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    Swapping DSG from $500 Donor Car + other items

    I picked up another 2010 Jetta TDI CJAA Highline with an LQV DSG to swap into my Jetta Lowline. Reason for the swap is the Mechatronic on my Jetta needs to be replaced. Since the DMF needs to be replaced as well and the transmission will be coming off anyways I figured swapping the DSG is a good...
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    Swap manual trans from a 2006 to a 2010 DSG?

    Having issues with my DSG on my 2010. Possible mechatronic failure. Looking for other options and possibly just doing a swap. I have a LQV DSG transmission. I don't see many 2010's for sale in my area but there are some good priced 2006's. If I were to pick up a 2006 parts car would a manual...
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    WTB: LQV Transmission

    After having no luck trying to figure out my mechatronic unit issues I'm considering replacing the DSG with a used one. I have a LQV DSG. Does anybody know if it is interchangeable with any other transmission codes? If anyone wants to read into the mechatronic issue thread...
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    P0746 Code - after DSG Service at Dealer

    My vehicle went into limp mode I believe. It would not go into reverse and was stuck in a single gear going forward. I had to towed to the dealer and they said they will check to see if it's related to the DSG service I had them perform on Thursday. I picked up the car after the service on...
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    Lights Won't Turn Off - Headlight, Tail Light, Licence Plate Light

    I was doing some work on the trailer wiring on the car and when I was done I noticed the car lights were stuck in the on setting. I also swapped the the interior dome lights and the trunk light to LEDs before I noticed the issue. Tail Lights Headlights Licence Plate Lights Interior...
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    Oil Change Interval - Changed by Mechanic?

    I know from the maintenance schedule that the oil on my 2010 Jetta needs to be changed every 15,000 kms. Usually if I go to the dealership or my local VW mechanic they always put a sticker on the windshield noting a shorter interval and I just ignore it. This time the counter on my Jetta is...
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    Brampton, Ontario to San Jose, California July 2018

    Phantom1260's Road Trips From Canada Inspired by these road trip posts I decided I'd try to document my trip as well and maybe get some advice for the trip. The Trip: We will be driving from Brampton, Ontario to San Jose, California. Estimated 10,000 KM round trip. Stopping along the way of...
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    WTB: MKV Skid Plate

    Does anybody know where I can get a skid plate locally?
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    Aftermarket Back Up Camera MKV

    Has anybody here installed a back up camera on a MKV sedan? I just installed a Kenwood DNX994S headunit and I'm looking at options for the back up camera. I might go with the Kenwood CMOS-130 or CMOS-230. Does anyone have any experience with them? Are they worth the price or are the $20-$35...
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    Shaking Engine -Rough Idle -Rough Start

    Went to start the car the other day and it was violently shaking when I cranked the engine and did not start instantly as it normally does. I had to double check to make sure it was in park because it was shaking so much. As if it was a manual and I was trying to start it in gear. Once it...
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    Torn Axle Shaft Boot - Repair or Replace

    I have a torn inner boot on the left front side. I just replaced this shaft last year. At the time I made the mistake of going with an A-1 Cardone shaft. If I can find the receipt I may be able to exchange for a new one under warranty but I don't want to be pulling it out again next year. I...