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    Motor mounts

    Hi, For my 1996 passat TDI, can the transmission mount be removed and installed without taking the transmission out?
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    B4 seats

    Hi, Anyone know if corbeau seat bracket will attached a mk4 seat, to install in a 96 passat? I'll call corbeau, but maybe you know better. Thanks Link to bracket: Bracket
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    Long shot, WTB B4, passat front seats

    In not terrible condition, for 1996-1997
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    1996 passat wagon A South Eastern USA 1996 Passat wagon Thread starterAlanTDI Start date16 minutes ago Unwatch ••• A AlanTDI Veteran Member 16 minutes ago Add bookmark #1 Posted to wrong forum, I am located in NE Louisiana, just north of Monroe Feeler, Thinking of selling my 96...
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    1996 Passat wagon

    Feeler Thinking of selling my 96 passat wagon. Engine always starts first crank, newer transmission, new ac system. Took apart interior tracking down leak. Found one of roof drain tubes clogged. Still slight leak from door drivers side molding. Rust whole in floor board, drivers side, and on...
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    Winter front grill guard, 3 pieces

    SOLD 50 shipped usa Install instructions easily found online [/URL][/IMG] Thank you for looking Im moving from NY, to Louisiana
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    VW tires caps

    Sold $20.00 novelty item,shipped within usa
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    Subframe with control arms mk4

    Sold, through the local App LetGo To big to ship, $100.00 Pickup in Merrick long island NY 11566
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    Weathertech front floor liners

    Sold 2012 Sportswagen is gone Weathertech front floor liners 100.00 shipped within usa canada will be more, or pickup for $75.00 Nassau county near meadowbrook parkway and sunrise highway
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    Team Dynamics 15" wheels, steel wheels

    For sale: sorry ABOUT SIZE OF PICS All Items must be picked up, Merrick NY 11566 3 Team Dynamics 15" light weight wheel (5 x 110) one was cracked and thrown away, one generic 15" wheel to complete the set of 4, the tires are perished $80.00 [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] Also, 4 Avus 15" wheels...
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    Cooper tires 205/65/16 5 x 112

    $300.00 Good rubber low miles, light weight rims [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
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    2002 Jetta Wagon /Auto

    Sold Thank you, Time to reduce my herd 2002 Jetta Wagon 231K, auto still runs and shifts good, not original tranny replaced with low mileage tranny from a wreck. 2" lift, new battery, drilled rotors, bilsteins $1000.00 obo http://
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    2000 Golf 5spd

    Sold $500 The ALH 1.9 is worth more than 500$ [2000 golf 4 sale ]] You will have to click on the unmute to here the engine, sorry Car is manual 225k, motor has a strange sound, listen to video, 2 tires are flat i will put rolling tires on it Located...
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    Mk4 seats into b4

    Hi, I know this is a lazy question. Can someone point me to any How to to put MK4 seats into a 96 Passat. Thank you
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    Hi, What do you think about me towing my 2002 Jetta from NY to Louisiana with my 96 Passat, with a triangle tow bar? dangerous ? Don’t do it.? Or maybe thank you for your input. I don’t have a lot of towing experience, except for Towing a 5x8 Uhaul trailer with a RAV4 last year.
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    License plate bracket

    $30 shipped Thank you
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    Best place to get car cover for mk4 wagon

    Looking to take off road for a while Anyone know if there is a custom fit Cover for the wagon /Jetta 2002 wagon
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    4 15" wheels with tires 5 x 110

    For Sale pick up only Nassau county LI NY $80.00
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    Wet behind the front seats and more

    We may have found the cause of the wet/puddles behind fronts seats. Note: the front carpet also damp. After pulling up front side of carpet the foam is sopping wet! After doing the blend door, I never replaced the front passenger and rear passenger seats. Yesterday, decided to remove plastic...
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    Passat B4 part numbers

    Hello, Long story no so short. 2012 Sportswagon turned in Dec 7th Put the 1996 Passat back on the road, after sitting in driveway 2 years. Has front end fresh 4 years ago at M&M NJ, and alignment. Haven't driven it much since then only flushed brakes and changed oil, did the dreaded blend door...