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    02 Jetta TDI Automatic -Super Clean- Detroit - Sold

    SOLD! 2002 Jetta GLS TDI Automatic 261,000 miles Leather Heated Seats No Rust She runs and drives like a car with 1/4 the miles. It's very tough to find a Mk4 this clean, especially in Michigan. Trans was replaced by the previous owner, it shifts beautifully. Intake and EGR were just...
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    FS: NIB Complete Injector Set for A3,B4,A4

    I am selling a set of brand new in box OEM stock injectors for a A3,B4,A4 AHU/ALH engine. I purchase the set of brand new complete bodies from but have decided to sell my Mk3. The box as only been opened twice, once when I received them and once again to take photos. The covers on...
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    Radiator fans run on high as soon as ignition is switched to run

    I'm troubleshooting a Mk IV manual climate control and a problem I can't find documented. I replaced the Fan Control Module (FCM). With the A/C switch on (verified in VCDS) the fans would not run on low as per the troubleshooting guide here...
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    Opinions on running an AHU without an oil cooler for a 120 mile trip?

    My '98 Jetta blew the 3 way hose on a trip across Michigan. Upon investigation the other pump to water pipe hose is also significantly deteriorated. I can't get parts before Monday and I need to be back to Grand Rapids before they come in. I can bypass the oil cooler with misc autostore hoses...
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    Help, Stranded at Notre Dame! Mk 3 Clutched alternator pully removal

    FIXED, got her home safely I'm a Michigander stuck down at Notre Dame. Alternator died in the 98 Mk3 TDI so I bought a new one, but I can't get the one way pully off to install the new alternator. I've got acess to decient hand tools but can't get it off. Any ideas? Otherwise
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    What Pressure Does the Turbo Actuator Begin Moving?

    I'm troubleshooting an over boost problem with my 98 AHU.The actuator moves at around 13 PSI and this seems high but I can't find a post talking about it.
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    ETKA 7.3 install problems on 64bit OS.

    I'm trying to install ETKA 7.3 on a 64 bit Windows system but the hardlocker is not compatible. Is there a work around without having to install/switch to a 32 bit system?
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    09 CBEA injection timing faults + rough idle

    My roomate has a 09 CBEA Jetta with the six speed 25k. It's been a hell of an owners experence for him, the transmission was totally replaced at 23k. Since new the car has had intermittent power loss. It does not seem to be fuel quality or level related. Around light loads randomly the engine...
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    New In Box ID Parts 17/22 Turbo

    I have a brand new 17/22 VNT Hybrid Turbo with the PD actuator from Peter at ID parts. It has never been installed and only been out of the box a few times. The turbo was purchased for a project but I have decided to cash out of the...
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    5 Quarts Mobile 1 TDT & Mobil 1 filter $35

    Murrays/Oriley in Michigan has upto 5 quarts of any Mobile 1 synthetic + any Mobile 1 filter priced up to $12.99. Supposed limit of 2 sets. This should cover anything M1-301 or smaller. (a mk3 guys favorite) The deal runs thru October 20th That works out to about 33% off normal retail. ANCO...
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    PD 150 intake manifold on stock A3/AHU

    I recently acquired a PD 150 intake manifold and an ALH race pipe from Peter at TDI parts. Note I sawed a stock manifold in two. I will post photos of the flow restriction shortly. Installation: fitment is a stock drop in with the EGR Deleted. I did not attempt installation...
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    WTB: 98-99 MK3 leather steering wheel

    I'm looking for a 1998 or 1999 mk3 leather steering wheel W/O airbag pics please. The airbag is different on the older wheels and will not work. Also have lots of mk3 parts to trade, if that suits you better.
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    Timing AHU injection pump on an AAZ

    I am swapping in an AAZ into my 79 rabbit. The idea came up of using an AHU injection pump to replace the mechanically controlled AAZ pump. I personally like the charicteristics of a IDI better for a performance application. I am looking to have all the telemetery of the electronically AHU...
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    WTB mk3 leather wrapped steering wheel

    I am looking for a leather wrapped steering wheel in very good shape. I don't need the air bag. PM me with pics and prices i can paypal or google checkout immediately for everyones convenience. shipped to 48176
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    Steering column play

    I just picked up a 98 Jetta. The steering wheel has noticeable play when pushing back and forth with your hands at 12 and 6. It has less but still noticeable play while pushing back and forth with your hands at 3 and 9. There is a tactile click as you pass center on the wheel The steering...