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    ISO BRM turbo

    The turbo in my BRM needs replaced and wondering if anyone here has a used one or one they’re trying to get rid of. Thank you!
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    Cutting wire to parking lights?

    Hello all, I am doing some retrofitting of the front headlights and had a question. I have an LED switchback strip that works properly during the day (white all the time, goes to yellow for signaling, then switches back) however at night the functionality doesn't work properly due to the parking...
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    2013 Passat TDI Rattle Noise - interior rattle?

    Hello all! I have a 2013 Passat TDI that has a rattle noise only during moderate acceleration from a stop and only within a certain RPM range, about 1600-2100 RPM. The noise is interior I believe as I removed the belly pan, fender liner on the driver side front, and checked under the hood for...
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    Deciding on mounts...Rubber or Poly?

    Hey all, need some help deciding on mounts and wonder if anyone here has any experience or advice as to what mounts I should go with. Car is a 2013 Passat TDI and I am trying to decide between street density mounts that are 60A rubber and void free or BFI's Stage 1 mounts that are polyurethane...
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    Dog bone insert

    Hello all! I was planning on putting BFI’s stage 1 dog bone insert in my Passat as it says on their website the stage 2 is not recommended for TDI’s. Anyway, will the dogbone insert cause premature failing of any other motor/transmission mounts? Thanks!
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    2013 NMS Passat headlight adjustment?!

    Hello all! I recently got led bulbs and have to adjust my headlights. I need to adjust the vertical and horizontal axis. The vertical I think is the silver screw towards the top of the headlight but I was wondering if the horizontal is the white cap nearer to the actual low beam bulb? Thanks...
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    Replace bad glow plug or all?

    Hello all. Got a CEL last night, scanned for codes and it was P0673 for cylinder 3 glow plug. My question is, should I replace just that single glowplug that is bad or all 4? I’m not sure when, if they even were replaced before. Thanks!
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    Rattling noise intermittently 06 jetta

    Hey all, so my 06 jetta tdi has a weird issue where it has a rattling noise under acceleration primarily. I don't think it is the engine cause it can be revved in neutral and does not produce the sound and i don't think it is the motor mounts. It sounds to me like sway bar end links or something...
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    2006 Jetta TDI - starts then dies - EGR deleted

    Hey all, my 06 Jetta TDI has an issue where it starts, idles horribly a few seconds then dies. It has an EGR delete so no issues with ASV as there isn’t one. The idle is also rough.
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    idling issues

    Rough idle & hesitant when accelerating? Hello all! So my 06 TDI recently got a new camshaft and now runs better and doesn’t smoke excessively at startup anymore. However I am having a weird issue, on a completely cold startup, the car idles fine and then once it gets warm (probably 80+...
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    How to force warm air flap shut in air box?

    I have a 06 TDI and the warm air flap in my air box is in the infamous stuck open position...does anyone know a good method of keeping the flap shut? Thank you!
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    Black rubber grommets?

    Hello all. I replaced my cam a few days ago and these fell out at some point in the process and I have no clue what they went to/what they are? Does anyone know where these go? Car is a 2006 Jetta TDI. Thank you!
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    Carista App to check timing??

    Hello all. I was wondering if anyone here has Carista app and would be able to tell me if I could check timing with it? If not I’ll probabky get OBDEleven then. Thank you!
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    Camshaft replacement questions

    Hello all! I am getting a new cam soon and had a few questions. My timing belt was just changed recently and I don’t wanna replace it when doing the cam. Can I just chalk the position of belt and pulley, pull the belt off then put it back on following install of cam? Also, if I install a BEW cam...
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    Multiple worrisome issues....

    I had recently made a post about my car relating to the MAF sensor since I had code P0101. I cleaned the MAF sensor, cleared codes, and the same code came back about 24 hours later. I have other issues as well now though which are concerning me...I think the code may possibly be related to a...
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    P0101 error persistent after cleaning MAF

    On friday I was driving and got a CEL for my MAF sensor code P0101. I took it out yesterday, cleaned it with CRC MAF Cleaner and the cleared codes and it came back after 24 hours...Should I just buy a new MAF sensor or is it another issue?
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    High pitched squeal when turning hard?

    Hello all! My car recently started making a high pitched squeal when making hard left or right turns...I just had my oil changed a week ago and it didn't do it before but I do not think that an oil change would cause it as the car runs great when going straight or doing soft left/right...
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    Installed a dog bone insert today and WOOO baby!

    So I had ordered a dog bone insert over a month ago and the company kept having issues with their polyurethane provider so I cancelled the order and bought ECS Tuning's insert which is 88A. Installed it today and it is fantastic!!! The vibrations honestly aren't bad, I think they are very mild...
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    ZDDP additive?

    Hello all! My oil change is due very soon in my 2006 Jetta TDI and I am thinking of getting a bottle of ZDDP. I didn't know what the ratio is for ZDDP to oil. KermaTDI sells a 4ounce bottle and I believe it says to add the entire bottle to 5 quarts but I also read that some people only add 1-2...
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    Are mount upgrades required for stage 2?

    Hello all! I have a 06 TDI that I want to take to a stage 2 malone tune at some point and was wondering if I would have to, or if it is recommended to upgrade the pendulum mount to a billet mount and maybe even get a transmission mount insert or a whole new mount with a stiff insert from BFI...