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  1. MrsChill

    NE's First Friday of 2010 Food Thread

    Are you referring to pie!!!:D:D
  2. MrsChill

    Ho5G Food thread for 1/10/09

    I will bring meat.....and my special sauce.....for all to say YUM!!!! Say it!!
  3. MrsChill

    TDIFest OH-8 (2008) coming to Mason, OH

  4. MrsChill

    NE Dyno Day VI Social/Food Thread.

    Do we need tables and grilling tools? :confused: I have them but will not be getting there til late morning.:(
  5. MrsChill

    Bored Wives Club

    I would like to find out who would be interested in the bored wives (significant other) club. I am hoping to get together Saturday morning while the Saturday breakfast (with guest speakers) is in progress and introduce each other for activities outside the fest. Please post any interests.
  6. MrsChill

    Wild Wild Western-Mass GTG 6/9

    Are you sure you haven't found the right person yet?:D:D
  7. MrsChill

    March Madness!

    I have called and made reservations for 5:30 - 6:00 under TDIclub. See you all there!:):)
  8. MrsChill

    March Madness!

    Who will call F-1 and make reservations? I will if you guys want me to, is 6o'clock good and i need a head count(no comments!).:D:D
  9. MrsChill

    March Madness!

    What are you talking about Zippy...:confused::confused: Innocent wouldn't think of doing anything like that!:D:D
  10. MrsChill

    Electrical problem blues..

    Are they European or American seats? Where they wired into the front or rear of the fuse box?
  11. MrsChill

    March Madness!

    Yeah! Ask MR CHILL about that!!! :D:D:D
  12. MrsChill

    Feb's First Friday - Groundhog Day!

    Hey Zippy, what if we bring it to you? :D:D There must be a groundhog or two at the zoo. :):)
  13. MrsChill

    The first GTG of 2007 - where else but the Ho5G?

    I WANT TO GO!!!! :):):)
  14. MrsChill

    The first GTG of 2007 - where else but the Ho5G?

    We all know that you are not behaving! :D:D Remember you are trouble!:D:D
  15. MrsChill

    Food for Ho5G thought...1/6/07

    For your convenience, there is a Hannaford’s about 2 blocks from the house (the corner of Rt. 111 and Rt. 121A.) If you come through Plaistow on Rt. 125 from I-495, there’s a Shaw’s and Market Basket… Thanks to those who’ve already said they’d bring something: (please let me know if this is...
  16. MrsChill

    Need some help sucking out the rest of my fluid.

    Innocent doesn't know what you could mean! Yeah Right!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D
  17. MrsChill

    December 1st, FF GTG!!!

    And Zippy... You wonder where my mind is? Probably where yours is!!!:D:D:D
  18. MrsChill

    December 1st, FF GTG!!!

    And we got to play with balls and sticks!:D:D
  19. MrsChill

    October 28 - Halloween GTG!!

    Thank You to the Nukes for hosting the gtg. Even though the weather was lousy, i had a great time. Leave it up to us to get together no matter what. Cant wait til Friday! See you all soon. Thanks Again!:) Hey, did anyone get a pic of Lil' Herm? Please post.
  20. MrsChill

    October 28 - Halloween GTG!!

    Haven't figured out what i want to come as(any suggestions?).:D I will bring my chicken and 7 layer dip.:):)