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  1. ak47tdi

    13.2@105 Quickest Mk4 ALH?

    So i've been meaning to get to the dragstrip for quite some time. Yesterday was the last day of the season at my local track. I rushed over there after work and got there 30mins before close. I got off 3 runs, each one better than the previous. I really wish i had more time since i was just...
  2. ak47tdi

    My 22/60 install/ALH build thread, pics inside

    A little backstory. I finally got my motor together and my 99 Mk4 Golf running again this fall. It was down for just short of two years after I cracked my #2 piston in half. I had my fair share of obstacles and hold ups. It took some time to gather all the right parts and put it back...
  3. ak47tdi

    My latest dyno

    New numbers = 203.6hp and 316.2tq RC6 17/22 pp764 11mm ip PD lift pump GHL 2.5" dp/exhaust (no cat/muffler) modified passat PD130 intake manifold custom FMIC/piping Poor pictures of my current set-up. My last dyno was 182hp (no optical RPM pick-up for tq #'s) Things working against me...
  4. ak47tdi

    1.8T crank pulley on a TDI

    My pulley came off on me the other day and took quite a beating. Was wondering if i could replace it with one off a 1.8T/2.0? They're a little lighter but what interests me more is they are more readily available and therefore cheaper. Both pulleys have the same overall diameter, serp belt...
  5. ak47tdi

    AK47tdi's new set-up (fmic, piping, turb, ect)

    The car's been off the road for a while and it's good to be back. Just thought i'd throw up some pics an info and see what everyone thinks. The set-up and layout was my vision, and was beautifully carried out by Ron Weaver at NGP. And BIG thanks to Jeff @ RC for making it all work together...
  6. ak47tdi

    NTB (need to buy) VNT-17 or 17/20 hybrid

    My turbo is finally showing it's age after 7 years of abuse. I know turbo's are a hot commodity around here, but if anyone has a turbo that their not going to use, or have an extra to sell please let me know. I'm more than willing to pay the going price for a used or new VNT-17 or idealy a...
  7. ak47tdi

    CAT 2 and extreme "bubble trouble"

    I just installed a CAT 2 fuel filter and have mass amounts of bubbles in my fuel line. Yes the filter, banjo fittings, ect are tight. I even got a KERMA widget and things are nooo better. Please help :o
  8. ak47tdi

    I WTB-Cat 2 filter kit & race pipe.

    If anyone is trying to sell either of these products, i'm interested. Either new, or good used.
  9. ak47tdi

    134hp and no tq

    I dynoed my car yesterday, NGP didn't have a way to read RPMs. Nate who was running the dyno said that some of the crafty fellows on here had a contraption to resolve this. So i was curious about this rig, and wanted to hear what exactly what is done to read RPMs. Also i was wondering if...
  10. ak47tdi

    CCV Mod Install

    heres my car Heres my Ebay Catch can.
  11. ak47tdi

    Fresh quarter mile run

    The local track opened yesterday so i gave my oil burner a workout.:rolleyes: R/T - .328 60 - 2.273 330 - 6.332 1/8 - 9.736 MPH - 72.52 1000 - 12.687 1/4 - 15.182 MPH- 90.59 RC stg 3, PP520, OMI, GHL dp, mufflerectemy, ebay intake.:) Not bad eh?
  12. ak47tdi

    OMI & other TIPs, what do we like?

    I have seen the infamous OMI on many TDIs and wondered how people like it. Also i was wondering how it compares to a stock PD130 inlet, and see how people like the PD130 pipe. Input on this topic will be greatly appreciated.
  13. ak47tdi

    Pictures of (clean) CCV set-ups 4 non PD

    I've been researching a CCV mod for a while. I can't seem to find any pics of one i think i could easily do. Please post pics of your set-ups (esspecialy provent installs), it'll help me greatly.:cool: