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    Anyone convert b5 gas to TDi?

    Need some help gathering parts of what is needed to convert thanks. Its a 4 motion b5.5

    2004 passat 1.8t 4motion, What do I need for Conversion?

    Want to put in a TDI. Anyone know whats needed? thanks.

    Garage Clearout: I want everything gone!

    I have things to sell. Consumables, parts and add on's. I will add more as I find. Here is a early pic of things I have.

    FS: Checking Interest : My 2004 TDI

    Hello All. An opportunity is coming my way that will provide me with a new Vehicle. I currently own 3 cars, and honestly, I don't want a 4th. However, with the growing family, selling the Jetta TDI Sport is probably the best move. However, I won't give it away for free, and I wont part out. My...

    Vag Cable

    I have a OEM Ross-tech usb cable. I used to think it was normal, but mine always cuts out every few seconds. Im lucky if it stays connected for more then half a minute. Its been finicky like this since day one. Ive tried multiple laptops, multiple cars, and always the same result. Only a...

    FS: 16 inch TDI Sport Edition Rims + tires

    They won't fit on the car anymore with the big brakes. They need to go. They have snows on them. 205 55 16. Minimum mileage. The rims only have some clear coat pealing. Other then that, they are great. Easy sell 800$ or best offer. Must go. thanks.

    FS: MK4 GLI Front Brakes

    I have a set of GLi front brakes for sale. Pads, Rotors , Calipers and Carriers. Used of course. Red in color. 300$. Need to go. Thanks.

    LF. Passat b5.5 17inch rims

    Good condition, don't have to be perfect. Thanks.

    FS: One of my cars

    Well I'm confused. I have 3 cars now, and not sure which one to sell. My practical side says sell the Jetta, but my punk side says keep it. Anyhow, I hardly think I will get what I want for the Jetta, so I may be better off selling my Tucson. Anyhow, here it is. I have a 2007 Hyundai Tucson...

    FS: PD130 OEM injectors - 100,000km

    I have a set of OEM pd130 injectors. They have 100,000kms, 60,000 miles. Bought them new. I would highly recommend getting them balanced, as you should before any install. I have hit 200hp with them, and they still have room. I'm replacing with r783's on my stock pd100's. Looking for 400$...

    FS: BEW ECU with Tune.

    I have one ecu to many. The ECU will work with any BEW 5 speed. Will make around 150-160fwhp. Take out your current ecu, drop this in, and your done. 400$. Its a rc3+. PM me.

    FS: BEW ECU with Custom Tune

    Will work on any 5 speed BEW. Stock turbo. Will make about 150-160hp. So you get ECU with a tune on it. 400$. PM for details.

    LF: Monte Carlo 17's... Beatup the Better

    beat up, rashed, scratched, I dont care, as long as they are true and a tire can be mounted on them.

    FS/WTT My TDI Sport Edition Rims + snows

    I will be needing 17's, preferably Monte Carlos or something gauranteed to work with big brakes. They can be beatup, ugly, scratched, I dont care. As long as they are true, and a tire can be mounted on them. If they have snows on them, great! My rims are in good condition, but have been used...

    Checking Interest: My Front GLI brakes

    I plan to upgrade my front brakes. Does anyone have any interest in my GLi front? Caliper, Carrier, Rotor and pads. Lots of life left. You would need VR6 spindles. I have a pretty good reputation of giving great deals, and I'm not sure what they are worth right now. I paid 500$ last year to get...

    LF: TDI Wagon, Beat up

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a beat up wagon thats still reliable. If you know of one, pass them my info or give me theirs. Thanks.

    Scangauge Help

    Code Found on my Hyundai is a P0000, P0000No Self Diagnostic Failure Indicated. Is this a actual code or is my reader not reading the code right? I have the scangauge bought 3 years ago. Thanks.

    T4 Injector Interest.

    A member asked me recently if I was able to source out some T4 injectors. I looked into it, and it seems that with the right amount of people, we could workout a nice price on them. 2 people are interested right now, and the first price break would be at 5. A couple of factors to note. We wont...

    Feeler: What is a used 5 speed worth?

    Was wondering if anyone knew what a used 5 speed Transmission is worth to sell or buy? Ball Park. Thanks.

    FS: New Stage 3+ clutch

    If you need it, PM me. We can discuss. I bought it thinking I needed it now, but things have changed. Thanks.