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    A5 timing belt change

    The going recommendation is everything the belt touches should be replaced. I don't seen any rollers included in the metalman kit for the A5 unlike the numerous kits for the A4. Does the A5 not use any or are they just not part of this kit? I can't confirm this as the Bently manual doesn't...
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    You guys should make sure to read the TSB very carefully.... The flaw leads to direct damage of the clutch plate only. Only the clutch plate and pressure plate are covered by this TSB. Any damage to the DMF not directly linked to the clutch plate damage will not be covered. Three of the...
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    Replacing the Brakes

    I recommend the brake spreader tool. It comes with a handy wrench that'll help you get to those caliper bolts. I found that the standard wrenches are too thick to fit in the given space. Also, if you are changing the rear brakes, you'll need a 14mm triple square bit to get the...
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    From what I've read through this thread and this one, I have a sneaking suspicion that some of these clutch failures could be caused by a bad transmission seal. Shortly after 06SpiceRedTDI noticed the oil leak, his clutch went out. I'm not saying correlation is causation, but it makes me...
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    Get sexed up: MkVI car spotted in desert !!

    The car is so new it's still wearing diapers. :D
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    Sound System Issue

    It happens on my pkg 1 2006 jetta as well. I'm voting it's a software glitch in the speed sensitive volume control. Or it could just be planned that way; No bass means no speaker rattle which means less warrentee work.
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    How many have had ignition switch failure?

    So it beeps at you like the key is in the ignition? I know the key fob won't work until you open and close the driverside door after turning the car off. This keeps from locking the keys inside by mistake.
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    drop in mileage. Why?

    Something to remember about the air conditioner: Unlike many conventional cars, our air conditioner works on a "as-needed" bases. Once the cabin reaches the dialed-in temp, the compressor kicks off until it's needed again. In winter heat is applied until the correct temperature is met. This...
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    drop in mileage. Why?

    30 Mpg does seem a little low. What does your daily commute look like? I ask because this makes a big difference in fuel efficency as well as your driving style. I know with my driving I can see as low as 32mpg. That's with a daily commute of 20 miles round trip, 50% freeway @ 75mph and %50...
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    '08 TDI's vs the current US TDI's

    I'm under the impression that the CR deisels will use a higher injection pressure than the current PDs. Is this correct and what does it mean for injector wear?
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    VW considers U.S. plant

    I know here in Savannah Ga, we have a huge track of land that was cleared to attract some auto manufacturers, but is currently unused. Chrysler was courted at some point in time, but the deal fell thru (Sept 11 fall-out). It would be great if VW came out here. After all, we have one of the...
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    free guitar from VW

    I have one of the free guitar coupons. Who's interested? If you're buying / bought a new VW send me a PM. Thanks!
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    Need Help - Smoking Brake

    Well I took her back to the dealer and they adjusted the parking brake cable again. I didn't mention I did the brake job myself and they didn't notice either. They just adjusted the cable and sent me on my merry way. So far so good, I guess. I hope it stays "fixed".
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    Jetta Rear Brakes

    Follow the steps detailed above and you'll be doing well. I also recommend the metalnerd caliper windback tool. It really simplifies the job.
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    Aviators & Diesels

    My only flighing has been done on in our intergrated test facility (ITF). I know enough to crank up the engines and put her in the air and keep her there. I'm an Electrical Systems Engineer for Gulfstream Aerospace. I'm responsible for Communication and Navigation systems for our current large...
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    Diesel without electricity?

    It would be rather difficult, if not impossible, to put together a mechanically controlled deisel that meets today's emission standards. You'd have an easier time taking an electricly controlled engine and then radiation hardening the setup. Mechanical driven systems just don't give the...
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    Need Help - Smoking Brake

    So I tackled replacing my own rear brakes, or so I thought. I got into work today and my rear driverside wheel was smoking! This wheel has a history of issues: First 1000 miles I noticed the rotor was gouged and also noticed a signifigant difference in temps between the two wheels after some...
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    Big truck turbo's and idling

    Geordi, please follow your own advice or risk being called a troll yourself. As I understand it here's the deal with our turbos and idling: Our turbos are oil cooled, specificly the main bearing in the turbo. The laberinth seal does a pretty good job of keeping the oil from leaking past the...
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    Rear Brakes + Triple Square = :-(

    That's the same tool set (maker and all) I got off Amazon for 29.96 w/ free shipping. It should be here today.
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    Rear Brakes + Triple Square = :-(

    Yeah, It sucks. It probably has to do with the smaller diameter rotors (260mm). The hub sticks out just a little too far get the rotor around it and the caliper carriers. I bought myself a relatively cheap triple square set off amazon. It may fall apart, but I'll give it a go for $23.