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  1. drkblujetta

    2011 Audi A4 B8 - ALH TDI Conversion

    This car was intended to serve one purpose. A reliable , AWD commuter, that maintains excellent fuel economy. Living at a higher elevation with snow and leaving early for work before the plows come means our 2000 Jetta TDI is not the right tool for the job. (Abandoning it at the bottom of the...
  2. drkblujetta

    wtb: newsouth diesel gauges

    Its a long shot, Looking for a set of the indigo gauges (boost and pyro) with the dual column pod. Thanks guys!
  3. drkblujetta

    WTB: Set of cupholders in good condition MK4 dash

    Looking for a good set of cupholders for my mk 4. Shipped to 98295 Thanks
  4. drkblujetta

    WTB: Diesel Power Digi Z Tuning Box ALH mk4

    Looking for a Diesel Power Digi Z tuning box for Mk4 ALH. Looking for the newer style with the extra wire for load sensing. Ship to WA state or BC Canada. Pm me. :p
  5. drkblujetta

    Need: VNT 15 TURBO (Good working cond.)

    Looking for a good VNT 15 Turbo. Please PM me if you have one. Shipping to 98295 Thanks :D
  6. drkblujetta

    Diesel Power DIGI Z10 (Tuning Box) 99-03 ALH motor 10 pin

    SOLD, Thanks for the interest SOLD :cool:
  7. drkblujetta

    Diesel Power DIGI TPC (Boost controller)

    SOLD Thanks for the interest SOLD:cool:
  8. drkblujetta

    Bosio PP764 (.232) Injector Nozzles

    SOLD, Thanks for looking :cool:SOLD
  9. drkblujetta

    11MM pump (Bought new last July from club member)

    Sold Thanks for the inquiries. sold!!!!!
  10. drkblujetta

    VNT 17 (VB) Turbo used (Bought from Garrett last Aug)

    SOLD thanks for the interest SOLD:cool:
  11. drkblujetta

    Dyno Day In Seattle???????? Someone wants to get a dyno done in Seattle.......... We would be willing to come down and participate if someone local could put this together........:cool:
  12. drkblujetta

    West Coast Wreckers........Looking for auto tranny Mk4 TDI....

    I need some advise from the WA and OR residents...... Any good wreckers around?........ Looking for a friend....... MK4 TDI AUTO trans. "FDB" is the code. Thanks :)
  13. drkblujetta


    WANTED: A Ross tech HEX USB VAG-COM cable. I may be interested in the newer version with the "CAN" interface. PM me :cool:
  14. drkblujetta

    Classic......... For the TDI Dyno experts.......

    Experts, No more BS #'s..................BUTT DYNO BABY......... Now here is something that will look good in any TDI......... :p:p:p
  15. drkblujetta

    Vancouver TDIers......= 2007 Toy Run..........

    DATE: Sunday, December 9th 2007 Time: Meet up at 8:30am and leave Tim Horton's @ 9:00am For Who?: The kids and family's of the Lower mainland ( Where: Start in White Rock (South Point) and Cruise to Langley (Route is below with map's to follow!) What to...
  16. drkblujetta

    TDI in Suzuki Rock Buggy?????

    Building a Sidekick/Tracker BUGGY-thinking about a swap......... Just wondering if the Samurai/Tracker folks could answer a few Q's. I know the Tracker 5 spd's generally can not handle the 1.9 IDI power, let along a TDI (which would be modified) --> I have friends with sammi's that often...
  17. drkblujetta

    Performance TDI FAQ--------> SUCKS...........

    So, as I read the daily postings, there is ALWAYS what chip (or stage) do I use, what nozzles are suitable in my application............ Can someone make a sticky, or update that horrible info in the TDIFAQ?????????????????????? CHIPS: According to FAQ = Popular manufacturers available in...
  18. drkblujetta

    WTB: Ross Tech --->HEX USB ---> OR --->KEY USB + CAN.....

    WTB: Ross Tech HEX USB + CAN.....or maybe a KEY USB It would be really nice to find a HEX USB + CAN I just figured out that I only have a USB port on my laptop-> no serial port lol........SOOOO I am looking for HEX USB & CAN cable or if I have to a KEY USB cable ...... THANKS:) PM me :P...
  19. drkblujetta

    Looking for (used) Ross Tech cable.......KEY USB or HEX USB + CAN

    Looking for (used) Ross Tech cable.......HEX USB + CAN will consider a KEY USB. It would be nice to find a HEX USB + CAN I just figured out that I only have a USB port on my laptop-> no serial port lol........SOOOO now I am looking for a HEX USB + CAN cable or if it comes down to it, a KEY...
  20. drkblujetta

    Mopac Street Legal Event #17- This Fri. night

    Looks like the weather is going to hold out nicely Anyone bringing anything special or interesting out racing? We will be racing.........:) Here is the info: # Gates open at 4:30 p.m., racing starts at 5:30 p.m. and ends at approx. 11:00 p.m. (weather permitting). # Spectator admission -...