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    Diesel auxiliary heater retrofit

    Old man winter is starting to show his frigid face again and being a rather warm blooded creature I have started another project that hopefully will give me some relief. My morning commute consists of a long downhill stretch and I routinely see my engine temps plummet to the bottom of the...
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    Photobucket support group?

    I realize this may be technically the wrong forum to cry about this problem, but I couldn't find a more appropriate one. Mods, feel free to put it elsewhere or delete if I have violated any rules, and if I have I am truly sorry. I have made many posts over the years on many different forums on...
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    TDI 76 Beetle

    I guess I have a weakness for the classics, or maybe too much time on my hands but.... I don't know if this is the right forum for this, but it kinda defies categorization, if not logic. Started with a pretty rust free 76 aircooled beetle. It had been converted to carburation and needing some...
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    Another clean diesel-69 Beetle CBEA swap

    A couple of years ago I bought a wrecked 09 Jetta common rail for the engine mainly. I figured someone would need one soon enough and I got the car cheap enough to make a profit on it. Well apparently they are pretty reliable and I have been saying that someone better buy it soon or I would...