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  1. blu_jet_92

    identifying 12mm pump head

    Alright.... I know how to check a pump pn to see if it's a 10 or 11 pump, but how does one go about identifying if a pump has had a 12mm head swapped out? tia
  2. blu_jet_92

    04 Passat - Morton IL - $2,250

    04 Passat 290k - Morton IL - $2,250 For sale is a well maintained 04 Passat. This was my fathers, and he was the second owner. Car was purchased at 118k. It had a TB and new turbo installed by Suds in...
  3. blu_jet_92

    02 Jetta project - Part out, or sell as whole - $3500 - delivery included! (see post)

    02 Jetta project - Part out/sell as whole - $3500 - delivery included! (Peoria, IL) I have a 2002 Jetta that I purchased as an auto in 2015. The individual I purchased it from had let it sit outside 5-6 months prior to my purchase with minimal driving. The previous owner claims that the motor...
  4. blu_jet_92

    FS: Stock VNT 15

    Have a stock VNT-15 for sale off of a motor that, I was told, has 175 miles on it. (not the original motor) The turbo has very little play. I will post pics later tomorrow. I'm doing a 200 HP build and this turbo just wont quite support it :cool:
  5. blu_jet_92

    Can someone ID this turbo?

    I bought it at a swap a few years ago, and I can't remember what the guy told me it was...
  6. blu_jet_92

    FS: 01M 35k miles - $150 obo

    ****sold***** Bought a project car (02) that came with an auto trans. I'm doing a manual swap and have no need for the auto. Asking $150 obo. I live in the Peoria/Bloomington area and make weekly trips to the south side of Chicago and would be happy to deliver. I drove it home and it's still...
  7. blu_jet_92

    Fs: Gt1794va
  8. blu_jet_92

    FS: MK4 GLX radio

    Radio out of an 03 GLX
  9. blu_jet_92

    Radio not getting along with IOS7

    Anyone else having issues with their RCD-510 and iphone with IOS7 not working right? It will play audio, but i have to control if from the phone itself.... no control from the radio side of things.
  10. blu_jet_92

    Wtb: Mk6

    Car got dinged up in one of the central IL tornados.... looking for a replacement as my insurance company is hinting that my car may be totaled :cool: I would LOVE a 2-door, but I'm open to any MK6 with a diesel.
  11. blu_jet_92

    Specific CAN addresses

    Howdy all, I'm thinking about building my own CAN-BUS reader for my 2011 Jetta and before I get started, I though I would see if anyone has a list of VW CAN addresses. honestly all i want is coolant temp, EGT temp, and boost pressure. If anyone knows where to find these or has them in their...
  12. blu_jet_92

    Adding auto headlights to 2011 Jetta

    OK, so I went to bold-sport and bought their Auto Driving Light - Upgrade Kit it came in the mail today and the connector on the new switch is totally different than my current switch. anyone have any experience...
  13. blu_jet_92

    Steering wheel module not connecting VCDS

    OK, so i went and bought a GTI wheel with paddle shifters for my 2011 Jetta sedan. Got it installed, and everything works as far as the buttons go (as i expected). However, when I went to change the coding for it to add the paddle shifters, VCDS is telling me that the module isn't responding...
  14. blu_jet_92

    Cluster options

    Ok, so I just bought a 2011 Jetta. Didn't have paddle shifters. got that taken care of, now i want a full MFD instead of the little haft display. will this fit in my car...
  15. blu_jet_92

    Buttoning up the last few loose ends on a GLX-TDI build

    Ok, so my buddy bought an 02 GLX VR6 with a bad motor and auto transmission. He then bought a wrecked 2000 TDI with a manual and pulled engine/tranny/harness from the wrecked car and installed it in the GLX. Everything is working except that we cant figure out how to wire up the clutch...
  16. blu_jet_92

    FS: FEELER 01 Jetta 5 speed 330k

    *******SOLD******* I'm posting this because lately I haven't had the time to keep up with maintenance on this car. I have a friend that is selling his 2012 and i'm considering moving up a few years. I have done all the work myself, and have made sure i did it all right with lots of studying...
  17. blu_jet_92

    Wife filled the 2005.5 with gas

    Ok fellas. I know I can't be the first. What the fastest/easiest/most effective to get all the gas out....
  18. blu_jet_92

    WTB: old blown up VNT15

    PM me if you have one laying around that you would be willing to give up for a small price. thanks!
  19. blu_jet_92

    innercooler piping

    OK, so i've finally reached the point where i need to upgrade intercooler piping. I havent been very impressed with the kits and their price. they look like someone went to a place like, found what fits, and sold them for double what they paid. so my question... who...
  20. blu_jet_92

    B5.5 passat

    My dad drives an 04 passat TDI and it recently just lost all assisted brake and also his acceleration took a dump at the same time. I'm assuming vac problem, but I was wandering where to start looking and If there's a common problem I don't know about.