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    Need Help - Smoking Brake

    So I tackled replacing my own rear brakes, or so I thought. I got into work today and my rear driverside wheel was smoking! This wheel has a history of issues: First 1000 miles I noticed the rotor was gouged and also noticed a signifigant difference in temps between the two wheels after some...
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    Rear Brakes + Triple Square = :-(

    So I decided to try to tackle changing out my rear brakes this weekend. I got the whole deal: New rotors, OEM pades with new bolts and springs, caliper slide lube, anti-seize, the metalnerd caliper windback tool, everything I thought I needed. I get the wheel off, the calipers off, the pads...
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    Fellow cluber on I-75 South

    I spotted a fellow clubber on I-75 south between Macon and I-475 (Georgia). He was driving a black 2006 package 0 with Kentucky tags. What made it funny is I also drive a black 2006. All we need one more and we'd have ourselves a convoy <cue up truckin' music>. Just wanted to say Hello.
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    WTB: 2006 Jetta Pk2 items

    I'm looking to take my pk1 Jetta up to the special edition level. I'm looking for the following items from a salvage 2006 car. Steering wheel with radio controls. MFD Cluster. Steering wheel stalks. Steering wheel control unit. If anyone has any leads, let me know.
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    Vag-com in Savannah

    It appears that the vag-com list is broken. Does anyone have a CAN based (MK V) vag-com in the Savannah area? I'd like to play with a few functions and grab some part numbers off my controllers. For helping I'll out throw in a six-pack of your choice. :D
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    DIY: Dice audio cable routing

    Hello folks, I just had some fun modding my VW for the dice ipod/aux adapter. I thought I'd share the wire routing fixes I came up with. I think I came out really nice. First up is the wire to the cradle. I ran the cable beside the head unit, between the radio side and the shelf. From there I...
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    Newb alert: RC stages explained?

    I'm debating getting chipped. Is there any kind of rockchip guide that explains the various tune levels, the prerequiset mods, power gains over stock, and maintance interval adjustments. There's a whole slue of RC variations that could use some 'splaining (RC 1, RC 1+, RC 1++ RC 2, RC 3, RC...
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    wonky door switch

    I think my driver-side door switch is going out. After shutting down the car and opening the driver's door, should I still be able to roll the windows down? I know as soon as the passanger door opens the controls go dead. I think once or twice the car has relocked it self after the driver side...
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    Speed dependant volume went bye-bye

    Is there any option in vag-com to enable or disable the speed dependant volume on the radio? The reason I ask is because I recently had the software on my radio reflashed presumably to software 0021 (spec'd out in the TSB) for the 'NO SAT' issue. It works great and all, but now the speed...
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    FM radio button functions

    I was playing with my 6 disk in dash changer when I stumbled upon something that I was hoping someone could explain. If you hold down the FM radio button, the radio will cycle to two other functions. The first "STORE" pops up as the center text. If you continue to hold down the FM radio...
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    Heated mirrors and Horn.....

    What do the heated mirrors and horn have in common? I ask because both recently stopped working on my 2006 jetta and I am without a bently to properly diagnose. The horn will still sound when I lock the car. It just won't work when I mash the steering wheel. I found this little bit out when I...
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    Monster Mat Wear

    I always knew I might be a little lead footed, but now I have all the proof I need. After only 10000 miles and 6 months of ownership I've managed to wear right through my driverside monster mat. :mad: (Yeah, I need to clean out my poor car.) It's right were I rest my right foot, with my...
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    Driving a manual transmission diesel

    So time and time again, I've wadded around these forms and heard stories of people blowing out thier clutches. One camp blames VW's clutch design, the other camp blames people's inability to drive a manual transmission diesel. I learned to drive stick about 5 years ago on a 1987 ford escort...
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    A Summer Horror Story

    My brother had a run of bad luck last week with his relatively new toyota truck. I thought I'd share it here. Moral of the store is always check your car for stray animals. After talking with the neighbors it ends up Old Red hadn't been eating for the past week and they were going to take him...
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    XM preset slot 1

    It seems that every so often preset 1 on my XM radio resets back to station 1. None of the other presets are effected. Seems to happen if I havn't used my XM radio for a while. I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this.
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    VW Billboard

    I saw this one posted on another form. Do you think the local dealship cleared this with VWOA? I think it's just a bit over the top and loosing some "respectability points™" for VW.
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    Jet powered VW Bug It's almost a diesel. I mean it runs off kerosene. I like the idea, but the engine is rather ugly poking out the back of the car. It's really rather fallic. If you tried to run the jet with the windows...
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    cetane levels

    Anyone have any luck finding the cetane levels of fuel down around these parts? I live in Savannah and havn't had any luck looking in Georgia or S. Carolina.
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    Rear window tail light glare

    My 2006 jetta makes a lot of glare from the in-cabin (center) tail light. It's really bad at night. Unless what's behind me has headlights I won't be able to see it over the glare. It safety hazard driving in my apartment complex at night . Anyone find a way to fix this? I also have to...
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    Tax Credit for Mercedes E320 Bluetec

    Latest updates to the ACEEE's estimates of the credits for fuel efficent vehicles show that the Mercedes E320 Bluetec may be aviable for a $1300 tax credit in the coming year. They also go on to say that more diesels should become available for credit with the introduction of ULSD in the future...