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    AFN, AHU, 1Z , ABL big end failure.

    Bit of story, I rebuilt a AFN engine and sprayed the block etc. The First thing that happened was the BV43 Turbo self destructed and snapped the shaft on the way to the tuners... At the time I put it down to poor tuning (was surging badly) and maybe the oil feed, it had a dark side style...
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    11mm Bosch VE pump problem

    Hello everyone. Ive built a AFN engine with a 11mm ALH pump and .260 Injection nozzels. So I've been having problems tuning it. What I have found that is the pump voltage map is very odd below 2000rpm. From all of the factory maps I have looked at. The voltage applied to the actuator looks...
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    ALH pump swap timing question

    So I built a new AFN engine to go in my van -1.9 AFN -.260 nozzles set a 210bar - 11mm ALH pump To complicate matters, I have also done a gear box swap and the original TDC does not align with gearbox mark. I found TDC with a dial gauge on the bottom of the rod with the sump removed. So when...
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    Oversized head gasket

    Hello everybody! I'm looking to rebuild a 1.9TDI AFN for more power. My original plan was to bore the block to 81MM ( standard is 79.5) to accept BHW pistons. Which should give me something close to 2.0 litre capacity. Also because it's cheaper for me to get BHW pistons than the first repair...