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    Oil Pan help.

    So after doing all the work I’ve done, I’ve got the slowest drip coming from the front passenger side of the oil pan. I hate that gasket sealant stuff. Every car I’ve own or my father has own that has one of these “gasket maker” oil pan gaskets its always trouble and trial and error to get it to...
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    Upgrades and Quirks

    Hello. So my manual swap is complete and I am in love with the vehicle. I am looking for some suggestion on supporting mods, common issue fixes, and any weird quirks I can do to the vehicle. As of right now I have EGR delete, euro headlights and switch with rear fogs. Stage one Malone. I’ve...
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    Need help! Fried Ecu?

    So I finally put the car back together. Went to connect the battery and got a nice spark. Started seeing smoke coming from the ground off the starter so I disconnected battery. I believe I fixed the issue with the ground. I took the bracket off the ground strap that connects to the starter. I...
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    Axle Bolt

    Hello. As y’all know I’m doing a manual swap on my Passat. Anyway, the axles from the manual are different from the automatic obviously. I thought the axle bolts were interchangeable between them. I believe my car came with Part# 4B0407643A And they do not fit the axles Frans provided with the...
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    Rear main seal help

    So my original question was kinda dumb… I was reading in the wrong forums and I thought the pans were interchangeable. Anyway. I did the rear main seal and I saw on the bottom of the seal it had a rubber gasket. Now when I see people do it they put gasket maker on the bottom. Do I need to? I...
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    WTB: HEXNET Unlimited Vin

    Please send reasonable offers.
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    Another silly question

    I’m doing a manual swap on my b5.5 Passat TDi. I am wondering once the automatic transmission is out. Can I rebolt up the subframe before installing the manual transmission? Will I have a problem putting it in. I’m watching Levi’s video on YouTube and it appears his subframe was put back...
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    Euro Taillight assembly

    I’m having a hard time finding the part number for the euro tailight assembly for the left (driver side) for a sedan. I’m looking for the light bulb holder so I can add the euro fogs. I am assuming I only need the bulb holder and not the whole tail light. Tried using the search and I can’t find...
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    Help looking for a Part

    Hello. I am doing a manual swap on my Passat. I need the connector piece that plugs into the clutch starter safety switch so I can wire it relay 53. Just the empty shell would be fine and I can make my own wires to go into it. Here is a picture for reference I need the plastic connector to...
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    FS: Automatic Shifter Linkage/Part#:4B0 713 041 M - $60 - New York

    Offering an automatic shifter linkage that came off my 2005 Passat TDi. The part number is 4B0713041M The car had 151,000 miles on it when the part was removed. Reason for selling is because I did a manual swap on the car. Worked 100% before taking it out of the car. Asking $60 obo + $20 for...
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    Engine Mounts

    I got a quick question about the engine mounts. I want to replace them since I am in there and doing the transmission swap. They look not stretched/torn, no fluid leaking but definitely covered in dirt and some oil that was leaking on the one side. Anyway I like sourcing my parts from FCP. I...
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    *Sold* 2005 Passat TDI - $900 - Poughkeepsie, NY

    I have a 2005 Passat TDI that runs and drives. Has 230k. No weird sounds. No leaks. Tranny does go into limp. Car is straight piped so has emissions light. Asking $900. Clean title in hand. Will need battery but will start right up with a jump. I apologize for double posting but I accidentally...
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    *Sold* 2005 Passat TDI - $1000 - Poughkeepsie, NY

    I have a 2005 Passat TDI that runs and drives. Has 230k. No weird sounds. No leaks. Tranny does go into limp. Car is straight piped so has emissions light. Looking $1000 firm. Clean title in hand. Will need battery but will start right up with a jump.
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    *Sold*: Balance Shaft Delete Kit - $250 - Poughkeepsie, NY

    I am selling a complete Balance Shaft Delete kit for the BHW engine in the 2003-2005 Passat TDIs. Comes complete with BRM components. All parts were source from FCP Euro. Reason for selling is when I went to take apart my car to do the delete, to my delight the delete was already done by a...
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    Manual Swap Inner Axle Bolts

    Just looking for the part number for the inner axle bolts. I understand they are one time use. When installing do I put any loctite like blue loctite and I read 140lb + 1/4 turn for the torq spec is this also correct?
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    Passat TDI Manual Swap Fluid?

    So I bought a B5 TDi Passat with a bad auto tranny for cheap. Contacted Frans from DutchAutoParts and bought a manual swap kit from him. He sent over a GFL trans. I asked him what the OEM part number was for the manual transmission fluid. He told me this: G 052 911 A2 when I look at the fluid on...
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    Tranny Problems

    Hey guys. I bought a very cheap very clean 2005 TDi Passat. I got it cheap because I’d the tranny problem(feels like slipping clutch) Now I’m not the best with understanding ODIS but I didn’t have much time with it yet but I got a quick snap of the tranny codes. Just want some thought on what...
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    Need New exhaust

    So as the title says I need a new exhaust. (Like a full exhaust it’s catless and rotted to hell. I own a 2005 Passat TDi(not sure the engine code I have too look) I just bought this car and looking up, the catalytic converter (scrubber) is discontinued and no one makes one. Is there a way to...