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    Timing belt kit at RockAuto ?

    I always bought/installed timing belt kits from
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    Bad wheel bearings? Causing multiple codes and erratic DSG?

    Looks like I might have one of each then.
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    Bad wheel bearings? Causing multiple codes and erratic DSG?

    Bump. How’d this work out for ya? I’ve got nearly the exact same behavior minus the TPMS warnings. I also have an airbag fault which I suspect is related to the presence of the faults in...
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    Golf MKIV Smyth Ute Project

    I was never able to find anything that could adequately bond the side windows. I just wond up riveting them because no matter what I did it would always pop up on one end. It was that plexi they supplied. I suspect that one of the properties of that material is that absolutely nothing can bond...
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    Golf MKIV Smyth Ute Project

    It’s just regular ol great stuff foam from Home Depot. I just let it ooze out and then sliced it flush once it was set. And yes fiberglass matting and regular old epoxy pretty much everywhere. There was some bondo applied at paint time.
  6. ABS wheel speed encoder error.

    ABS wheel speed encoder error.

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    Golf MKIV Smyth Ute Project

    I used fiberglass. And lots of rivets.
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    Golf MKIV Smyth Ute Project

    And to answer you other question, yes just regular black bed liner. I think it was called U-pol raptor or something. I think I bought it on amazon. I also scrubbed all of the surfaces with scotchbrite and a little bit of brake cleaner then applied some “adhesion prompter” also sold by U-pol. All...
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    Manual transmission issues

    That’s cool. Hey Jimmy, do you want my old green car? Interior is pretty shot from the humidity but it’s got a 02M in it.
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    Golf MKIV Smyth Ute Project

    It was like the fifth one or something like that. I regret the amount of money I spent on it. My little golf and trailer were perfectly capable of hauling around anything I needed to haul around. Every bit as useful as a truck. I will admit that the reasons why we chose to embark on this...
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    wanted 2003 MK4 intake

    I have 2 professionally cleaned manifolds. $80 shipped. Email me babinson @
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    Manual transmission issues

    In 02J and 02M boxes I always installed VW G060726A2. $12/liter delivered to my shop and always did the trick.
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    Golf MKIV Smyth Ute Project
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    Golf MKIV Smyth Ute Project

    Nice work Lex. My UTE odyssey was something that I enjoyed but ultimately regret. I wish you the best of luck!
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    Clutch (Slave) Hydraulic line seal(s) - leak

    Used line? Seems like I used to have a little pile of these lines inmy shop. I can’t see myself selling one for more than about $15. Not that I have a shop anymore or a pile of clutch lines.
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    2010 Golf TDI Timing Belt

    Your tools will probably work but realize that you’ll need a second pin for the pump and also that there were two styles of crank lock used for the two different PD motors. I am just not sure which of the two types is used by the CR motors since I always used my Metalnerd universal crank lock...
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    Low fuel rail pressure

    I once had a CR car that would fault for high pressure and it turned out to be some bad wires between the rail pressure sensor and the ecu.
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    stripped slider brake slider pin mount

    I tried over and over again to helicoil these and I could never ever get the pin straight. Best bet is a new knuckle