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    2004 Passat GL TDI Variant
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    AHU+02A conversion package

    Complete swap package out of a '98 Jetta, car had around 240,000 and ran and drove well. Will need a turbo of your choice but otherwise ready to go. Complete with wiring harness, ECU, drive by wire pedal sensor, instrument cluster, intercooler and pipes, transmission, starter, flywheel, clutch...
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    A3/B4 OEM grab bag - water pump, pan gasket, oil filter

    I have a few AHU/1Z parts to clear off the shelf. These are new-from-dealer parts in OE VW packages. Water pump 037 121 005 C (crosses to 026 121 005 H) -- fits AHU/1Z as well as IDIs back into the '80s and various gas motors. Upgrade metal/rubber gasket 026 121 041 P goes with it...
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    So, Does Montana have any great TDI Mechanics??

    You might try sending an email to Scott Edgerton - he is based in Missoula and was able to recommend a shop for some folks I know around there when they needed some work on their Mk3.
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    Q7 Delete

    How much soot is it? Do you see visible smoke when driving? Interested to know what these motors do when uncorked, though it sounds like it was chipped for HP boost at the same time so perhaps that may have an impact on smoke as well.
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    Seattle Mechanics: Fine Tuning, Bug Aid, Autovice, University VW or someone else?

    Who did the last TB, and what's not 100%? Down on power or mileage? :) If it just needs to be plugged in and poked at, might be able to find a member here who would be willing to help out with a VCDS cable.
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    Seattle Area Suspension Shop Recommendations?

    Not that limited. You could look up Dr. Dan's in Ballard -- small shop, focused on the biodiesel community, but does high quality general work, almost exclusively TDI, including performance upgrades, suspension, etc. I did time as the main wrench there a couple years back -- high rate of...
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    Volvo 760 Turbo Diesel at wrecker yard

    Yeah, M46 trans = 4spd with button-operated planetary overdrive, same basic setup as was used on old Triumphs, etc. Pretty good unit actually, Volvo had it for decades and it was fairly durable... even in the early 90s, after they had already started offering a "true" 5-speed gearbox for the NA...
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    Volvo 760 Turbo Diesel at wrecker yard

    Cool find. Looking at a few details (throttle cable, core support, p/s pump), that looks to be an early 1983, not an '85. When the TD first came out in '83 it was the fastest production diesel vehicle that had ever been sold up to that point.... When this car was new it would have been...
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    Help! Brother is broken down in Las Vegas

    Yeah, IDI heads seem to always have the cracks between the valve seats. Presumably that is what they found, and hopefully they actually *pressure tested* the head before going to a bunch of trouble to fix those cracks that probably did not need fixing. If they had been inside a few of these...
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    VAG-COM sport mode, WOW!

    1104 iirc.
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    81 Vanagon 1.6 Diesel

    If the pump head seal was leaking when running, same leak lets all the fuel run out of the pump when sitting and fills it up with air. The suction pump can still pull fuel when it's full of air, but it moves a lot faster when it's got fuel in it. If you get it primed -- force feeding (low psi)...
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    Audi AEL 2.5 fitted to Volvo v70 EGR question.

    Your guess is right, the ECU indirectly measures EGR throughput by observing differences in the MAF signal. The Volvo's MSA system is superficially different from the EDC used in Volkswagens but I suspect it is identical in this respect, given the same complement of actuators and sensors used...
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    1982 Rabbit Turbodiesel - unusual starting problem

    Issue present immediately when trying to restart after shutting down or only if it sits for a few minutes? How many miles on the motor and what's the history? Hard restart after a short sit when warm is pretty common to see on one of these as they age. Bet all the times it is easy to start...
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    My $600 to $1300 B4 passat TDI

    Sounds like belt one tooth off on the pump sprocket if you're stuck there and can't get any more advance out of it. The setting you have now is OK, no big problem running it as long as you're happy with the way it starts on cold mornings and you're not trying to run a big tune with small...
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    And now, for something completely different; Audi 5cyl Turbo Diesel build up!!

    D24T motors already have a connection identical to that on the back of the head, it feeds the oil cooler circuit. Substituting the oil-to-water cooler sandwich plate for an oil-to-air cooler and plate (e.g. Volvo turbo gasser plate slides right on) and running a hose direct from that port to the...
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    BRM cold weather death

    Have you tried changing your fuel source or checking the fuel's gel point? PD motors get the fuel pretty hot relatively quickly so if you're on the margin of gelling due to crappy/insufficiently treated fuel but are flowing just enough to get it to run until it starts to get warm, could produce...
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    And now, for something completely different; Audi 5cyl Turbo Diesel build up!!

    Yeah, it is an interesting setup. The only major drawback to it that I am not impressed by is that the thermostat's location does not ensure that it always sees the hottest coolant in the engine, and the temp of the coolant that does flow past it is subject to a certain amount of variation based...
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    And now, for something completely different; Audi 5cyl Turbo Diesel build up!!

    Sounds like a sticky governor plunger in the IP. Often when they sit for a long time the control collar or the gov plunger or both end up having trouble moving easily once you get them going again. Be careful running it while it's that way, since your ability to regulate engine speed is...
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    BMW 524td

    Rare indeed. Same motor and same ZF trans too in the Lincolns. I've dealt with a few in Bimmers and seen _one_ still alive in a Ford, ran good but the air suspension was shot. Pretty neat though, Ford cared enough about making it look legitimate under the hood that they invested in a different...