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    Snap On welding helmet

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    Brand new MK-4 Powerflex front control arm bushings

    As shown, brand new, never installed Powerflex Polyurethane front control arm bushing set. (rear location) Not going to use these, figured I would list here first before they go to vortex. Link to site description...
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    Updated tags

    I saw that this was available and I just couldn't resist....
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    ALH serp belt tensioner

    Brand new INA/Litens serp belt tensioner to fit A4 - ALH engine. P/N 5330081300 or OEM P/N 038903315C Spare part I do not need. $65.00 shipped to CONUS
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    Quick alignment question

    To correct a little too much negative camber spec on the front left side, I should shift the sub frame to the left or to the right?
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    ABS pump cycle

    Should I be concerned that I hear my what sounds like my ABS pump cycle for about a second every time I turn the ignition on in my vehicle? I just started to notice this a few months ago and never noticed the "pump cycle" before. Not 100% sure it is the ABS but something is cycling at every...
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    MK-1 Audi TT cluster needles (full set)

    MK-1 Audi TT cluster needle set plus various/spares from new Beetle. As shown; all needles in pic 4, $50.00 shipped to CONUS
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    MK-1 Audi TT front brake caliper set

    SOLD Upgrade your front brakes with Audi TT calipers, carriers and pads. Ready to bolt on to A4/MK-4 1.8t or VR6 spindles. (will not work on stock TDI or 2.0 spindles) All serviceable parts recently replaced with new OEM components. Price includes Hawk HPS pads as shown. Rotors still...
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    MK-1 Audi TT front brake calipers, pads & rotors

    Calipers, carriers and pads have sold. Rotors still available. Can be used on A4 VW chassis with correct spindles, calipers & carriers. Asking $70 shipped for both.
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    MK-4 front brake pads

    Front brake pad set, brand new - OEM supplier. With wear sensor. $40.00 shipped
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    MK-4 Monster mats

    Mk-4 Monster mats, like new as shown. Round clips. Full set, perfect. Sold
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    Neuspeed wheels & tires for sale

    Neuspeed RSe-05 wheels for sale. Normal wear and tear, dings & scratches/excellent condition as shown. Solo wheel picture shows a little curb rash that's been touched up. Wheels are 17 X 8, bolt spacing is 5 X 100 and weigh 36 pounds EA as shown. (35 mm offset) I have the center caps, never...
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    MK-4 R-32 steering wheel

    This sold and shipped Excellent condition R-32 steering wheel. As shown, without airbag. More pictures available, PM me if interested. Packed and ready to go. $325.00 shipped to CONUS.
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    MK-4 Arosa HVAC knobs

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    MK-4 interior wood trim

    This sold, thank you!
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    Provent 200

    Anybody running the Provent 200 CCV filter? If so, how often do you change the filter element? I cannot find an good answer in miles... :confused:
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    WTB Monsoon amp

    WTB MK-4 Monsoon amp, preferably not working ~ for cheap! (amp ONLY) Need parts out of it. LMK what you have. Thanks!