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    Faulty adblue warning - need knowledge

    I've had this warning light for adblue come on several times but it always went off after 1 or 2 starts. Comes on at 200 miles to "no start". This time it came on while on a road trip and end result is I have 85 miles left until "no start". Stopped at the dealership and they say 1 week to get...
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    Wheel size for winter tires

    I have a 2013 Passat w/ 8jx18 ET48, 5 x 112 bolt pattern, center bore 57.1 wheels. Want to get 16" steel wheels and put a set of dedicated snow tires on. Does anyone know if the 16" wheel will fit over the brakes? Can anyone suggest a source for steely wheels?
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    P023A Turbocharger Intercooler Coolant Pump - Open Circuit

    2013 Passat SEL. I had this code come up and did the research and found that the most likely source of the code is a disconnected ground to the intercooler coolant pump. I was able to clear the code with my Scangauge after the engine is running and it would stay off until I restarted the engine...
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    Back to a TDI

    About to pull the trigger on purchase of a 2013 Passat SEL premium. It has 52k miles. Previous owner of a 04 TDI Jetta so am familiar with them. Anything special I should be looking for before I sign on the bottom line? DSG service should have been done at 40k right? Purchasing from a VW...
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    Parts-fender liners, air dam, engine shield

    I have an 04 Jetta and am in need of the fender liners, plastic belly pan, the two pieces of the front air dam. Does anyone have a source for these parts. I know I should be installing some sort of aluminum belly pan but the car is 12 years old and only gets driven 3000 miles a year now. Hate...
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    Fender rust and fender benders

    Had a little fender bender in a roundabout last evening. I hate those people that say, "you mean I was supposed to yield at that yield sign?". I noticed that where the front fender was crunched there is quite a bit of rust under the paint. Surprised as it's at the top of the fender. Guess the...
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    Need advice on fuel injectors

    I have an 04 Jetta TDI BEW, 147k miles. Installed a new camshaft and lifters last fall. Buttoned everything up and couldn't start it. Took it to the dealer and had them set the timing and they informed me that I had installed the rockers the wrong way and had "tweaked" the injectors. One was...
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    CD Changer plug & radio removal

    I'm trying to do an ipod adaptor install and have done a search and couldn't find any info on either of these. I don't have a CD changer in the trunk. Are all Jettas manufactured with a plug in the trunk? If I have a plug, where would it be? I'd also like to know how to remove the factory...
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    How to change brake light bulb

    What is the simplest way to replace the brake light bulb on an 04 Jetta? No info in the owner's manual and my search here came up with little info. Thanks
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    Battery cable goes where?

    I've had an intermittant problem where the power to everything will cut off to the whole car but only for a half second so I couldn't pinpoint the problem. It finally went dead while trying to start it. I wiggled the black cable that comes from the battery down towards the lower part of the...
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    Bad battery, alternator or something else?

    I have a 04 Jetta. 103 k miles and no problems except for this. I previously commuted a couple hundred miles a day and 6 weeks ago my commute to work went down to 3 miles per day. About that same time, I have had maybe 3 occasions always right after starting and driving the first few hundred...
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    Snow tires & air pressure

    I did a search and did not find any info on this. I have a set of dedicated snow tires and was wondering if the pressure should be just slightly less than the recommended max or should it be less than that? I don't want to compromise the performance of the tires in the snow by having the...
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    Praise for Guru

    Just wanted to put in a plug for one of the trusted gurus on the list. Jeff from Jeff's VW repair in Mooresville, IN had quoted me a price of $850 for a timing belt replacement. He told me that it would take 5-6 hours to complete the job. I told him that I would most likely wait for it. He...
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    Timing Belt replacement cost?

    I'm about at the point where my timing belt is in need of replacement. I have an 04 Jetta with the BEW. I was told that the replacement on the BEW is a little less costly. I'm trying to find "local" gurus to do the replacement but will have to make a day trip of it no matter where I go. What...
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    Moeller oil extractor parts

    I have a Moeller oil extractor and recently moved. I lost or misplaced the tube that connects into the main pump tank. Does anyone know where to get replacement parts for these? My other alternative is rubber stopper with a hole in the middle and hard plastic tube.
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    OEM Timing belt parts vs. others

    I've been trying to find a mechanic to replace my timing belt in my 04 Jetta. One was suggested by some members here and I stopped in and asked them about their services. They seem pretty reputable, work on a lot of VW's including TDI's and Audi's. I asked if they used the belt replacement...
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    MIL light

    I have a 04 Jetta that I just picked up used last weekend. It has 69k miles on it. Drove it work in the rain yesterday. It worked fine. Went out to start it in the afternoon and I had to crank it 3 times before it started. The MIL light came on shortly after it started and stayed on. Drove...
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    What is this?

    Just picked up my used 04 Jetta. I've read the owner's manual. What is the little visor above the rear view mirror for?
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    Looking for a mechanic in Indiana

    I'm a newbie. After 6 months of research on this site I've finally purchased an 04 Jetta. Moved from a Duramax diesel. I'm trying to find a good tdi mechanic in South Bend or Indy. I've tried the trusted mechanic list and didn't see one close.
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    Timing Belt

    I would like to get some answers about when the timing belt should be changed. I am in the market for a 2001-2006 Jetta or Golf. Is the interval 60k or 100k? Does it vary with what year the car is?