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    Diagnostics? strange regens after P2015

    I’ve owned my 2010 for nearly seven years and am quite familiar with its idiosyncrasies, but this latest one has me surprised. The car does need a little maintenance work and was already supposed to go into the garage but other projects and supply chain issues are causing a delay. Can anyone...
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    SOLD 17/22 turbo Canada

    I bought this lightly used 17/22 a few years ago for a project that is not going to happen. My priorities have changed and I would like to get it out of my garage. The previous owner was a VW tech who had it in his own ALH golf but unfortunately there was an encounter with a no post barrier...
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    Bad Luk story with a happy ending

    Last summer the clutch in my 05 finally started to slip really badly. Since the car has a tune I was thinking of an IDParts silent clutch and SMF but I had left it too late and had too much else on to organize getting a clutch shipped to me so ended up having a mechanic install a LUK 050. All...
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    Whine from timing belt area

    For the last little while I have had an intermittent whine which seems to be coming from the timing belt area. Doesn't really sound like a water pump, more like a hard working alternator, but it doesn't seem to be coming from anywhere near the alternator. Its more at the back of the engine and...
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    P047F longterm issues

    I have been driving with a P047F (exhaust valve stuck open) for a little while now. I have not fixed it because I really don't miss the NOx regens and since I am planning to get the fix applied in the near future I am hoping any issues that develop as a result of ignoring the code will be...
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    Looking for a Mechanic - Terrace BC

    My son has broken down in my 2005 in Terrace. Anyone out that way with suggestions for a mechanic? Thornhill? Innovation Autoworks? Seems like no fuel going to or from engine. Just after filling up... Lift pump doesn't seem to be working but it is original with a replacement motor four or...
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    BCM (CECM) retrofit for HIDs

    I have been trying to retrofit OEM xenons into my 2010 Sportwagen and it appears that I may have blown the BCM. I am looking for a replacement and was wondering if anyone can tell me if a 5K0 937 087T Z4Y would be a suitable replacement. Original BCM is a 5K0 937 086E
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    Headlight out, no bulb out, BCM problem?

    My right lo beam headlight does not work, but the bulb out indicator is not lit. Background – 2010 Golf (Jetta)Wagon I picked up a set of OEM HID’s w LED for a very good price from a member who was returning his car to VW. My intention is to do a close to OEM install complete with AFS and...
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    What might these BEW Log Group 013/023 mean?

    I'm wondering if anyone thinks any issues are indicated by these logs. Car starts well, but runs a wee bit rougher when first started than when fully warm. For the last 3-4 years it seems to me that it has been a bit rough at very low revs either on overrun or under power, at least compared to...
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    Injection Deviation Values Changing

    I have been trying to sort out an occasionally uneven idle in my 2005 BEW and checked the injection deviation values. I found that with the engine warm the individual values were changing significantly over time. Any thoughts as to what might be causing this? The car has 200,000 km, was...
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    Transmission Mount Soft?

    I am trying to sort out an engine/driveline vibration issue in my 05 Jetta wagon, BEW, 5 sp, 200,000 km, Kerma tune. First symptom is vibration at idle, felt in the steering wheel, really just the engine shaking more than normal and this then being transmitted to the steering wheel and a bit...
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    Ride Comfort and Steering Feedback

    I have read through most of the major threads relating to improving the handling of the A4 and so far I haven't found much discussion about the effect on ride comfort and steering feedback from changing the rear lower control arm bushings to the solid Audi TT version. Can someone who has done...