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    2016 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel is mine!

    I picked up my 2016 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel a few weeks ago during 'truck month'. With the ~$6000 on incentives, my company's discount, and my trade in of my (beloved, but it was time) 2005 Ram 2500 w/Cummins and w/194,000 milese, I felt like the time was right. I echo (eco - hehe) the comments...
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    Selling my 2007 Arctic Cat 700cc Diesel 4x4 ATV

    Hey gang, this is a diesel related post. I'm selling my quad for anyone interested. 2007 Arctic Cat 700cc Diesel 4x4 ATV w/Auto (CVT) transmission. For more info, see my craigslist post: Instead of posting to this forum, please email me...
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    Selling my 40 gal per batch biodiesel system - NY/NJ/PA area

    I just posted this in the classified section of the forum, but wanted to make sure the Alternative Fuels viewers saw it. I'm selling my biodiesel processing system. I have been traveling a lot more this year (and the foreseeable future) for work and haven't had time to make much biodiesel, so...
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    Selling my 40/ga per batch biodiesel system - NY/NJ/PA Tristate area

    Hey fellow TDI'ers, I'm selling my biodiesel processing system. I have been traveling a lot more this year (and the foreseeable future) for work and haven't had time to make much biodiesel, so I decided to sell. You can see my post on craigslist (with pic). Any questions, you can contact me at...
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    2007 Arctic Cat 700 Diesel 4 wheeler

    I just wanted to announce that I just bought one and that I should have it in a couple of weeks (shipping from across the country). I can't wait to ride it. Anyone else have a diesel ATV?
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    Cold Weather Options: Heaters for Fuel, Tank, Engine

    I have been doing searches for cold weather options (heaters and ways to prevent the cold from affecting my 2 vehicles: 2006.5 Jetta TDI & 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins). I already use a couple of these options, but decided to share some of my research with everyone. The purpose is to put this...
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    Ram 2500 - 746 miles on one tank

    I was pleased to see that the max distance traveled in my truck now rivals my TDI. I had to drive from PA to GA yesterday, I wasn't in a hurry, so I drove the speed limit or 5 above the whole way (with a few short bursts). My goal was to make it to the Greenville, SC area (a spinx station that...
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    Diesel-Sipping Motorcycle for the Marines

    NYTimes article about the diesel scooters for the Marines. Maybe after the war, we'll see these things in the states. THE United States Marine Corps, legendary for doing more with less, has used...
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    NBB: Biodiesel Yields Even Higher Energy Balance Feb. 6, 2008 Biodiesel Yields Even Higher Energy Balance New Study Shows 3.5 Units of Energy Gained For Every Unit Needed to Produce Biodiesel ORLANDO, Fla.– A new analysis shows that the energy balance of biodiesel is a positive ratio of...
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    Just bought my 2nd Diesel...this time, a Dodge

    Happy Thanksgiving to me! I bought a 2005 Ram 2500 Crew Cab 4x4 last weekend. I love it! It's a little louder and bigger than my TDI Jetta, but that's ok. It's only got under 31,000 miles on it and it's in great shape. Pretty loaded from the factory (heated leather, sirius, bedliner, tow...
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    Is there a Biodiesel/ equivilant?

    I'm wondering if anyone has seen a site that has updated prices on Biodiesel (any blend) like ? Can one be started on here? -Justluckey
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    USAToday: Diesels motor back to California roadways CULVER CITY, Calif. — In a hip, makeshift sound-stage erected for a fashion show, spotlights shine, dancers weave and music swells. Star of the show? The diesel car, what so many have long dismissed as a...
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    Gas in the TDI

    Add me to the list of TDI owners that had their spouse fill the tank with gas. (to be honest, I thought the wife would have done it sooner rather than after 8 months of driving it). Luckily, she didn't get too far before it died....just across the street into a parking lot...but there was...
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    (What) Diesel Car Magazine

    I picked up my first copy of Diesel Car mag today (thanks Barnes & Noble) and I'm regretting every penny I paid for it. I'm not normally a jealous person, but those of you across the pond are lucky. Lucky to have umpteen diesel options for passenger cars and a handful for light duty/small...
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    Sprinter/Airstream (Mercedes CDI) Diesel RV

    I saw one of these on the road this weekend. Pretty nice. If I had $77k laying around, I'd probably pick one up. One forum lists it as getting 22-27mpg (depending on options/weight). That's better then all (or most) full size...
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    New MPG Ratings article in USAToday

    USAToday (today) ran an article pointing out the new mpg ratings that the EPA is using and how hybrids are taking the biggest hit. Here's the comparo (old/new) for vehicles: Vehicle Old mpg New mpg Difference Toyota Prius 55 46 -16.4%...
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    Diecast Model or Matchbox of a MKv Jetta?

    I've done some searching, but have come up empty. Does anyone make a diecase model or matchbox/hotwheels of the current Jetta body style? ...seems like there's a lot of New Beetles, but no Jettas.
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    For those that put winter tires on and have the TPMS...

    Winter Tires & TPMS While my Jetta is at the dealer for a fuel filter issue (different thread), they looked into my Tire Pressure Monitoring System and found a problem. They said that the TBMS unit/part had been broken/damaged on one of my front wheels....but the broken piece was not in the...
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    Anyone in the NY/NJ/PA area have a fuel filter I can buy?

    My 06.5 Jetta TDI has a clogged/gelled fuel filter. Kelly VW Dealer in Scranton, PA (where my car currently is) cannot get a fuel filter until Monday. Power Service 911 was added and the car is currently running, but they do not recommend driving it at any distance (I live 50 miles away from...
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    Anyone need ~4 gals of WVO (PA/NY/NJ area)?

    I have ~4 gallons of WVO (actually it's peanut oil from 2 turkeys I fried). I live in the 18336 zip code (Northeast corner of PA on the border of NY & NJ). Just thought I'd mention it if someone is near. It's yours free including the two 2.5 gallon containers they are in. (sorry, I don't...