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  1. YanCT

    Engine rattling at low rpm under load // air in fuel ?

    Hello all ! The car is a VW Golf MK7 2013 CR 1.6 TDI 105 engine code CLHA mileage 190 000kms No oil consumption. No coolant consumption. Compressions are as they should. It looks like I’m having a fuel leak somewhere, it’s like air is getting inside the system. Engine is ratling at low...
  2. YanCT

    Injectors Enigma

    Hi Everyone, I drive a 2014 MK7 Golf (with R body) with CLHA engine (1.6 TDI 105hp) modded to 215hp and 420nm on roller test bench. I really like this car and the drivability is amazing, all the mods are well supported and the car gives power and torque from low RPM to high RPM. The car is fuel...