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    Mileage for refresh?

    Still trying to sell the green wagon. Had a prospect state that TDI's needs to have pistons & rings done at 500km (he's in the US, so may be a typo and meant miles). I would think that if the compression is still even across all cyinders and within percentage of original, there isn't a reason...
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    1Z engine refresh mileage?

    Still trying to sell the green wagon. Had a prospect state that TDI's needs to have pistons & rings done at 500km (he's in the US, so may be a typo and meant miles). I would think that if the compression is still even across all cyinders and within percentage of original, there isn't a reason...
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    F/S 1996 B4V parts donor, San Jose, $850

    Totaled by rear end accident. Doors good, most body panels good, glass good, drivetrain good, fuel tank good, sunroof. Taken out carpet, headliner, and most interior trim for my replacement car. No ability to pull anything more from it. Needs to go. Will have to be trailered. $850 Located...
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    SOLD -- 1996 B4V

    My totalled B4V is still available. Behind the back doors is unusable, except for the fuel tank. Everything else is good. Engine has 324K miles on it, new clutch 7k ago done by Matt Phelan. Interior's good, we pulled the carpet and headliner. It's got a junk certificate, so will have to be...
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    F/S B4V body parts

    Doors w/panels, both front, both back -- $50 each Hood -- $75 Bare front bumper (no lights) -- $50 Front Fenders -- $45 each All burgundy red Cannot ship! Located in SF Bay Area
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    B4V engine, tranny, and a/c plus bonus

    324k on engine, 106k since rebuild (before we bought it) 7k on clutch (done by Matt, the guru or alll things 1Z) Upgraded to ALH IP All the -ectomies Sprint 520s A/C Ran when we parked it The bonus is you get the rest of the body with it. Wagon was rear ended and totaled 2 years ago. Front...
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    B4 doors and hood

    All 4 doors and hood, currently burgundy red. Handles not so great, window regulators the same. Local in Bay Area if possible. Would like to get $200 for all
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    F/S, B4V "PaTuDI"

    It's time to let her go. She was rear ended 2 years ago and totaled. The body is bashed & tweaked but the drivetrain is solid. You're buying an engine and tranny and I'm throwing in the body for free. Clutch has 7k on it (done by Matt, the guru of all things 1Z). TB was done 2 months before...
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    Mechanical Timing Quandry

    TB/WP job done. What needed to be loosened was loosened, what needed to be locked down was locked down, what needed to be TDC was TDC. No start, put IP dead center, still no start. Put IP position all the way advanced and it fires up but is definitely running rich (won't even graph on VCDS)...
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    Part number and quick question to confirm

    Hubby did TB/WP on the new B4V, replaced the intermediate shaft seal but didn't realize there's also an o-ring. Figuring the old one had become such a part of the old seal to not be visible as a separate thing. Obviously, there's now a pretty good oil leak during and for a short time after...
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    Timing Question

    On the B4V -- After doing a TB job, if somehow you time it 180 out, will there still be interference on a piston and valve? Things lined up, locked it all down, did the tb job, rotated around multiple times, tried to fire it up. Cranks like a big dog but won't turn over, blows white smoke...
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    Passat or Touareg?

    Looking like we're going to have to make a concession to hubby's back and increasingly bad left hip and own one vehicle that's an automatic. Passat is definitely cushy and very comfy to ride in, however the T'reg is easier to get in/out of because the seats are pretty much "butt level". So...
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    Bad fuel?

    My first TDI has been sitting for nearly a year since getting totaled. Fired it up a couple times but nothing more. Brought it back to start parting stuff, and when we went to restart it to put it in the yard it cranked but wouldn't fire, as if it lost prime. There are about 4 gallons in the...
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    Gremlins at play

    B4's have electrical gremlins, that's a fact of life. Got a couple of doozies. Stepping on the brake pedal makes the turn signal arrows in the instrument cluster light. If a turn signal is on and I step on the brake, the signal stops until I release the brake pedal. Ideas for grounds to...
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    Interesting CL ad

    Never mind. Reread the ad and he's selling because he upgraded, not the car that's upgraded. Saw this while surfing today, thought it was quite intriguing. Ideas what the issue might be? What model the engine...
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    Short on time, nd suggestions

    Life continues to be crazy with too many things all needing attention. With time being at a premium, suggestions on what to check first are much appreciated. The issue first was intermittent wouldn't start on the first try. Cluster lights come on, GP light cycles, turn the key and may get a...
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    Help with VCDS and Hammer Mod?

    Hubby just resealed the IP on the ALH Jetta. We have a VCDS cable, but haven't gotten the software "license" transferred, i.e. download fresh for a lower price, from the club member we bought it from, mainly because we don't have a laptop to use it on yet. Anyway, the Jetta needs to be timed...
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    Update on PaTuDI's demise

    To refresh -- PaTuDI my B4V was rear ended by a full sized & loaded Ford Transit van last June and totaled. Liberty Mutual was the other guys insurance and has jerked me around every way they could think of since then. First settlement offer used a wagon in CO with a blown tranny and a sedan...
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    A/C button no go

    The a/c started acting up, only coming on if the button was pushed really hard. Now it doesn't come on at all. It may or may not be related to the fan dial also being non-op (sticky on this forum), but wanted to double check everybody's brains before going that deep into the system. Thanks!
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    Where can I find door seal, i.e. weatherstrip, for a B4V? Or if anyone has a part number?