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  1. dobeonguard

    Error Service message

    Last week I was driving on the highway in my 2015 Golf TDI and I heard a loud beep. I looked down at the dashboard and saw the orange triangle with exclamation mark along with a message. I only got as far as error service.... then it disappeared. Any ideas? I don’t have VCDS, would this alert be...
  2. dobeonguard

    Partial Modification

    When I picked up my CPO 2015 Golf I specifically asked if Phase 2 had been completed and they assured me that it was. VW's website shows "partial". Does that mean only Phase 1 has been completed?
  3. dobeonguard

    Golf fog light retrofit kit

    My Golf S doesn’t have fog lights and was looking for a kit to do a retrofit. Any recommendations? I did Morimoto retrofit LED fogs on my WRX and they are awesome.
  4. dobeonguard

    Repaired Q5 or Q7 coming?

    Will there be any Q5 or Q7 TDIs hitting the market that have been fixed? Or did I already miss it? I picked up a 15 Golf TDI last month.
  5. dobeonguard

    Moisture on inside of windshield

    Got a question about my new 15 Golf TDI. I’ve noticed sort of a bad smell when the defroster is first turned on when the car starts. Also, there seemed to be a bit of moisture on the inside of the windshield in the morning. It goes away as soon as the defroster starts drying it out. I imagine...
  6. dobeonguard

    LED Low beam options

    Are there any good direct replacements for the halogen low beams on the 2015 Golf TDI?
  7. dobeonguard

    Just bought a 2015 Golf TDI / Head Unit ??

    It's been a long time, and no I didn't need a third car for us, but I couldn't pass up buying a 2015 Golf TDI with only 9,000 miles on it. It's been sitting since it's modification in December and I leaned hard on the dealer to lower their asking price even further. It was originally listed at...
  8. dobeonguard

    Erratic Boost from turbo

    I have a 98 MkIII TDI that I use as a daily driver for my commute, and I really want to keep it running for as long as possible, despite the rotting underside. I have an interesting problem that I am trying to figure out. My car is chipped, larger injectors, EGR delete, CEL delete by the...
  9. dobeonguard

    Help car died!

    I just went to start my 98 Jetta TDi that had been sitting overnight, I switched the key on, pushed the clutch and waited for the glow plug light to go out then I tried to start it. It gave a slight turn over then I heard a pop, maybe something like a fuse then nothing. Then I saw white smoke...
  10. dobeonguard

    Thinking of buying an 06 Jetta

    I found a 2006 Jetta TDI for sale at a GM dealer. It has 116k miles and looks straight. It is a 5 speed manual. So far, I have no history for the car. They are asking $10,900 for it. First, is this a fair price? Second, other than the very well known cam failures are there anything else that...
  11. dobeonguard

    Water leaking on to passenger floor

    Hello, I tried searching for this but so many different topics came up. I have a MkIII Jetta and when I use the A/C for an extended period of time I get water that drains on to the passenger floor. It comes from from the very back close to the center divider. I can feel a pipe behind the...
  12. dobeonguard

    Looking for a MkII wheel

    Damn Ohio winter!!!!! My 98 Jetta was nearly swallowed up by an enormous pot hole in the road today. I swerved but caught a good part of it. I thought I blew a tire but didn't. I did however have a bad vibration coming from the front end. I took it into a Sears Automotive center and the...
  13. dobeonguard

    Boost/Vacuum Line Question

    Growler in Columbus discovered this past weekend that my limp mode problem was a torn vac line. All of my lines were replaced with silicone. My car had a boost gauge installed by the previous owner, the car was chipped and had larger injectors installed. When Growler was tracing all the lines...
  14. dobeonguard

    Anyone with VagCom Canton, OH

    Looking for someone to check my timing on my 98 Jetta, TDI. Growler did my TB last year and I have put about 17k miles since then and think my timing needs adjusted. I tried the VagCom search, one didn't work the other was too slow. Thanks
  15. dobeonguard

    Weird Limp Mode Problem

    First, my car has a chip, larger injectors .205's, EGR delete and boost gauge all by the previous owner. I had an issue last year with limp mode, under heavy and long acceleration my car would go into limp mode. This first appeared coming home from TDI Fest when going through the mountains. It...
  16. dobeonguard

    Two Questions: First gear grind, reverse chatter

    I have two quick questions, both of which I have already searched. I read a mention of the reverse chatter, but no explanation. I have a 98 Jetta TDi with 232k. When I drive in reverse I hear a slight chatter along with the normal whine. Every manual car I have driven had a whine in reverse...
  17. dobeonguard

    Rear Window Stopped Working

    Hello all. I tried searching for this but so much came up and I didn't see what I wanted. I have never had a problem with the power windows in my 98 Jetta, until last night. I rolled all my windows down and noticed that the rear passenger window didn't go down. Neither the switch up front in the...
  18. dobeonguard

    Preparing a MkIII TDI for storage

    I may be leaving the country for a while, and want to know if there is anything special I should do before I store my TDI? Thanks
  19. dobeonguard

    2006 Jetta TDI Questions

    My wife and I are looking at a 2006 Jetta TDI from a local VW dealer. We were considering trading in our Explorer. It is an automatic DSG and has 61,000 miles and only had one owner. These are the PD's known for the cam failures right? I have a 98 Jetta TDI, and I am not that familiar with the...
  20. dobeonguard

    Mobil 1 5w40 TDT Wal-Mart sale

    I went to the local Wally World in North Canton, OH to get some of the Mobil 1 TDT for my motorcycle. I have heard this oil is excellent for my bike, but I couldn't find any on the shelf in the usual place. So I asked an employee, he started walking down the aisle looking around. He said he had...