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  1. Pancake Slap

    New wheel bearing, same sound.

    So I've been having a howling sound when turn left at speeds between 35-50mph. I assumed the sound was a wheel bearing and went ahead and replaced it, but the sound has not went away or changed at all. I also rotated the tires, but still no change. Is it possible that it's something else...
  2. Pancake Slap

    Please help

    So I was on my way home tonight, and when I went to shift into third gear from second I was suddenly locked out of all gears. I coasted for a bit while struggling to find a gear, and pulled over. It wouldn't let me put it in any gear. The last I tried was reverse, it made a huge clunk like when...
  3. Pancake Slap

    BEW Stutter during Acceleration

    As the title says my car has been having a stutter during acceleration. I’ve looked at similar posts on the forums, but haven’t been able to reach a solution yet. My car is a 2005 Jetta Wagon BEW with a 5 speed. It does not stutter while in neutral, generally on in 3rd, 4th and 5th. The...