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    Mirror Tint??

    $200 tint was the best money I spent till I had to spend another $135 on the tint ticket. Go with the legal tint you will be better off.
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    2009 TDI towing

    I pulled my trailer and bike without any issues. And I'm sure they upgraded the 09 with a better clutch and flywheel. So you shouldn't have any problems. The hardest part is to hook up the trailer lights. Good luck!
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    Wheels!! What do you think.

    I prefer chrome but gunmetal might look good and black might contrast to much with white unless you get a polished/chrome lip.
  4. new wheels and tires

    new wheels and tires

  5. Pulling trailer w.motorcycle

    Pulling trailer w.motorcycle

  6. new wheels

    new wheels

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    Tire size

    I wouldn't think so you probably would get better mileage to if your new wheel and tire package isn't heavier than your stock wheels and tires. Although your odometer and speedometer will be off. Well your speedometer would probably be more accurate.
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    Windshield Washer........

    Warranty fix I finally got my car in for the warranty work. And look at the great job they did (they melted one end of a plastic T fitting. my temp. fix was better than this). Plus I had the 10,000 mile maintenance done, it only cost $151. I'm never going to the stealership for maintenance...
  9. Warrenty windshield washer hose fix

    Warrenty windshield washer hose fix

    Plastic T fitting
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    Clutch went out :(

    Contact your local news paper and tell them what happend and let them know about the recall in europe. When VW starts getting bad press they will have no choice but to recall these weak clutches.
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    Vogtland springs: Help me decide

    C2S do you have VW's part numbers for the sport springs?
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    Quick instructions for oil change?

    Thanks LF06 you just helped many newbies
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    Windshield Washer........

    Went to wash my windshield on Thursday I could smell washer fluid but nothing was hitting the windshield. I opened the hood and the hose was ripped in two by the hinge it must have happened when I checked the oil. I couldn't even pull the hoses back together there wasn't enough slack in the...
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    06 Jetta Boost and EGT Gauges

    Will the Scan Guage II read boost?
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    MK5 Hitch?

    Anyone have any clutch/flywheel issues from towing like the people on this thread?
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    MN Chat Thread

    Sign me up!!! But Bemidji would be better for me. And yes Im new to the club and a new owner traded my 96 Corvette Trip black LT4 6sp manual trans in at the end of july for 06 Jetta TDI pk 0.
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