was referred to you by a local VOLKSWAGEN parts dealer. The reason for my email is to let you know about an innovative new system for buying and selling cars in your area. If you are interested in possibly buying a car/truck or selling your 1997 VOLKSWAGEN JETTA TDI, then you really have to...
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    Some alh stuff for sale

    All had 60k on them egr valve 60 egr cooler 40 oil pan 60 ecu with stock and UPII software fits 99-2000 300 freshly rebuilt vnt15 350 flywheel (some surface rust) 60 airbox 30 oil water cooler 25
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    Boost Bounce, may be stranded!

    Folks, I have a problem. Bear with me, any suggestions appreciated. It started after 4 hours of interstate driving. I noticed my boost gauge started rising and falling 2psi rapidly. Then it got worse, 3psi, 5, 7. Around 5 I could really feel the vehicle, gain lose, gain lose power. No...
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    Lift Pump?

    I'm still trying to solve my full load vibration, unevenness, whatever in top gear. When the engine sits overnight it starts easily, but takes 10 seconds or so to even out. Because my setup has no electric fuel pump and completely relies on the injection pump to pull fuel, I'd like to rule out...
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    FS 99.5-2000 ECU with Upsolute II

    Earlier post was incorrect. Anyhow, early non-immobilizer 80 pin ecu. Fits all golf, jetta, beetle from 99.5-2000. Socketed Upsolute stage 2 chip and original oem chip. 350.
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    Injector balancing fyi

    I installed pp520's in my tdi. I had them pop-tested, and the results were within 25 psi of one another, pretty good for diy said the tech. After a few thousand miles, I noticed a vibration at full throttle between 1800 and 2200 rpm. I pulled my hair out trying to find it in the drivetrain...
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    more tdi vanagon pics

    I just finished installing a pd130 vnt17 in my alh powered syncro. Here's a picture of the old vnt15 Here's the 17 I also spent a lot of time suffering for a new suspension with springs, aussie 4x4 shocks, new ball joints and rubber bushings. Made for 12.5" ground clearance...
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    thermocouple placement

    A pd130 17 turbo has a seperate manifold. Therefore there isn't a great place to tap an egt probe to measure all four cylinders. A really easy and accessable spot is the blank off plate for the egr valve. The probe only has to go in about 1 inch to see great flow from cylinders 3 and 4. My...
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    vnt-15 for sale

    VNT-15 turbo/manifold. Less than 4000 miles on rebuild from industrial injection (rebuilt 3/05, for $350). Dawes regulated to 19psi max. Well taken care of. I will warrant turbo to someone with stock chip or boost controller in place for 30 days. [I *think* Industrial has a 6 month warranty...
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    TDI Conversion forum request

    To whom it may concern- Would it be possible to change the v6 4motion passat forum to a general tdi conversion page? While plenty of conversion forums already exist, tdiclub is by far the best forum medium with the largest subscriber base in the world. Hundred of people internationally have...
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    Hey Moderators!

    I'm not sure who to post this to, this is the only forum I've posted to so here it is! At the bottom of the tdi discussion list page is one discussion reserved for the v6 4wd passat. This thread has been pretty dead for a while now. Could it be changed to a TDI Conversion page? There are...
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    Flywheel Design

    Perhaps someone can comment.. Is the alh tdi flywheel balanced by itself or with the rotating assembly (crank?) The reason I ask is I have a custom made flywheel to fit the tdi crank and reach a vanagon starter. I have a low frequency vibration in top gear at full power between 1800 and 2200...
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    pd130 oil return

    So here I am eyeing a perfect condition 04 pd130 with 20 thousand miles just shipped from Des in Ireland. I can visualize what needs to be changed to fit it on an alh. Except the oil return line. The pd return is a compression fitting, the alh a banjo. The position of the 17 oil outlet seems...
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    FS 98.5-99 ECU w/socket UPII&stock chip (80pin)

    ECU early ALH (no immobilizer). Recent (6 month old) UPII chip in socket. Just pop it out and replace with stock chip if desired, or recode ecu with vag-com for stock program. Socket makes future upgrades easy too, no need to send ecu away again! ECU# 038 906 018 BK $400.
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    Montana Biodiesel

    The biodiesel pump in west yellowstone claims to sell a 10-15% mix.